Discus and support The FUTURE OF WINDOWS OS in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; What do you think Windows 10 will be like in the future? Will there ever be another Windows? I get the feeling that Windows 10 will not end up being... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Atomic77, Dec 2, 2015.

  1. Atomic77 Win User


    What do you think Windows 10 will be like in the future? Will there ever be another Windows? I get the feeling that Windows 10 will not end up being the last Windows we will ever see no matter how many times they update it. I also think Microsoft has got a lot more up its sleeves then they are telling us. Anyone else got anything to say?

    Atomic77, Dec 2, 2015
  2. volkfm Win User

    Android OS, Project Astoria and the future of WP10

    Hello, dear community.

    I'm really curious about windows 10 mobile's future and microsoft's policy at all!

    First of all, I want to know can i install any version of Android on my Lumia 640?

    The second question is "What the **** with you, microsoft?!". you closed project Astoria only because android apps were unstable and laggy?! whole windows 10 mobile is unstable and laggy, but you still didn't close it.

    well, i'm ok with Astoria. but why you closed here transit (and didn't add the same features to maps app) and mixradio (which was completely free and now replaced by non-free groove music pass)?

    and finally the third question. I was on release build of W10M and it had really critical bugs. Now I'm on fast ring build (14322) and it has critical bugs too...Which version of WP should i use? and why should i use WP at all? why I can't (of course if
    I really can't do it) simply use android on my lumia?
    volkfm, Dec 2, 2015
  3. The future Nokia OS update for Nokia 808 PureView (my views)

    Hello…I own an 808 PureView device. At the outset, I must congratulate you for creating such a marvelous device. It’s in all dimensions a brilliant Smartphone and has no major lags except a few which I would like to mention as suggestions to improve the
    general smoothness and usefulness of its User Interface (henceforth-UI).

    • The in-built gallery lacks ‘mark multiple items’ option which, if integrated, can be fruitfully used to delete or send multiple items though Bluetooth. Also, the in-built gallery lacks
      ‘renaming’ function which would otherwise be helpful in organizing the gallery items, and in giving custom names which are easy to remember and deal with.
    • The generic MUSIC PLAYER lacks the track/music search function from within the music player, and so, to search a song out of the vast collection, the user has to use the generic SEARCH application by exiting or minimizing
      the music player, which in itself is a cumbersome exercise. The search function, if integrated into the music player, will help a great deal in making the music experience really customized and precise as also time saving.
    • The in-built VIDEO editing options available in the video viewing dashboard are relatively much naïve and rudimentary as compared to PureView’s lesser predecessor, the N8. Now, since 808 is a full-fledged camera Smartphone, it is bit logical
      on part of the user to expect the video editing dashboard to be as efficient and complete as the photo editing dashboard of the same is. Advance options like adding music clip can be added to the video editing console to mitigate the need of using any third
      party application to do so, and thus, it will further enhance the utility drawn from the cell-phone UI in terms of video editing and viewing.
    • The generic MESSAGING application has the default view as CONVERSATIONS view and manual selection every time is required to switch the view to FOLDERS mode. If there had been an option to make a choice in setting the folders view or the
      conversations view as default as per users convenience, it would have been again a smooth messaging experience.
    • To end up, the generic CONTACT application lacks the facility to edit the contact labels unlike the one which was available in S60 V3 devices (I owned N79 prior to owing 808 PureView and so I am well aware of this utility). Facility to
      edit the contact labels makes it easy to differentiate between multiple contact numbers of the same contact so as to have an ease of remembrance and clarity of use.
    I earnestly hope that Nokia will incorporate some or all of these suggestions in the next-to-come firmware upgrade for Belle FP1 devices. These modifications/additions, if done and made, will make the Belle OS fully competent with its various other contemporaries
    as it just lacks these things but otherwise is a fluid and extremely useful OS. I request you to kindly pay due heed and consideration to my observations and work towards making the Belle OS an all-encompassing mobile platform. Thanking You.
    elegantbymind, Dec 2, 2015
  4. CountMike New Member


    Name no but in couple of years may look and be something entirely different. What might happen, or at least hope so, is to be split into parts of which one would be serious desktop and workstation part with mobile parts only as a guest in it if wanted. Almost any desktop could run primarily mobile APPs but will be long time until mobile devices will be powerful enough to run serious SW.
    CountMike, Dec 3, 2015


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