Windows 10: Unicode characters in console

Discus and support Unicode characters in console in Windows 10 Ask Insider to solve the problem; Hi, I recently switched from Mac OSX to Windows 10 and installed WSL + Debian 10; my default shell is zsh and using ohmyzsh to improve the UX of the... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Ask Insider' started by /u/Mention-One, Apr 22, 2021.

  1. Unicode characters in console


    I recently switched from Mac OSX to Windows 10 and installed WSL + Debian 10; my default shell is zsh and using ohmyzsh to improve the UX of the shell.

    I just noticed that unicode characters are not supported and I'm wondering if there is a way to fix this.


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    /u/Mention-One, Apr 22, 2021

  2. Type a Unicode Character

    You can convert numbers from decimal to hex to octal to binary. But those are the numbers used as Unicode code points. They're the "serial numbers" for characters.

    But the alt codes are a different. They're not related to the Unicode code points. There is no numerical conversion from Unicode codes to alt codes.

    Alt codes predate Unicode by a decade or so. Alt codes are just arbitrary numbers that Microsoft assigned. So you have to look up the key codes. Do a google search to find a complete list.
    margrave55, Apr 22, 2021
  3. Console displays unicode character as [], but can understand them

    I have a strange bug in a cmd, it displays any unicode character as .
    Here what i do:

    1. Run cmd.exe(font is set to Lucida Console)
    2. chcp 65001
    3. Paste "フォルダー" and every character displays as [], if i copy it from console and paste it somewhere else it will be again フォルダー as it must.
    4. When doing cd "フォルダー" it does go to it but again displays as C:\[][][][][]\

    Why it didn't display unicode characters?

    Actually there is no solve though...

    But if you want you can use ConEmu which is improving default prompt.

    In ConEmu characters are displaying with any font, because it uses font that supported these chars with selected.
    BladeMight, Apr 22, 2021
  4. Fafhrd Win User

    Unicode characters in console

    How to type unicode characters in Windows 10?

    I haven't the right keyboard available on my laptop, so I can't test this, but the way we used to do it was:

    1. Press and hold down the Alt key.
    2. Press the + (plus) key on the numeric keypad.
    3. Type the hexidecimal unicode value.
    4. Release the Alt key.
    This comes from:

    How to enter Unicode characters in Microsoft Windows

    Which leads on to this small utility:

    UnicodeInput - a utility to enter Unicode characters on Microsoft Windows

    Which I also cannot test.

    In Microsoft Word,there must be numerous published macros for handling Unicode - some will be better than others - just go to:

    microsoft word unicode macro - Google Search

    for loads of links.
    Fafhrd, Apr 22, 2021

Unicode characters in console

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