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Discus and support USB Stick detected in Windows 10 Ask Insider to solve the problem; [ATTACH] Hello, I have an 128GB USB Stick which worked good in the past but now it doesnt shows up in Explorer its also not listed in: Diskpart... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Ask Insider' started by /u/theoware, Oct 14, 2020.

  1. USB Stick detected

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    I have an 128GB USB Stick which worked good in the past but now it doesnt shows up in Explorer its also not listed in: Diskpart (list disk and list volume), USBDeview. I tried to uninstall the "Intenso Ultra Line USB Device" drivers and also my USB-Controller Drivers. My PC shows 20s after plugging the stick in: The USB device couldnt be detected. I hope someone can help me. I dont really care about the data (I just used it for booting recovery programms and stuff).

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    /u/theoware, Oct 14, 2020
  2. thraxed Win User

    Installing windows off of a USB stick

    Step By Step from vista:
    From admin cmd prompt

    1. diskpart
    1a. list disk
    2. select disk 1 (replace 1 with your usb drive)
    3. clean
    4. create partition primary
    5. select partition 1 (replace 1 with your usb drive)
    6. active
    7. format fs=fat32
    8. assign
    9. exit

    Copy Windows Vista's DVD ROM content to the Flash Drive

    xcopy d:\*.* /s/e/f e:\ (d being your vista cd and e being your usb stick)

    And that's it, boot off your usb disk
    thraxed, Oct 14, 2020
  3. NavyLCDR Win User
    USB stick previously used as a boot stick for Killdisk not recognized

    Try method 2 under Windows 7 8 10 here:
    Free to Remove Readonly Attribute in Windows

    Method 2: Clear readonly status with Diskpart

    In Windows 10, 8, 7 OS, you are also able to run Diskpart in Command Prompt to clear read-only attribute on any partition on your computer. You can follow the tutorial below:

    Step 1. Open Command Line and type Diskpart
    Step 2. Type list disk
    Step 3. Type select disk (disk number)
    Step 4. Type attributes disk clear readonly

    USB Stick detected [​IMG]

    Then try Clean
    NavyLCDR, Oct 14, 2020
  4. USB Stick detected

    Bitlocker will not detect USB stick


    I'm having trouble with BitLocker.

    I've got two encrypted laptops, one made by Asus, the other by Sony. Both are encrypted with Bitlocker but neither have a TPM module, so I've made the various policy changes and use a USB stick to decrypt them as they boot. All is good.

    However, the USB stick, which hangs off my keyring, was cheap, and the plastic case has now completely fallen apart, so all I'm left with is the metal innards! I fear that although it currently works (if I can hold enough of it to insert into the laptop
    - it's tiny), it'll probably stop working soon.

    So, I bought myself a new metal USB memory stick of the same size as the old one (16Gb). I formatted it as FAT32. I tried copying the code across from the old memory stick to the new one, which seemed to work without a problem. However, when I boot the laptops,
    neither of them will detect this USB stick - they both say "Please insert the USB device containing the encryption key" (or words to that effect). If I insert the old (broken!) USB stick, they both boot fine.

    Thinking that I couldn't just copy the code, I tried another way, by going to Control Panel --> BitLocker Drive Encryption, then inserting the new USB stick and clicking "Copy startup key". I select the new USB stick, and click "Save". On one laptop, the
    window simply disappears at this point, but the key isn't copied onto the new stick. On the other laptop, I get the error "The startup key couldn't be created. Try again or restart the BitLocker wizard"

    Assuming that this was simply a faulty or incompatible USB stick (despite it working fine for standard file storage) I bought another USB stick. This one was more expensive, and was made by Kingston Memory. Identical results. I tried formatting the USB disk.
    I tried deleting the partition on the USB disk and then re-creating it, and re-formatting it. Same problem.

    In despair, I bought a third USB stick, from yet another manufacturer. I wondered if it was to do with Bitlocker having a problem with USB 3, so I bought a USB 2 memory stick. Still exactly the same issue on both laptops.

    I really need to find a solution to this - I don't mind buying yet another memory stick, but I need to know what makes some sticks (okay, one stick) compatible, and others not compatible, otherwise I'm going to have a thousand USB sticks and still no working

    Can anyone help?
    Andrew M Richards, Oct 14, 2020

USB Stick detected

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