Windows 10: update problem on desktop

Discus and support update problem on desktop in Windows 10 Installation and Upgrade to solve the problem; hello, i have a problem on my laptop.this is in regards to the new update to Windows 10 21H1.the taskbar is glitching continuously sometimes it goes... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Installation and Upgrade' started by AishiGupta, Jun 11, 2021.

  1. update problem on desktop

    hello, i have a problem on my laptop.this is in regards to the new update to Windows 10 21H1.the taskbar is glitching continuously sometimes it goes away but 90% of the time it is there.this problem is easily resolved by just hovering the mouse on top of the search bar of the taskbar.but it is really continuous and it occurs every time i either shift the tab or just click changes it's colouri saw the same thing had happened to one person too in the community but their problem was not solved too. i saw that one person told to reinstate the cloud icon which is the new feature and th

    AishiGupta, Jun 11, 2021

  2. fllckering desktop

    Hi Yvonne,

    To resolve your issue with flickering desktop, we suggest that you update your display drivers with the steps listed below:

    • Right-click Start, then select Device Manager.
    • Expand Display Adapters to find the name of your device.
    • Right-click the device and select Update Driver Software.
    • Follow steps to update display drivers.

    Update us on the result.

    Angela Pun, Jun 11, 2021
  3. dalchina Win User
    Windows 10 1709 System Restore problems...

    That seems to be an attempt at Option 2 in the tutorial, which requires you to
    a. Boot to a command prompt (Did you?)
    b. You then seem to be mixing steps 3,4 and 5, thus your command is incorrect.

    I suggest Option 1 is easier.

    If you still have problems, please repost listing each specific step and saying which option from the tutorial you are using. Thanks.
    dalchina, Jun 11, 2021
  4. 3Colors Win User

    update problem on desktop

    Windows Updated(16299.309).KB4088776 Restart is required to complete.

    Hi dalchina. Good news, I followed your suggestion and reinstalled the update and now it appears as "installed correctly" *Biggrin Maybe it was not necessary to run the Windows Update Troubleshooter or maybe if necessary. But using it I do not think it could have worsened something. The installation was very fast, unlike the first time it showed step 1 and step 2 completed.

    Thanks for the suggestions and for the time to respond update problem on desktop :) Best regards.

    And thanks for the tip of that program, I'll have it on my list.
    3Colors, Jun 11, 2021

update problem on desktop

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