Windows 10: The Power of DirectX 12 for Windows 10 Video from Microsoft

Discus and support The Power of DirectX 12 for Windows 10 Video from Microsoft in Windows 10 News to solve the problem; DirectX 12 is a ground-breaking Microsoft technology that gives game developers the ability to harness the full capabilities of a PC’s GPU(s) and raise... Discussion in 'Windows 10 News' started by Brink, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. Brink
    Brink New Member

    The Power of DirectX 12 for Windows 10 Video from Microsoft

    DirectX 12 is a ground-breaking Microsoft technology that gives game developers the ability to harness the full capabilities of a PC’s GPU(s) and raise the bar on graphic fidelity and immersive gameplay.

    Brink, Mar 30, 2016
  2. Faith Win User

    My experience with DirectX12 on a Nvidia GTX 980 GPU and Intel i7 5820K X99 CPU: Hitman (2016) DX12 - Doesn't work, crashing. Rise of the Tomb Raider DX12 - Reduction in performance. Where's the "up to 20% increase in GPU performance"? "Smoother framerate"? The only thing I noticed when I turned DX12 on in these games was indeed an increase in my CPU cores, but I didn't see better performance out of it. DX12 is not on to a good start for me.

    Maybe you have a different experience than me?

    Faith, Mar 30, 2016
  3. DirectX 12 & Video Editing/Video Rendering


    Thank you for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    DirectX 12 is one of the key features for PC gamers. DirectX 12 can offer much improved
    power performance. This allows you to play all your favorite game on portable device without having issues with your hot device on your lap or you don’t need to carry a power adaptor with you.Direct3D
    12 got improvements in CPU utilization.

    You may refer to the article for more information.

    DirectX 12 and Windows 10

    Let us know if you need further assistance with Windows related issues. We will be happy to help.

    Thank you.
    Anju Thekkethil, Mar 30, 2016
  4. The Power of DirectX 12 for Windows 10 Video from Microsoft

    DX12 Work on Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000 windows 10


    I appreciate for choosing windows 10.

    I am happy to inform you that DirectX 12 will work on Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000 Windows 10. So I suggest you to upgrade and you will get best experience on windows 10.

    For Reference:

    DirectX 12 and Windows 10

    Asteroids and DirectX* 12: Performance and Power Savings | Intel® Software

    For more information it will be better to contact with Intel.

    Hope it helps. Please get back to us if you need further more issues on windows.

    Thank you.
    Krishna Priya V, Mar 30, 2016
  5. waltc Win User
    Yep, Maxwell is actually a fairly poor d3d12 GPU, even though nVidia claims it 12_1 compliant, it isn't--nVidia claims that Async Compute, one of the key features in d3d12, is "turned off" at present in Maxwell. Unfortunately, this is what nVidia has always done in the past when it markets a GPU that is missing a feature or two that nVidia's competitors have supported in hardware (nVidia has done this in the past with both 3dfx and ATi gpus.) What always happens is that nVidia will bring to market a newer GPU that does support the feature(s) and say something to the effect of, "Gosh, we're sorry, but we could never manage to get Async Compute to run very well in Maxwell, so you'll have to buy our newest GPU to get that feature support." nVidia uses the "turned off" line to avoid having to own up to the fact that the claimed 12_1 d3d12 feature support for Maxwell in truth doesn't exist--until Maxwell is eclipsed by a newer nVidia GPU that does support the features.

    AMD fully supports Async Compute in hardware in its R9 GPUs. I've found that I can trust what AMD tells me about this sort of thing but I cannot trust nVidia--so I don't buy nVidia anymore. D3d12 will no doubt advantage AMD owners far more than nVidia owners until nVidia can bring its own d3d12 GPUs to market--hopefully soon. Of course, this is scant comfort for Maxwell owners such as yourself.
    waltc, Mar 30, 2016
  6. rvbfan Win User
    Nvidia does do that, I remember the kerfufel when the 5000 series came out years ago.
    rvbfan, Mar 30, 2016
  7. Faith Win User
    Are all of this proven? Is it possible that nVidia may "turn on" Async Compute in a future driver? I bought a GTX 980 based on their shenanigans about DirectX12, that they - and I quote - "worked closely with Microsoft for YEARS" on development for D3D12. Async Compute is even mentioned in the document for my GTX 980 aswell as feature level 12_1, why did they left that out in development if they worked closely with Microsoft for years? If nVidia wants me to buy antoher GPU for their "true DX12 GPU" I'm not going to buy it.
    Faith, Mar 30, 2016
  8. The Power of DirectX 12 for Windows 10 Video from Microsoft

    DX12 gives me a slight performance improvement in ROTR, but nothing to really write home about, and certainly not in line with what was hyped.
    blackroseMD1, Mar 30, 2016
  9. No DX12 action here on the 10586th2 SB i7 box with an nvidia GTX680 puddle jumper that is or can allegedly be DX12 compliant no games with the DX12 API for it anyway .

    AFAIK SWBF ,COD.xx and Crew and ofc GTA V ain't with DX 12 .....maybe some patches will come down with SWBF or the new Crew who knows ?
    blutos cousin, Mar 31, 2016
  10. yea it ain't like MS doesn't overhype everything ,so does Intel ,AMD & Nvidia & Apple they must all have carnival barkers on the payroll *really
    blutos cousin, Mar 31, 2016
  11. Brink

    Sure thats the party line but it will be interesting to see in the field.... not much DX12 game action out there yet AFAIK *really
    blutos cousin, Mar 31, 2016
  12. First off, no DX12 title released to date properly supports multi GPU's. So from the get go, multi GPU users get a 50% decrease in GPU power as one card sits there basically doing nothing. So on GOW for example, I can only run 1080P on a mix of high and medium settings. That's not much better than console comic book graphics and I'm ranging in frames from over 100 down to 40 the next few seconds, with of course stuttering. Compare that to DX11 titles like Witcher3, BF4, etc where I run with gorgeous Ultra settings with MINIMUM frames in the 80's. When I bought ROTR, in addition to of course SLI not working, it was dropping down to TWO frames per second in some cases, at the Nvidia recommended settings but under DX12. I refunded the game.

    As far as single GPU performance goes under DX12, I look to PC gaming sites and gamers I trust. Of course, only games NOT exclusive to the Windows Store can be properly benchmarked given all the Microsoft store exclusive issues, including benchmark overlays. Here's OC3D's comments on ROTR:

    In all cases we have seen a performance decrease when using the DirectX 12 API in Rise of the Tomb Raider instead of DirectX 11, showing that a lot of work still needs to be done in order to make using the DirectX 12 API worth using in the game.
    What Rise of the Tomb Raider shows us is that simply using the new DirectX 12 API does not guarantee better performance in PC games, meaning that significant development time and resources are needed in order for developers to get the most out of the new API.
    At this time we do not recommend using the DirectX 12 API in Rise of the Tomb Raider, as for us it has delivered performance decreases on both AMD and Nvidia hardware and we have heard reports from many others that it has caused crashes, freezing and other issues in the game."
    OC3D :: Review :: Rise of the Tomb Raider DirectX 12 Performance Review :: Conclusion

    And here are Guru3D's comments on Hitman's DX12 performance:

    "For this review we originally had planned to show DirectX 12 performance mostly, on the previous page you however have noticed DirectX 11 results only. As it seems (at least for us) DirectX 12 is a mess. We are facing multiple issues, also the reason why the performance review is a few days late. We wanted to investigate a bit deeper.
    We're not sure what the DX12 optimization for Hitman entails. Likely ASYNC compute can be utilized. So that means there's no graphics difference, however this should help with more efficient threading and this freeing up CPU cycles. This works for some AMD cards, overall we'll see 10% more performance for AMD compared from DX11 to DX12. For Nvidia however the DX12 performance benefit is NIL. Meaning that ASYNC compute for Nvidia is not working, rendering this DX12 feature useless. This we'll show in the results below.
    DX12 Async Compute might work for some AMD cards, but no matter what we tried 9 out of the 10 times we tried, the bootup of the game crashed in DX12 mode:
    I find Hitman to be a fun title, but they probably should have stuck at DX11. The many DX12 related issues we stumbled into might be fascinating for a technology editor, but for an end-user a darn shameful experience. The DX12 implementation feels rushed, for Nvidia it doesn't do even anything."
    Hitman 2016: PC graphics performance benchmark review - VGA guide

    I guess that "Power of DX12" video is Microsoft's Marketing hype with the release of Quantum Break (which BTW likely won't support Multi GPU's either) only days away. I wonder who the target audience is. Can't be PC gamers, who are generally in the know of how DX12 PC gaming has performed to date. IMHO, they shouldn't be making those kind of boasts at this point in time and with some of the games they are featuring.
    specialkone, Mar 31, 2016
  13. CountMike New Member

    The Power of DirectX 12 for Windows 10 Video from Microsoft

    Is there a proper benchmark program one can evaluate own system and compare to Dx11 for instance. Not everybody has a top i7 and dual GTX980Ti or R9 390s. Somebody with setup like that doesn't have to worry much anyway.
    CountMike, Mar 31, 2016
  14. BugMeister, Mar 31, 2016
  15. Most PC gamers don't care much about synthetic benchmarks. I don't think anyone is disputing that in theory DX12 could show benefits over DX11. The point being with the DX12 PC titles released to date the common verdict is ranging from a huge yawn in performance to a total disaster (no mGPU support, Vsync issues, Windows store exclusive issues) when compared to DX11.

    Mike - if you are talking about game specific benchmarks, the usual programs (FRAPS, HWMonitor) work as long as you are benchmarking a Steam released DX12 game, where those overlay benchmarking programs work.
    specialkone, Mar 31, 2016

The Power of DirectX 12 for Windows 10 Video from Microsoft

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