Windows 10: The Future Of Microsoft Health Is Foggy

Discus and support The Future Of Microsoft Health Is Foggy in Windows 10 News to solve the problem; Back in October of 2014, Microsoft released a new platform called Microsoft Health. The platform includes services that run in the cloud like the... Discussion in 'Windows 10 News' started by Brink, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. Brink
    Brink New Member

    The Future Of Microsoft Health Is Foggy

    Read more: The Future Of Microsoft Health Is Foggy -
    Brink, Sep 13, 2016
  2. groze Win User

    When I first read the title, I thought Microsoft was going out of business. *chuckle

    groze, Sep 13, 2016
  3. Windows Defender Security Center removes working HP Photosmart driver

    I have two HP printers and since I keep them powered off, Microsoft's "health" thinks there is a problem. I fortunately don't let the "health" process run to try and fix the non-issue.

    So just ignore the Health monitor for now and don't let the troubleshooter run and your drivers won't be removed.. Microsoft has been made aware of the issue and at some point in the future will hopefully fix it to work properly.
    IJustHelping, Sep 13, 2016
  4. The Future Of Microsoft Health Is Foggy

    Microsoft and the future of their mobiles

    Greetings to you too..

    I am pleased to hear there are other people who share my views and concerns.

    Soon I too will be forced to make "the choice" to either become an iSheep or switch to Android.

    I'm well aware that my brilliant, four and a half year old (Windows 8.1) Nokia Lumia 625 won't last forever (The Skype app died in July 2017.) So.. I looked in the Windows 10 Store and found the Alcatel IDOL 4S and HP Elite x3 for sale. Two "Windows 10 Mobile"
    devices that look pretty good - even to this day.

    Then I sat back and thought, what's the point in buying something that's running a platform which is effectively already dead, and could be out of support by the end of 2019.

    All a very sad state of affairs from a platform, which with the correct level of investment could have been a serious competitor to iOS and Android.

    In October 2013 I bought my Lumia not to be awkward, but because I preferred it to the other brands that were on the market.

    In a nutshell, I didn't want an Android or iPhone back then, and I still don't want them now.

    Good luck folks..
    Nicholai Dorling, Sep 13, 2016
  5. I was thinking along those lines too. More so, that its relevancy might have been in question with Windows Phone on the outs, and some uncertainty of how Windows 10 is doing. Well, good to hear things are OK (or at least better than it sounded)
    Jody Thornton, Sep 13, 2016
  6. I think Fitbit & Garmin have taken that market by a storm.
    orlbuckeye, Sep 13, 2016
  7. Brink
    Brink New Member
    Read more: Microsoft rechristens its 'Health' fitness apps as 'Band' | ZDNet
    Brink, Sep 15, 2016
  8. John035 Win User

    The Future Of Microsoft Health Is Foggy

    Maybe they're getting out of the wearable market so they can be first mover in the implantable market.
    John035, Sep 20, 2016
  9. jimbo45 Win User
    Hi there

    Actually VR and robotics is becoming a really important area in which Microsoft is seriously involved -- don't flog your Ms stock just yet !!!.

    My query is usually when VR is talked about it's usually all about Gaming experience -- now I'm NOT a gamer so I'll ask this one -

    Why not start using VR in places like education, Doctors visits etc etc -- I'm sure there are zillions of Real World places where Virtual Reality (sounds a contradiction in terms doesn't it) would really work.

    How about say Video conferencing or just meeting people -- far better using VR than the current Screen based ideas -- for learning this would be really good too as you could get one to one hands on tuition every time. Remote working would also be simpler too - and eventually who would ever need REAL offices any more --Real estate developers watch out !!!!.

    Computer power needs to rise significantly but I'm sure and there are zillions of applications VR would be exciting and practical to use --can't wait --so it's not all about Gamers.

    jimbo45, Sep 21, 2016
  10. TheZeeMan Win User
    Well VR is really for entertainment and/or an immersive experience, no one would one really buy one for practical reasons, the main problem with it is you need to be able to "feel" it in order to experience it, otherwise its just a 360 degree TV around your would literally need to work like a holodeck on star trek, and we are probably centuries away from that technology - otherwise, think about not being able to see/touch/feel where you are in reality, while in virtual you walk around a virtual house, and in reality run into the walls or trip and fall in your own house....on the other hand, AR is more practical for your scenarios (ie. the hololens). For example, wondering what a vehicle will look like in your driveway or what about clothes that you are looking at buying and want to see what they look like on you? Look what stupid pokeman is doing...AR will eventually dominate the common marketplace while VR will remain in the niche market. Think of the future of AR where an AR glasses set could eventually become as small as a regular pair of glasses...HUDs alone would work for many industries (ie. automotive, military, really anything that you want real-time or statistical information on). Education would be another big one (HoloAnatomy App For HoloLens Lands Major Science Award | Digital Trends) but also I recall Lowe's taking interest in AR, the possibilities are endless.
    TheZeeMan, Sep 22, 2016
  11. groze Win User
    Didn't a surgeon do a remote surgery using a VR (Not necessarily made by Microsoft)? I can't remember the full story.
    groze, Apr 4, 2018

The Future Of Microsoft Health Is Foggy

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