Windows 10: tried transferring the libraries

Discus and support tried transferring the libraries in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Hi, I need some help, on a related topic. I got a HP Pavilion with a 128GB SSD and a 1TB HD. Long story short, I tried to put my files on the HDD while... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Nick K2, May 5, 2017.

  1. Nick K2 Win User

    tried transferring the libraries

    Hi, I need some help, on a related topic. I got a HP Pavilion with a 128GB SSD and a 1TB HD. Long story short, I tried to put my files on the HDD while keeping the programs on the SSD. tried transferring the libraries to the HDD (D drive) but made a complete hash of it. Basically, it seems that my Pictures, Documents and Desktop ARE my D drive. Don't laugh...

    I tried to reverse the whole mess by extracting the documents, pictures, music from my D drive in order to put the files back into my C drive. like Jorge, I am getting the "failed to build list of regular subdirectories under D:\System Volume Information, access is denied error." message. I suspect that basically there is a circular loop somewhere that is preventing the switch.

    Having all of my data safe, I wanted to reset Windows to original settings, but I have run out of room in my C Drive, despite having cleared as many files, programs etc, and having done numerous Disk cleanups. Storage usage indicates that 58 GB are "other" files

    So, I cannot go forward by recreating the libraries in C drive and migrating them properly to D drive before populating again with documents, files, music, pictures etc...
    And I cannot go back to factory settings because something has eaten up all of my SSD drive and I just don't have enough room to do so.

    any ideas???

    Nick K2, May 5, 2017
  2. dbrumley Win User

    nokia e7 and multimedia transfer for mac

    Lucky you, alphamac! When I tried that approach, an error window popped up to inform me that "The update check failed. Nokia Multimedia Transfer couldn’t connect to the update server."

    I checked in both /Library/Application Support/Nokia Multimedia Transfer/Profiles and ~/Library/Application Support/Nokia Multimedia Transfer/Profiles (Yes, identical folder sets appeared in both the root and user libraries after I dragged the downloaded
    application to the Applications folder) but there were no profile files in either folder.

    At present, NMT can't find my E7-00 via USB or Bluetooth.
    dbrumley, May 5, 2017
  3. BigCj34 Win User
    Tags with Multimedia Transfer, E72

    Im trying to transfer my media library onto my E72 from my MacBook, OSX 10.6.8, in which I have a 32gb memory card. Most of my library is in MP3 format, so when I set Nokia multimedia transfer to transcode all files to AAC, files that were originally MP3
    but transcoded to AAC lose their tags. This results in me having most of my files labelled as "Unknown Artist'. I'm guesing this is quite frequent? The solution I have tried in the past has been to convert everything to AAC on iTunes then transfer it over,
    but this does not allow me to take advantage of the library sync Multimedia Transfer provides. Is there anything that can be done, I can't seem to find an answer.
    BigCj34, May 5, 2017

tried transferring the libraries

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