Windows 10: Update forcing proxies & Control Panel Crashing

Discus and support Update forcing proxies & Control Panel Crashing in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; Hi If you are having these issues see below for the resolution steps I took! I had some issues yesterday and seems to be related to a windows... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by Dave1776, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. Dave1776 Win User

    Update forcing proxies & Control Panel Crashing


    If you are having these issues see below for the resolution steps I took!

    I had some issues yesterday and seems to be related to a windows update I got.

    Most were minor but the below were a headache.

    The first relates to the control panel. When I click CP is opens it then closes it immediately now. Any ideas? - UPDATE I don't know why this would be conflicting with the CP but I was on another MS thread on this issue and the culprit is the IDT Audio Controls. This sounded familiar to me and sure enough I had them on my system so I uninstalled them which removed all my sound and my CP was again working fine. I then reinstalled my drivers and sound and CP are now working fine again! This is the thread ignore the Microsoft employees suggestion as others reported it did no good but one other user posted on the IDT causing the issue and sure enough that was the conflict that was causing the CP to crash so make sure you have your systems audio drivers so when you uninstall you can reinstall again.

    To uninstall the audio without the CP goto Start and then on left click the little gear icon to pull up the settings panel. Then click the apps icon and scroll down until you find the IDT Audio and click it then you will see uninstall since you won't be able to uninstall this via the CP since your CP is crashing. Once the IDT Panel is uninstalled use the driver install file you should have downloaded for your system before this and reinstall the drivers to return back your audio!

    Secondly I noticed that both my Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers (Don't use any others so unsure on these) are set up to use proxies now. I managed to fix firefox by saying don't use proxies and that allowed me in to browse but then I opened explorer and tried to turn it off there also and it refuses to update. I can uncheck the box and click OK and then if I load the same settings panel again the box is again checked and refuses to update so I can access the page I need to access. - Update This is also now resolved I think getting the CP back online was the resolution to this. I noticed though changing the setting in IE still showed it as set but when I checked my internet options in the CP is update then when I reloaded IE the settings were proper. so pages are again loading in IE as well now.

    For Firefox do the following to remedy the proxy issue. This is for FF57 older versions you will have to check tabs to find proxy setting but in 57 Goto TOOLS/OPTIONS/GENERAL scroll to the bottom and select NETWORK PROXY SETTINGS button and then in the new panel no proxies and OK and then restart browser and should be fine as it was fine for me!

    I just now also noticed that Thunderbird my mail program no longer displays images was working fine before the stupid update that caused all these issues! - Update on this I fixed this issue seems this update I got from windows last night is really messing with peoples proxies or at least with my proxies and I got the update from the security and updates tab in the settings.

    Solution for Thunderbird at least goto TOOLS/OPTIONS/ADVANCED/NETWORK & DISK SPACE/SETTINGS and make sure NO PROXIES is selected then hit OK I also restarted Thunderbird just in case but images were working again!

    Thoughts on all?


    Dave1776, Nov 13, 2017
  2. pebear Win User

    Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.15063] Opening Control Pannel crashes the destop

    I go to open the control panel or even God Mode panel and after a few seconds of coming up the desktop crashes and control panel (and the God Mode folder will also do the same thing) crashes. Is there any fix or am I stuck using the new and unimproved
    control panel? Is this Microsoft's way of forcing people to use the new control panel.
    pebear, Nov 13, 2017
  3. What keeps resetting my proxy settings?

    So, it doesn't appear that "Solitaire Collection" is the culprit, nor in fact does there appear to be any malware on my system.

    My new hypothesis:

    There are two basic paths for manually configuring proxy settings: via "Control Panel>Internet Options>Connections>LAN Settings", and via "Settings>Network & Internet>Proxy>Manual proxy setup" (i.e. "old school" control panel and "new school" control panel).

    These two control panels are SUPPOSED to operate as different access methods for the same underlying mechanism (the underlying mechanism resides in the Windows Registry), and most of the time this works properly. However, intermittently and at random, it appears
    this does not work properly.

    When I configure proxy settings via the "old school" control panel, the configuration appears to take force and function, but can somehow get "blanked", at a frequency of several times a day. When I configure proxy settings via the "new school" control panel,
    the settings are much more reliable. The settings can occasionally end up blanked, but at a frequency of a couple incidents a week (it is still not clear what is causing this blanking). My guess is that while there is Registry "overlap", the "old school" and
    "new school" control panels do not use exactly the same set of Registry variables, both control panels want to be "the" authority, and can end up walking on each other's Registry variables.

    So, I am configuring proxy settings exclusively via the "new school" control panel, and checking them the same way several times a day. I avoid even examining them (much less trying to modify them) via the "old school" control panel. The configuration functions
    properly and has remained stable for about a week now (with exactly two incidents of blanking, cause unknown).

    BTW, the free evaluation version of Malwarebytes wants to control these settings as well, and will quarantine and blank the relevant Registry values when it scans. And while Malwarebytes supposedly provides a way for the user to control/(re)establish these
    settings via Malwarebytes, the free evaluation version apparently ignores its own configuration. It just quarantines and blanks these settings no matter how you configure Malwarebytes to control them. So, I have uninstalled Malwarebytes.
    NameIsTaken2, Nov 13, 2017

Update forcing proxies & Control Panel Crashing

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