Windows 10: Usb driver odd behaviour?

Discus and support Usb driver odd behaviour? in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; Hi! This is long term issue for me, i was not able to find a clear answer for why this happens, since to me it's not working as intended. So what... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by JoniS, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. JoniS Win User

    Usb driver odd behaviour?


    This is long term issue for me, i was not able to find a clear answer for why this happens, since to me it's not working as intended.

    So what happens when i use FTDI 230x as Comport and attach or detach USB device to my system, for reason or another RTS signal pulses which if i'm not mistaken it should not do, since it makes zero sense.

    Is this documented behaviour?(which i'm unable to find)
    undocumented, but intended?
    or a bug?
    And as latest how do i make it behave like i think it should?(to Not pulse RTS line without me commanding it to do so).

    Usb driver odd behaviour? [​IMG]

    JoniS, Aug 25, 2017
  2. mccbleue Win User

    Nokia Map Loader

    It's certainly odd behaviour, you could try making a new USB connection (settings>Add more phones...), otherwise it may be possible to remove the current PC Suite USB drivers and reinstall them, but I'm not an expert there so I'll leave that to somebodye
    else to advise...
    mccbleue, Aug 25, 2017
  3. Front USB 3.0 port not working in Windows 10

    Just had the same problem after the Win10 anniversary update. Affected USB 3 drives work on another computer. Found the formatting the drive (sandisk) fixed my problem. Seems odd that a driver problem could be fixed by formatting.
    Charles-2016, Aug 25, 2017
  4. Usb driver odd behaviour?

    isn't that related to power saving?
    Christoph34, Aug 25, 2017
  5. JoniS Win User
    To be honest i have no idea what it is related to, since it seems so random to me that windows would command the ftdi 230x(usb-uart bridge) to pulse RTS line when i plug in or remove another device from the system.(device itself is powered all the time, it's just the hardware flowcontrol signal(RTS)that pulses)

    If you mean some USB power saving options, I will try to fiddle with those once get to home.
    JoniS, Aug 25, 2017
  6. yeah, those power savings
    Christoph34, Apr 5, 2018

Usb driver odd behaviour?

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