Windows 10: Unable to remove $SysReset

Discus and support Unable to remove $SysReset in Windows 10 Updates and Activation to solve the problem; Hi i am running windows 10 with all the latest updates and i have found this folder on my laptop and i am not able to delete it $SysReset I have... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Updates and Activation' started by sam02, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. sam02 Win User

    Unable to remove $SysReset

    Hi i am running windows 10 with all the latest updates and i have found this folder on my laptop and i am not able to delete it $SysReset

    I have done a search on this forum and i have followed most of the advice in the posts but nothing seems to work, i have deleted some of the files manually but i am not able to delete it completely

    I have tried in safe mode, Disk cleanup, command line and other methods posted in other posts i have renamed the folder and restarted the computer but it still will not delete

    Nothing seems to work

    I think this happened because i put the windows 10 dvd in my computer to make a usb flash drive boot drive and it was after i did i i saw the $SysReset folder

    Any help would be good

    sam02, Mar 22, 2018

  2. Unable to delete $SysReset folder because I lack Administrator permissions

    The most easy way always works,

    the folders is attached to trusted Something...

    try right click on CUnable to remove $SysReset :eek:s


    clean disk

    administrator mode

    he scan, check all.. clean it up and will be gone normally!
    GabrielCôté Rancourt, Mar 22, 2018
  3. Unable to delete $SysReset folder because I lack Administrator permissions

    I will probably try them in Windows Safe Mode.
    changeling616, Mar 22, 2018
  4. dalchina New Member

    Unable to remove $SysReset

    Here's a description of what it is:

    If you can't delete it (although the article suggests you should be able to), then like anything else you can delete it when Windows is not running.

    You can:
    - Boot your PC to a command prompt (via SHIFT click Restart) and follow the prompts through to get to a command prompt.
    That's if you're confident in using the command prompt, and noting that the drive letter will not then be C:
    - Boot your PC from a Win 10 bootable disk and via 'Repair your computer' navigate to a command prompt.
    - boot your PC from a bootable disk such as Kyhi's, available from the top of the Software and Apps section here, and use a Win 10 environment, again noting it won't be on C:
    - install a program such as this (free)
    MoveOnBoot Free - Rename/Move/Delete Locked Files on Reboot
    - which also deletes files and folders when restarting.
    dalchina, Mar 22, 2018
  5. sam02 Win User
    Hi thanks for the advice i have tried MoveOnBoot and i still will not let me delete the folder, i have setup MoveOnBoot as below

    Unable to remove $SysReset [​IMG]

    And then when i select to run i get this following message

    Unable to remove $SysReset [​IMG]

    Any ideas what to do next please
    sam02, Apr 5, 2018

Unable to remove $SysReset

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