Windows 10: Update KB4056892 crashes with 0x800f0845

Discus and support Update KB4056892 crashes with 0x800f0845 in Windows 10 Updates and Activation to solve the problem; After battling for two days with problems in the december update making my graphics card obsolete, all was well for about 2 hours when I noticed the... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Updates and Activation' started by Boulder, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. Boulder Win User

    Update KB4056892 crashes with 0x800f0845

    After battling for two days with problems in the december update making my graphics card obsolete, all was well for about 2 hours when I noticed the January update. This downloaded and installed and I then rebooted. It got to 30% and then said it was rebooting again. The reboot gets as far as the blue square window but no spinning circle and the machine is totally locked up. (caps lock doesn't change the led). After 3 reboots it eventually goes into diagnosing the problem before determining the update could not be installed and was undoing the changes. I have repeated this several times and gone through a complete fresh install only to be in exactly the same situation. So basically I have spent three very long days solid wasting my time and at a considerable expensive to myself and my company. Update troubleshooter did nothing. Obviously I have googled the problems but there just seems to be endless complaints about similar but often slightly different problems and never any solutions. I also tried a manual install of the update and that was exactly the same.

    Obviously, I'll not going to waste any more time messing about with this nonsence but just wondering if anyone is getting this or anyone can pinpoint exactly what the problem and solution WILL be, without guessing or trying xyz.

    I have already gone back to Windows XP, which just works and does not spend half its time making hardware obsolete and performing endless updates.

    Boulder, Jan 4, 2018
  2. Deasmun Win User
    Deasmun, Jan 4, 2018
  3. Crexy Win User
    Windows 10 Update KB4056892 fails to install

    My problem with update KB4056892, Error code 0x800f0845, AMD x64, 16299.125 is solved by Microsoft.

    The new and better update KB4088776 can be installed
    (dutch version)

    After doing this the problem (black screen with blue Window icon), which I had several months, is finaly solved.
    Crexy, Jan 4, 2018
  4. Boulder Win User

    Update KB4056892 crashes with 0x800f0845

    If anyone is interested, this is now being widely reported on the internet. Apparently Microsoft might be working on a fix or they might decide some AMD chips are no longer "compatible". I sure picked one hell of a time to test out Windows 10. Sorry for my frustration but I'm sure we've all been there at one time or another. (I haven't posted any links as I'm new to forum and don't know what is allowed but google the KB and the error for more info)
    Boulder, Jan 4, 2018
  5. And then what?
    Do I need to get another AMD chip installed in my computer?
    If Microsoft releases a patch, how will we get it?
    40intrepid, Jan 5, 2018
  6. Mixxitdj Win User
    Just to chime in. I have an HP 3220n Slimline, for my kids small furniture set. Running Windows 10 home and after the kb4056892 patch, it will reboot but hang at the blue Windows logo. I can only reboot and 3rd time let it repair and restart. Once it reboots, it says update failed and all is ok. So if I pause updates, my kids pc is ok.

    So is this AMD Athlon x2 5000+ Brisbane 64 no longer compatible with Windows 10 now?
    Mixxitdj, Jan 5, 2018
  7. Boulder Win User
    Yes, seems Microsoft made them obsolete. Seems Microsoft are refusing to comment so not looking good for a fix. Not even an entry in the "known issues" lists for the update.
    Boulder, Jan 5, 2018
  8. Mixxitdj Win User

    Update KB4056892 crashes with 0x800f0845

    Thanks alot, now I stop troubleshooting. Whew!!

    I have paused the updates for now.

    Thanks again and props to this forum!!

    Mixxitdj, Jan 5, 2018
  9. dgordon42 Win User
    Just to add, same problem here on an old Athlon X2 machine. I had to uninstall KB4056892 and pause updates to get the machine to boot without hanging or trying to do an Automatic Repair.

    Lots of reports of this on the Web. so hopefully Microsoft will update their update soon.

    First time I've had a serious problem with an update since the launch of Windows 10.

    dgordon42, Jan 5, 2018
  10. This processor is very old. I doubt Microsoft will ever do updates for this cpu and Windows 10. So be watchful for what updates you try.
    Before you try updates, I recommend making a Restore Point and a Backup/Clone.

    Update KB4056892 crashes with 0x800f0845 [​IMG]

    Layback Bear, Jan 5, 2018
  11. Mixxitdj Win User
    At least I am not alone. Sucks I have to look for a new small form factor.

    Will wait and see if Microsoft fixes this patch or just find a intel machine

    Mixxitdj, Jan 5, 2018
  12. Boulder Win User
    Also sucks that most of the "manufacturer reconditioned" Windows 10 systems on the likes of Amazon and Ebay etc offer such poor performance in comparision to these AMD systems (even before any Intel fix performance hit) and there is no gaurantee how many of those will be made obsolete in the next Microsoft update. Ebay is now flooded with these AMD chips in some cases as low as a couple of dollars. In my case a new system, as well as being otherwise totally unnecessary, has a knock on affect making other accessories obsolete.
    Boulder, Jan 5, 2018
  13. Mixxitdj Win User

    Update KB4056892 crashes with 0x800f0845

    You make a great point. I wonder at what year or architecture they will cut off support.
    Mixxitdj, Jan 6, 2018
  14. Steve C Win User
    Steve C, Jan 6, 2018
  15. dgordon42 Win User
    It's hard to know what the real policy of Microsoft and others is when it comes to fixing bugs in old hardware and software.

    For example, Windows 10 ran without any problems when first released on my 10 year old, 2GB machine (see My Computer specs for details). When Version 1607 was released, it introduced an unusual bug on my machine that caused it to reboot every 24 hours and 15 minutes. There was little information on the Web at the time about this problem, I guess it was not very widespread. It turned out to be caused by nVidia's Serial ATA Controller driver version 5.10.2600 dated 09 Aug 2007. At the time I could live with this by either shutting down every night, or rebooting the machine once per day at a time that suited me. Another work around was to replace the driver with a Microsoft generic driver, however this meant that the machine lost it's RAID capability, but it stopped it from rebooting itself every day.

    When Windows 10 version 1703 was released, I did an upgrade install, and again all was well. The '24-hour reboot' bug was gone, and I found that the nVidia Serial ATA Controller driver was now at version dated 06 Jan 2017! Someone had updated a 10 year old driver for 10 year old hardware to fix a bug when running Windows 10.

    This new problem of old AMD Athlon machines refusing to boot with KB4056892 installed is much more serious, and affects many more machines, I think (hope?) a fix will appear shortly. I have uninstalled the update, and paused updates for the moment so my machine is running fine again.

    Don't panic, just wait it out.

    dgordon42, Jan 6, 2018

Update KB4056892 crashes with 0x800f0845

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