Windows 10: Update for Windows Live Essentials Mail 2012 (KB3093594) kills WLM

Discus and support Update for Windows Live Essentials Mail 2012 (KB3093594) kills WLM in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; Have been using this program for months now on windows 10 32 bit, and I get an email saying that MS are making changes to Outlook servers and to patch... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by banger, Dec 11, 2015.

  1. banger Win User

    Update for Windows Live Essentials Mail 2012 (KB3093594) kills WLM

    Have been using this program for months now on windows 10 32 bit, and I get an email saying that MS are making changes to Outlook servers and to patch WLM 2012 and a download link.

    I applied the patch and now after a few seconds of being open WLM 2012 crashes while updating the calendar.

    Anyone know a fix for this? I have taken the patch off by repairing Windows essentials 2012 from the Programs and features dialog, but anyone know why this patch causes WLM to crash after a few seconds?


    banger, Dec 11, 2015
  2. jaykal61 Win User

    mail app not working

    Windows essentials mail 2012 is not updating since today morning (12th Jan 2016) and before you say this, Yes, I do have patch KB3093594.. Pl reply
    jaykal61, Dec 11, 2015
  3. WLM support is being dropped in a few weeks! What now??

    There is a solution - I don't know if I would consider it a "guaranteed" Windows 10 fix yet, but it worked for me and several other people in a thread at
    . It seems the crash occurs after the patch when Windows Live Mail tries to sync the calendar. It causes a crash soon after starting WLM, but allowing a long attempted connection after the crash seems to be the key to getting it to work
    in Windows 10. Follow these steps:

    1. Install the patch, clicking the "Repair" option to apply the patch.

    2. Open Windows Live Mail. Let it crash. When the window pops up to "Debug or Close Program", click "Close Program".

    3. Do this 10 times. I'm not sure if this step is vital to the fix, but it's part of what I did.

    4. After the 10th time, open WLM, let it crash, and when the "Debug or Close Program" window pops up, leave it there for at least 30 minutes. The more accounts you have on Outlook, the longer it potentially could take for the server to sync, so if you have
    several, you might want to want a couple hours (or even overnight if you've got a ton of accounts). I've got one account so 30 minutes worked.

    5. After 30 minutes, click "Close Program".

    6. Re-open Windows Live Mail, and it should be patched and functioning normally.
    Drewzilla22, Dec 11, 2015
  4. banger Win User

    Update for Windows Live Essentials Mail 2012 (KB3093594) kills WLM

    Repaired WLM 2012 through Program and features and then re-applied the patch, seems solved now.
    banger, Dec 11, 2015
  5. I had the same issue. Just yesterday I talked about how bad the new Windows mail app are working and calling it garbage app and also expressing concern that Windows Live Mail might stop working soon. And what happens? Microsoft today sends me an e-mail encouraging me to update my WLM client due to changes happening in a few weeks making the app not functioning if I do not update it. But Microsoft's recommendation for the Windows 10 Experience was for me to just start using the mail app (I would if it actually worked just as good as WLM, but as it stands it just sucks badly!).

    Surely this must be a conspiracy by Microsoft?*Devil

    Anyway I removed WLM from my computer and re installed it without the update but after that I still had issues it would just hang with high CPU usage and fade out after the calendar was synced and it was time to update the e-mail. But now it suddenly works for me again after I have installed the latest updates from Windows Update that was pending in my Windows Update. I do not know if there is any correlation between those updates and WLM staring to work again. Perhaps you can try and see if you have any updates pending and if it will make WLM work for you too when you install them.

    I will just use my Windows Live mail the way it is until it stops working then I will once again attempt to install that update and see if it works then. Perhaps that update involves changing the update server and that server is not yet operational. Microsoft encourages you to save that e-mail from Outlook for later use. So that makes me think (or hope) that this update is for later use and should only be applied once WLM stops functioning. But if that is the case I wonder why that are not clear about that in the e-mail? If this theory is not correct and this patch will make Windows Live mail stop functioning even after a few weeks when apparently none patched versions will cease functioning with Outlook/Hotmail then I will call it a conspiracy to force you to use that horrible Mail app!*Devil
    Joakim Agren, Dec 11, 2015
  6. I second that emotion. I was just writing the same in another thread - the WLM 2012 update kills the app completely. I tried repairing Windows Live Essentials through Programs and Files, but it didn't fix the issue. Anyone know the best way to uninstall the update?
    afleischer, Dec 11, 2015
  7. I unistalled it from program files and then i downloaded again and reinstalled.
    boombastik, Dec 11, 2015
  8. Update for Windows Live Essentials Mail 2012 (KB3093594) kills WLM

    All of Windows Live Essentials, or just Windows Live Mail by itself?
    afleischer, Dec 11, 2015
  9. antelx Win User
    Same error for me, but after do the same you describe above the problem is still there.

    I uninstall WLM and reinstall it without the patch.

    I'll wait a time until Microsoft review that problem.
    antelx, Dec 11, 2015
  10. This is what I did to fix it:

    First I just uninstalled Windows Live Mail from program and features add/remove programs (do not use the uninstall option from the patch file, that did not work for me). Look for Windows Live Essentials 2012 in add/remove programs and select to uninstall just the Mail app.
    Then re booted
    Then I just used the installer for Windows Essentials named wlsetup-web.exe, I already had that one in my downloads folder on my C drive. But if you do not then you have to get it from Microsofts site. I opted to do a custom installation and just install the Mail app and not any other Essentials apps.

    Once installed I once again re booted.

    Then I opened it up and this time it did not crash directly like it did when I had the patch installed. But it would hang on me and not download any new e-mails but I noticed in my Cfos speed application that there was some network activity going on so I just let it sit there for a few minutes. But it was just sitting there using high CPU and grayed out. So after maybe 5 minutes I killed the process in task manager.

    Then I re launched Windows Live mail again and now it worked normally again!

    If you follow my steps carefully then perhaps it will for you to!

    Now I do not know if I have the patched version or not installed. During the installation new files was downloaded from Microsoft servers so perhaps it is already pre-patched but I do not know. I guess I will know in a few weeks if it stops working on me.
    Joakim Agren, Dec 11, 2015
  11. Thanks for the detailed info Joakim, I'll give it a try!
    afleischer, Dec 11, 2015
  12. hamnat Win User
    Agreed this is what I had to do after the patched caused it to crash.
    hamnat, Dec 11, 2015
  13. lgentry Win User

    Update for Windows Live Essentials Mail 2012 (KB3093594) kills WLM

    If you click on "file" then "about" it will tell you what version of WLM you have. If it says 16.4.3528.0331 then it is not the patched version. If it says 16.4.3563..0918 that is the patched version.

    I was able to apply the patch to my Windows 8.1 machine without any problem but it crashes WLM on my 3 Windows 10 machines. I've tried everything- backwards forwards and sideways- but WLM still crashes. I've used WLM for many years but unless Microsoft does something to fix this I may have to just keep using Windows 8.1. I HATE Windows Mail as well as Outlook and have 5 email accounts I have to keep up with. I agree. This is a bunch of crap from MS considering they have millions of hotmail/outlook users as well as millions of Windows 10 users. Do the rest of you read the email that MS sent-that anyone using WLM 2009 in Windows 7 are going to be out of luck altogether unless they upgrade their operating systems? I have several people running Windows 7 whose computers will not upgrade due to lack of drivers.
    lgentry, Dec 11, 2015
  14. bschaufe Win User
    This works, but only because you have downgraded to the version that was there prior to applying the patch (Build 16.4.3528.0331). Unfortunately, this is a short term solution. Microsoft is making changes to Hotmail and soon that will break Live Mail unless you have the patch installed. The patched version is build 16.4.3563.0918. (You can see the build you are running by going to File | About). The patch seems to introduce the problem and it is definitely related to calendar syncing. To test my theory, I created a new account. I created a single test e-mail and a single calendar entry. I had no issues with the pre-patch version and this account. But when I applied the patch, Live Mail would crash when it was synchronizing the calendar. If I removed my single calendar entry (on, then I could use the patched version of Live Mail without problems. Adding it back in again causes it to crash again. The weird thing for me is that I have three Dell laptops running Windows 10 with nearly identical configurations. This only happens on one of the three. But it happens consistently. No amount of uninstalling and reinstalling and applying and reapplying the patch makes any difference. It crashes on calendar update at the startup of Live Mail every time. Extremely annoying. I agree that the new Microsoft Mail app stinks.
    bschaufe, Dec 11, 2015
  15. chazhmy Win User
    I had the same problems, program crashed while updating calendar. So I simply signed out from my hotmail account (the right most button in top toolbar). Now WLM is not updating calendar anymore, just checks for e-mails. It seems ok.
    chazhmy, Dec 11, 2015

Update for Windows Live Essentials Mail 2012 (KB3093594) kills WLM

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