Windows 10: Time synchronization failed

Discus and support Time synchronization failed in Windows 10 Customization to solve the problem; I'm unable unable to sync time and date in windows 10 it shows "unable to start windows time and services" and can't find windows time option in... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Customization' started by UnkindestOrb297, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. Time synchronization failed

    I'm unable unable to sync time and date in windows 10 it shows "unable to start windows time and services" and can't find windows time option in services menu.

    UnkindestOrb297, Aug 18, 2019
  2. John Sarc Win User

    Windows fails to synchronize with internet time - it times out


    You might have a different Date and Time configuration that's why your Windows fails to synchronize with
    Internet Time. To have this checked, try to change the server in your Internet Time Settings by following the steps below:

    • Go to Control Panel > Date and Time.
    • Click on the Internet Time tab: then, click on Change settings.
    • Try to change or choose the Server, tick on the Update now, and click on

    Let us know the results after following the resolution provided.
    John Sarc, Aug 18, 2019
  3. GeorgeCOR Win User
    Task Scheduler and Synchronizing Across Time Zones fails

    I am in the Eastern Time Zone which observes DST. I have Tasks that must be scheduled according to time in another Time zone that does NOT observe DST. I thought that checking the “Synchronize Across Time Zones” option box would do the trick, but that hasn’t worked. The tasks continue to be triggered according to my local time affected by DST, rather than one hour later to account for the reduced time difference.

    Strangely, when I check the “Synchronize Across Time Zones” option, the “Next Run Time” under the Task Scheduler panel shows the correctly adjusted time, yet the task is still triggered at the time shown under “Triggers”. That is “Synchronize across Time zones” has no effect. See attached screen grab.

    For context, the tasks record streamed audio programs from Egypt which which does not observe DST. So it is 7 hours ahead of Eastern Time in winter, when No DST is in effect and only 6 hours ahead in the “summer”, ie. when DST is observed here. Until now, I changed the trigger times at every time change, but thought that “Synchronize across Time Zones” would apply the trigger time changes automatically, but clearly it doesn’t.

    1. Why doesn’t it work in the way I set it up when even the “Next Run Time”s show the correct times?
    2. How is the “Synchronize across Time zones” option supposed to work since I clearly don’t understand enough to use it properly, and
    3. If I am taking a wrong approach to my problem, what is a better way?



    PS: I saw at Defining Triggers - Windows 7 Tutorial that "Synchronize Across Time Zones" means "Configures the task to run using Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) instead of local time". I set a test trigger using UTC, but the task did not run.
    GeorgeCOR, Aug 18, 2019
  4. BobP3UX Win User

    Time synchronization failed

    Time Synchronization Task Scheduler Windows 10

    Hi Kern

    Tried all the steps you suggested but time is still not synchronizing with internet time via the normal GUI settings and running SynchronizeTime from Windows Task Scheduler returns code 2147943479.

    What next?


    BobP3UX, Aug 18, 2019

Time synchronization failed

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