Windows 10: Unknown program opening open file with program dialogue.

Discus and support Unknown program opening open file with program dialogue. in Windows 10 Network and Sharing to solve the problem; I keep having this issue every morning when I get on my computer. The open with program dialogue will be open asking what I would like to open *File*... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Network and Sharing' started by Xearo167, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. Xearo167 Win User

    Unknown program opening open file with program dialogue.

    I keep having this issue every morning when I get on my computer.

    The open with program dialogue will be open asking what I would like to open *File* with.

    Said file is unknown *I did not open anything as I was away from the computer*

    My instinct tells me to click notepad *As I do for all odd files* and notepad says file (Program.txt) could not be found.

    this is every day when i get on my computer in the morning. (I don't turn my computer off nor do I use standby)

    I have restarted and cleared all cache's and even checked logs (Nothing shows up)

    As I am typing this i only have 44 processes running which some of them are in a suspended state *Windows universal applications and other things i have always open besides the normal background processes that the system requires for normal operation.

    No services have been modified nor have I used any **Tweaking apps**

    all settings are pretty much default aside from my page file

    having it split between the c drive at 2 gigs and my H drive at 8 gigs

    the only thing really changed is the environment variables

    with the temp and tmp locations redirected to my D drive for both my

    account and the system

    I did notice a system task i have not seen before located in the regular library

    (CreateExplorerShellUnelevatedTask) trigger at task creation or moddification

    with the action of C:\Windows\Explorer.exe /NOUACCHECK

    system specs if needed are

    Acer Aspire TC-780 (KBL) (U3E1)

    Intel Core I7-7700 (Non K) @ 3.6Ghz

    16 gigabytes of Kingston ACR24D4U7S8MB-8 (Dual channel) @ 1200 Mhz

    Nvidia Geforce GTX 550Ti (EVGA)

    C: D: E: F: are on 3 Tb WDC WD30EZRX-00SPEB0

    H: is on Samsung HD103UI

    Generic keyboard and mouse

    Cannon TS3100 Series Printer (Wirelessly connected)

    Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller

    Intel Dual band Wireless-AC 3168 (Wifi and Bluetooth)

    ** List of installed applications**


    Ccleaner *Used for clearing caches not the registry*

    ccenhancer 4.5.4 *Used to ccleaner to add more program caches to ccleaner*

    Core Temp 1.15.1


    Microsoft Edge Dev

    Microsoft OneDrive

    Microsoft Visual C++ 08 redist (X86 and x64)

    Microsoft Visual C++ 10 redist (x86 and x64)

    Microsoft Visual C++ 13 redist (x86 and x64)

    Microsoft Visual C++ 15-19 redist (x86 and x64)

    MSI afterburner 4.6.1

    MSI Kombuster (64 bit)

    My Defrag v 4.6.1 (used on the game drive and storage drive)

    Nvidia Graphics driver 388.13 (There is issues with the newest version bricking certain games)

    Origin (Ea games client)

    Process Hacker (For when shtf)

    Rainmeter (I like my widgets)

    Speedfan (This acer pc is loud without it)


    and all the games which I will not list as it would make this too long

    which have all been installed from either steam and or origin.

    *Windows 10 Home Build 18362.19h1_rel. 190318-1202*

    Xearo167, Oct 9, 2019
  2. happy Win User

    Are There Any Free Programs That Open .EPUB Files On PC (Windows Vista)

    Are there any free programs that open .epub files? I tried googling for some free software but can't seem to find any that actually opens .epub files. Do you guys have any knowledge of a program that exist?

    happy, Oct 9, 2019
  3. dark2099 Win User
    Program to open non MS standard CAB files?

    There is a list of programs at the bottom that you might want to try.
    dark2099, Oct 9, 2019
  4. Unknown program opening open file with program dialogue.

    Programs freeze on file dialogues [Win10]

    I recently installed windows 10 on a custom built machine (I can provide specs if required), from Windows 8.1, which I've been running for around one year now. While I do love the interface and multi-tasking, a major issue I've since encountered is file
    dialogues will freeze most programs, not all, but most. What I mean by this (I used the term "file dialogue" as I use visual studio as I'm a programmer), is when I go to open/save a file, the program will cease to respond. This even occurs consistently on
    notepad.exe, which is included with windows. Below for some consideration are programs that seem to freeze or not freeze when going to save or open a file;




    other user-created software (not common software so I won't list all, but one example is PKG ToolKit GUI.exe which is a program for compiling packages for the playstation 3)

    Does not freeze

    sublime text 3


    I don't have too many programs listed as the ones above are what I use the most that require file dialogues. I don't know if this is a problem with my machine, my Win10 installation, or if it's a bug that multiple people are experiencing, but it is a major
    problem. I first encountered this when I wrote out a large block of text on notepad, and when I went to save it the program froze and I lost all my data, which is what I was attempting to prevent (I tried recovering via HxD but to no avail).

    Is there a known fix for this issue? Is there anyone that can point me into the right direction on a fix for this problem? Because this is inhibiting my current activities and forces me to use alternative software which isn't always an option with what I
    XatCryptic, Oct 9, 2019

Unknown program opening open file with program dialogue.

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