Windows 10: Usb - c / thunderbolt issue

Discus and support Usb - c / thunderbolt issue in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; Hi, Recently purchased a Razer, currently transferring files over from my ATOM RAID 2 TB EXTERNAL SSD, USB-C / Thunder-Bolt 3 Drive to another... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by pvalexander, Aug 4, 2018.

  1. Usb - c / thunderbolt issue


    Recently purchased a Razer, currently transferring files over from my ATOM RAID 2 TB EXTERNAL SSD, USB-C / Thunder-Bolt 3 Drive to another External connected via USB 3 via Windows 10.

    Any time I attempt to transfer files, the ATOM RAID begins to transfer and then the speed shoots to 0 and the drive is disconnected, then re-connected on its own accord it seems.

    When I attempt to run Crystal Mark Test on it, it makes the disconnected Audio as the Test begins, with the test never being able to start.

    Through the only process of elimination I have, I disconnected the drive and connected it via USB 3.0, with the cable provided and tests were fine and Crystal Mark was able to begin and finish. Unfortunately I don't have any other USB-C or Thunderbolt External Devices to test the port out.

    The SSD worked flawlessly on my iMac 5K Thunderbolt 3 Drive.

    I have formatted the Drive to NTFS, several times but that has not changed anything.

    I have perused Device Manager, but I cannot find anything in specific detailing Thunderbolt or USB-C, only USB 3.0 and the device hence also appears under a USB 3.0 nomenclature. I haven't used Windows in sometime, so I'm unsure if USB-C is labeled USB 3.0 regardless.

    Attached are some screenshots.

    The Drive is labeled VIOLENCE, even after failure of copying files, it remains connected it seems, or it disconnected and reconnects instantly. I hear two audibles, so I'm assuming the latter.

    Hopefully I can resolve this today and hopefully it is not a Hardware Issue, my Razer Blade has been flawless otherwise

    As you can see on the FINAL Image, Windows Devices labels is as USB 3.0, even though it is connected to the USB-C port

    Usb - c / thunderbolt issue [​IMG]

    Usb - c / thunderbolt issue [​IMG]

    Usb - c / thunderbolt issue [​IMG]

    Usb - c / thunderbolt issue [​IMG]

    Usb - c / thunderbolt issue [​IMG]

    pvalexander, Aug 4, 2018

  2. Thunderbolt 3 not able to display?

    Thanks for the response. There is a possibility that your computer doesn't support the new features for your Thunderbolt 3 cable. To resolve the issue, please perform the troubleshooting steps found on this

    on how to Fix USB-C problems please browse below for the USB or Thunderbolt device functionality might be limited section.

    Update us on the result.
    Gerald Vit, Aug 4, 2018
  3. btarunr Win User
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    Usb - c / thunderbolt issue VChOnWgl6auAOtn4_thm.jpg

    Usb - c / thunderbolt issue uBvGLiO8olvqTv7W_thm.jpg

    Usb - c / thunderbolt issue rhmup6QSaQDZqnWe_thm.jpg
    btarunr, Aug 4, 2018
  4. Usb - c / thunderbolt issue

    Is there a real need for USB Type C

    Back then it was more expensive and usb c IS NOT THUNDERBOLT. Thunderbolt 3 makes usb c really useful. I personally would not buy a laptop that has usb c without thunderbolt. The other part about your laptop not having thunderbolt would be that a 4xxx series mobile cpu most likely does not have thunderbolt support (limit of pci lanes)
    Edit: Displayport comes from thunderbolt 3 not usb c. The reason they didn't use usb c was at that point usb c was almost useless besides some very pricey peripherals.
    therealmeep, Aug 4, 2018

Usb - c / thunderbolt issue

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