Windows 10: things crashing to desktop

Discus and support things crashing to desktop in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; heya i'm wondering if i play gta 5 it goes from time to time back to desktop if i watch anime in full screen you see some time your taskbar popping up... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by smokeheads, Jul 21, 2016.

  1. things crashing to desktop

    heya i'm wondering if i play gta 5 it goes from time to time back to desktop if i watch anime in full screen you see some time your taskbar popping up in mean while you didn't do anything like moving the mouse tried reinstalling everything doesn't seem to work anyone encountered this ? its only those 2 things that doesn't seem to work homefront works fine beside the bugs that game has no real issues in their like being put back to desktop how do i fix this for google chrome for watching animes or gta5 cause weird enough those 2 are the only once having issues as far i know i don't run any extension if one pops up i always remove them but im not good with hardware issues so would be great if someone could help me out cause i looked everywhere and found nothing every update there was i already tried to use them to see if it fixed the isseu true that with google it aint as anoying as with gta since in the anime it pops up the taskbar still playing the vid but with gta it puts me back is this a bug from windows 10 or is the pc just dying any help would be appreciated greetings from me

    smokeheads, Jul 21, 2016
  2. Eddie9866 Win User

    I can't do anything on my laptop

    So, i was attempting to open a .zip file with tons of files, turns out they aren't in a folder so they flooded my desktop full of these files, i tried going on Windows Explorer to go to Desktop and delete them but Windows Explorer crashed, and now my desktop
    is nothing but my screensaver, the time, and some other things on the taskbar, and if i attempt to press anything windows explorer crashes and im stuck with nothing on my laptop, is there anyway to fix this?
    Eddie9866, Jul 21, 2016
  3. A year after I upgraded to Windows 10 I got a "Kernel security check failure" for the very first time.

    For an entire year there has been no BSOD on the laptop. I have not added any new hardware or drivers for a long time. The only thing that gets installed are Microsoft Windows updates. What is going on?

    Both the Laptop and a desktop unit I have, ran Windows 7 Ultimate without ever getting BSOD's. Now my Desktop crashes regularly under WIn 10 Pro with a BSOD supposedly saying that the NIC is bad, but I have changed the NIC with a different NIC and it still
    gives me the same BSOD... Now my laptop, has just crashed while doing essentially nothing. It was running a CCTV screen for the last couple of days while I am working on the desktop. And without touching a darned thing, it crashes.

    IMHO, Windows 10 is unstable. Got an idea that might prove me wrong? Suggest it.
    MikeLiebeman, Jul 21, 2016

things crashing to desktop

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