Windows 10: Updating Chipset Drivers Error

Discus and support Updating Chipset Drivers Error in Windows 10 Ask Insider to solve the problem; Hello, I updated chipset drivers few days ago, and now when I boot my pc usually i dont see any disks at task manager, after 5 minutes they appear, but... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Ask Insider' started by /u/_MeetYourMaker_, Oct 26, 2020.

  1. Updating Chipset Drivers Error

    Hello, I updated chipset drivers few days ago, and now when I boot my pc usually i dont see any disks at task manager, after 5 minutes they appear, but while they are not active I couldn't launch some programms and some programms are crashing, like my antivirus (Eset) or Event Viewer crashed one time. What should I do? I think I mist reinstall bios

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    /u/_MeetYourMaker_, Oct 26, 2020
  2. btarunr Win User

    Intel Readies P55 Chipset B3 Stepping Update

    Intel's is readying a hardware update for its P55 Express chipset, currently the only core-logic for the company's brand new socket LGA-1156 processor platform. The new B3 stepping of the P55 PCH will bring with it a little more than new MM number and S-spec numbers. A list of changes is as follows:
    • New MM number and S-spec numbers for the converted products;
    • Firmware and minor BIOS updates are required with the conversion;
    • Processor MRC/microcode update required to enable future processors;
    • Recommended storage driver upgrade from Intel MSM 8.9 to Intel RST 9.5.
    Although it is listed that the MRC update enables 'future processors', Intel, in a statement issued to X-bit labs assured that the current B2 stepping of the chipset (found on current socket LGA-1156 motherboards) does not leave out support for any of Intel's new LGA-1156 processors that are slated for release in the very near future. The dual-core "Clarkale" 32 nm processor will be supported by both B2 and B3 steppings of the chipset.

    P55 B3 stepping is pin-identical to P55 B2, and hence motherboard vendors will not have to come up with new designs. Sampling of the new stepping began as early as on October 02, 2009, and it is scheduled for shipment to manufacturers by the 7th of December, 2009. P55 is the performance core-logic for the LGA-1156 platform. It supports Core i5 and Core i7 "Lynnfield" processors with discrete graphics.

    Source: X-bit labs
    btarunr, Oct 26, 2020
  3. How do you uninstall chipset drivers?

    I'm installing a new mobo so I need to uninstall the intel 865g drivers to make way for the P35 drivers.

    Can't find any uninstall options in add/remove programs and intel chipset inst listed in driver cleaner.

    Any suggestions? *Confused Updating Chipset Drivers Error :confused:
    oli_ramsay, Oct 26, 2020
  4. Updating Chipset Drivers Error

    Firmware update for the graphics chipset


    Thank you for posting your query on Microsoft Community.

    I understand your inconvenience. We will assist you with it.

    I suggest you to update you graphic drivers and check if it helps.

    Method 1: Update drivers.

    • Press Windows key + X key and click on
      Device manager.
    • Search for Display Adapters.
    • Right-click on the graphics
      and click on Update driver software.

    If the issue still persist, I suggest you to download the latest graphic drivers form the manufacturer’s website and install it on your computer.

    To update your chipset drivers, I suggest you to contact you chipset manufacturer and check.

    Hope this information helps. If you have any queries, let us know. Will be happy to assist you.

    Thank you.
    Syed Md Bilal, Oct 26, 2020

Updating Chipset Drivers Error

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