Windows 10: Unable to Extend Partition

Discus and support Unable to Extend Partition in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; I hope someone can help. Since upgrading to Windows 10 I have had to keep extending the primary partition, now up to 250Gb and full. I do have free... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by joeywald, Nov 22, 2015.

  1. joeywald Win User

    Unable to Extend Partition

    I hope someone can help. Since upgrading to Windows 10 I have had to keep extending the primary partition, now up to 250Gb and full. I do have free capacity on another partition from which I have been taking spare capacity with any problems so far, but the partition tool won't let me take any more. Would appreciate any/all suggestions!

    joeywald, Nov 22, 2015

  2. unable to install win 10 fr win 8.1 due to being unable to update system reserved partition - i can't be the only one with this problem.

    i am unable to extend/expand the system reserved partition through any paid & free utility partition applications. this is crazy! thanks in advance.
    charleseitel, Nov 22, 2015
  3. Unable to extend thee partition.


    Thank you for posting your query on Microsoft Community.

    I understand that you are unable to extend the disk partition. We will assist you to resolve the issue.

    To assist you better, I would like to know whether you have any unallocated space on the hard drive and are you trying would like to inform you that you could only extend partition from left to right.

    If the partition was previously formatted with the NTFS file system, the file system is automatically extended to occupy the larger partition. No data loss occurs. If the partition was previously formatted with any file system format other than NTFS,
    the command fails with no change to the partition.

    For the better understanding of the issue, I suggest you to provide the screenshot of the Disk management.

    Refer: How to include a screenshot in your post.

    How to include a screenshot in your post

    Please reply to us with the required information. We will be happy to help.

    Thank you.
    Krishna Prasobh V, Nov 22, 2015
  4. PommieB Win User

    Unable to Extend Partition

    I prefer to use third party software to defragment and compress the data, it's then easier to expand the C: partition, the other option is to backup the data in other data partitions, then either shrink or delete the data partition then expand the C: partition accordingly.

    I use ssd drives and just have the OS drive as single C: partition.
    PommieB, Nov 23, 2015
  5. topgundcp Win User
    After the upgrade, you'd need to do some cleanup to remove all the remnants. Open Admin Command prompt, copy and paste the line below to run:
    %SystemRoot%\System32\Cmd.exe /c Cleanmgr /sageset:65535 & Cleanmgr /sagerun:65535

    Put a check mark on everything except "Setup Log Files"

    To answer your question. Please post a screen shot of Disk Management
    topgundcp, Nov 23, 2015
  6. ered Win User
    Hi @all, I got the same problem like Joywald and I would like to recover my 20GBs. Here is what I have.

    Unable to Extend Partition [​IMG]

    Unable to Extend Partition [​IMG]

  7. topgundcp Win User
    • Download Bootable Partition Manger | MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable Edition and use Rufus - Create bootable USB to create a bootable USB.
    • Boot your PC with the USB
    • Right Click on the 794MB partition -> Move/Resize. A windows will popup, click and hold then drag this partition to the right.
    • Next, move the mouse cursor on the right edge of C Drive until you see 2 vertical Bars, click and drag to the right to extend it. Click OK
    • Click on "Apply" on the top left to commit the change.
    • Remove the USB and Reboot your PC
    topgundcp, Nov 23, 2015
  8. ered Win User

    Unable to Extend Partition

    I'm not able to boot from USB !!
  9. topgundcp Win User
    topgundcp, Nov 23, 2015
  10. ered Win User
    Ok, Will report back..thanks topgundcp
  11. ered Win User
    OK!! I don't see were to move or resize!!

    Unable to Extend Partition [​IMG]
  12. Word Man Win User
    Right click on any partition in that list to see options/operations available.
    Word Man, Nov 23, 2015
  13. ered Win User

    Unable to Extend Partition

    Thanks, I was able to Extend my C drive!!*Cool, Good LUCK Joywald. !!
  14. joeywald Win User
    Hi All

    Many thanks for all the suggestions.

    It was actually the Mini Tool Partition Wizard that I had used previously, but it would not let me go above 250gb - so yesterday I downloaded the AOMEI partition assistant and it worked without any problems. Problem sorted! (until the next Windows 10 upgrade anyway *Smile)
    joeywald, Apr 5, 2018

Unable to Extend Partition

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