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Discus and support Troubles with Calendar in Microsoft Office and 365 to solve the problem; I'm having various issues with the Calendar in I've been migrated across to the new servers (I think like most people) and I'm getting the... Discussion in 'Microsoft Office and 365' started by DavidY, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. DavidY Win User

    Troubles with Calendar

    I'm having various issues with the Calendar in I've been migrated across to the new servers (I think like most people) and I'm getting the following errors on multiple PCs, multiple browsers.

    I can't help thinking that they might be Microsoft bugs - if so, does anyone know how to get their attention to fix them?

    Are there any experts out there who can advise?

    • The weather is cold in Poltár, Slovakia
      Minus 1 degrees Celsius and "Light snow" today apparently.

      But the thing is, I don't live there, or anywhere near.
      I've looked in multiple MS accounts (I think 4 so far) and they all default to "Poltár, Slovakia" as the location. It's a minor bug, but why this location? Do other people get the same? Is it just those of us in the UK?

      To check this, from within the Calendar in select the 'cog' symbol, then Options, then select Weather

      Troubles with Calendar [​IMG]

      Troubles with Calendar [​IMG]

    • You can't print that.

      Another annoyance - I tried to use Ctrl-P to print the above screen (to a PDF but I think an actual printer would be the same). But it comes up as nothing to print. Same in Edge and Firefox.

    • You can't import .ICS files any more

      This one is particularly annoying, but iCalendar files (.ics extension) which imported fine into the old, now fail in the new version. The issue seems to be with the handling of updates to events - I should be able to update an event in a revised ICS file to a new time, and reimport it, and it should 'move' the events. But this is broken. It worked fine before moved to the new server, and I think still works with the same ICS files in Google Calendar.

      It's even broken when you use itself to create the .ICS in the first place - not being able to import its own files is particularly impressive.

      To test this, I:
      • Went into Add Calendar to create a Secondary Calendar (I called mine TestUSPacific as I was playing with time zones)
      • Added an event to my new test calendar (make sure that 'Save to Calendar' is set to the new calendar and not the default 'Calendar')
      • Used the 'Publish Calendar' option to create a link to a .ICS file
      • Download that .ICS file to the desktop or somewhere else on the computer
      • Use the 'Add Calendar' then 'From File' option to import the ICS file back in.
      • The import crashes with the message
        'The events couldn't be imported. Please try again later.
        Error message: Content conversion failed.'

      Troubles with Calendar [​IMG]

    • You can't delete calendars

      Well you can, but it only works once.
      Don't make the mistake I made, of recreating the Calendar again with the same name, because then you'll be stuck with it.

      I created my test secondary calendar, as in part 3, and then deleted it. So far, so good.
      But then during further testing I created another test calendar with the same name, and tried to delete it again... and it won't do it.

      Troubles with Calendar [​IMG]

      Troubles with Calendar [​IMG]

    Have I really just found multiple bugs (not just one) on a live service which millions use and have been using for a while now?
    I shouldn't be able to do that.

    DavidY, Nov 15, 2016
  2. Eric J F Win User

    Calendar Sync Problems Fixed in Windows 10?

    Earlier this year I switched from the calendar to Google Calendar on my Windows 8.1 PCs and Phones due to sync problems. There are a number of posts, including mine, about frequent 'server validation errors,' the inability to add and delete
    calendar events, and other problems that made the calendar apps unreliable. The general consensus was Microsoft's sync process was the cause.

    I assume the calendar sync process is the same, but before I go to the trouble of trying it again, I'd appreciate any responses to the following questions:

    Has anyone used the Windows 10 calendar(s) and had similar problems?

    Does anyone know if the Windows 10 calendar sync process is the same as 8.1, or is it different?

    Eric J F, Nov 15, 2016
  3. Windows 8.1 phone calendar missing calendar

    Trying to sync outlook 2007 calendar appointments to lumia 640 windows 8.1 phone calendar. Completed connection from Outlook 2007 to showing appointments from Outlook 2007 in "Calendar". Windows phone calendar not showing
    "Calendar" as a calendar selection option. Only showing "Patrick's Calendar, Birthday Calendar, and US Holiday" See no way to add the "calendar" to phone calendar.
    Patrick Wine, Nov 15, 2016
  4. Kari Win User

    Troubles with Calendar

    This seems to be new default location (or rather a bug) in calendar settings, at least for European users. I had the same. I had to manually enter my location and then delete Poltár.

    Troubles with Calendar [​IMG]

    When I had done that, a few minutes later Edge showed me this:

    Troubles with Calendar [​IMG]

    Since that my calendar has used the correct location.

    Tested just now, had no issues in printing that or any other and its calendar pages using native Print to PDF.

    Publishing a calendar on is no longer supported. I guess this also applies publishing an calendar.

    Alternative, recommended method is to save calendars and import saved calendars as told in this article: Share an Outlook for Windows calendar on - Outlook

    Yes, I have noticed the same. You can delete a calendar once but if a new calendar is added using the same name as a previously deleted calendar, it can no longer be deleted.

    To add to issues you listed, I have not managed to get Windows 10 Calendar app and calendar at to sync. Initial sync works; when a new Windows user with Microsoft account opens Calendar app first time and sets it up, all entries from will be synced, but at least in my case nothing will be synced thereafter. Windows Calendar will not show entries added in and vice versa.

    There's a strange sentence in Publishing a calendar on will no longer be supported article wich might indicate a change in services:

  5. DavidY Win User
    Hi Kari,

    Thanks for looking at that for me,
    It's no big deal, but Edge hasn't offered me that option. I'd changed it manually anyway, but it seems a strange default.
    I tried it again just now, and Print to PDF said there was nothing to print from Edge.
    However when I tried a second time, it seemed to work. I also had an empty PDF created from Firefox but again this worked second time. Again it's not a big deal.

    Ah but I'm not trying to Publish a Calendar, I want to import an ICS file. This is the one which is particularly a problem for me.

    The only reason the phrase Publish Calendar appears in my post is that is now the name of the option where exporting an ICS now resides, which seems a reliable way to replicate the issue.
    And this (the Import Saved Calendars) is precisely the functionality which is not working any more, for me at least, although it did work on the same ICS file in the previous version of

    What I really want to do it is import an ICS file I've made myself, but ICS files are tricky to make so it's a good test to see if's own ICS files work - and as Outlook's own files fail to import, I'm still pretty sure it's an Outlook bug.
    (Actually the ICS files will import, but only the first time - if you then amend the events and import a later version, it fails.)

    I'd noticed something similar too. In my case I went into the Windows 10 Mail app, which has a manual sync option (I've not found one in Calendar), and using the Mail sync optio seemed to sync the Calendar too. Does that work for you? Even if it does, it's hardly satisfactory if you have to keep syncing manually.
    DavidY, Nov 16, 2016
  6. DavidY Win User
    In seeking support for my issues, I tried contacting MS support via a Chat session.
    They did have a workaround for the Calendar deletion issue when an earlier Calendar with that name has been deleted - if you rename the problem Calendar first, you can then delete it.

    As for my main issue of the .ICS import, they didn't have a solution and the best option the person on the Chat session had was to report it on the UserVoice website, which I didn't know existed.

    Hopefully if it gets some votes, they might look into it...
    DavidY, Nov 26, 2016
  7. DavidY Win User
    ... but instead they completely failed to comprehend my post and just posted a link to some generic page of info - none of which helps me in getting them to fix the bug. And then closed my post.

    Does anyone know how to contact the Microsoft people who can actually investigate and fix bugs? *Sad
    DavidY, Nov 27, 2016
  8. DavidY Win User

    Troubles with Calendar

    Yes, I have noticed the same. You can delete a calendar once but if a new calendar is added using the same name as a previously deleted calendar, it can no longer be deleted. I now understand this one.

    If I attach Outlook 2016 desktop to my MS Account, then I can see all my deleted secondary Calendars under 'Deleted Items'

    Presumably it can't hold 2 Calendars at once in Deleted Items with the same name.

    I think I could delete them in O2016, but this is no help to anyone without access to O2016. I'm not sure if they will eventually be deleted from Deleted Items without intervention.
    DavidY, Dec 1, 2016
  9. Kari Win User
    BTW, I got my votes back after they closed your case:

    Troubles with Calendar [​IMG]

    A bit funny how they sent you to general Get Help page and closed the case.
    Kari, Dec 1, 2016
  10. DavidY Win User
    Thanks for voting on it. *Smile

    Yes I did wonder whether the general Get Help page appears automatically if there's no response from a person. That's not very helpful though.
    DavidY, Apr 5, 2018

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