Windows 10: Using Two ICC Colour Profiles With Two Displays

Discus and support Using Two ICC Colour Profiles With Two Displays in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Hi, I have 2 monitors hooked to my r9 380x, the main in my desktop Its for photography work and the second (Its an lcd tv actually) Its mainly used for... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Heimdall2020, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. Using Two ICC Colour Profiles With Two Displays

    Hi, I have 2 monitors hooked to my r9 380x, the main in my desktop Its for photography work and the second (Its an lcd tv actually) Its mainly used for watching movies and gaming.

    The thing Is I have my "working" monitor calibrated and profiled (with an x-rite i1 Display Pro) for acurate color reproduction, and that works just fine, but when I enable my second screen for watching a movie for example, the ICC profile of my primary monitor Its showing there too, so In that screen (the tv) the image looks really bad...

    I tried a lot of things, but in the end, I always have to go to "color managment" In windows, and every time I have to manually set to the default icc profile, and then, when switching back to my primary display, I have to do the same thing again but with the other profile...

    One thing that picks my attention Is that in the "color managment window", It shows a list of devices conected, and for the monitors, I have 7 showing up there, all with the name "generic PNP monitor -Amd tm r9 380 series...", but the thing Is, the first two in the list, are named like "1|2 generic PNP monitor..." and when I click in identify displays, It shows in either screen a big "1|2", like the two displays are the same, at least In regards of the color profiles you can use. Note that in the Display configuration windows I can Identify the 2 displays with no problem, and expand, mirror or simply picking one as the main one, all of the above happens when trying to set up one profile to each display in the color managment window, or In the X-rite software.

    So, am I doing something wrong?

    I only want to have one profile for each screen, and when I switch to the other display, the apropiate profile activates acordingly.

    Windows 10 64 bit
    R9 380x

    Thanks for the help!

    Heimdall2020, Jun 11, 2017
  2. BossDweeb Win User

    Windows 10 Display Advanced Settings - calibrate colour and brightness

    Thanks for posting back with that (and thanks for the kudos Gary).

    So basically MS removed two shortcuts from Settings >Display that led directly to the main colour management section of the Display Adapter Properties Window. I'd been thinking that was just where you go to change icc profiles.

    ( I use the monitors setup in conjunction with .icc profiles and a tool called Color Profile Keeper )

    - So we're not really down an option, only a more direct way to access it.

    BossDweeb, Jun 11, 2017
  3. GaryKan Win User
    icc colour profile reset after screen rotation (landscape <> portrait)

    my icc colour profile doesn't stick when screen rotate between landscape and portratit on my windows 10 tablet (acer aspire p3-171), it will reset but show my icc
    is set to be the default profile but did not activated properly.

    I have used "dispcalGUI Profile Loader" to reload the icc manually after screen rotate, it is inconvenience.

    How can I create a task in task scheduler to run "dispcalGUI Profile Loader" after screen rotate ? what is the event id for system
    screen rotate ?
    GaryKan, Jun 11, 2017
  4. bro67 Win User

    Using Two ICC Colour Profiles With Two Displays

    Use the AMD software to allow you to use different color profiles when you want.
    bro67, Jun 11, 2017
  5. sygnus21 Win User
    How??? Please explain this?
    sygnus21, Jun 11, 2017
  6. spunk Win User
  7. sygnus21 Win User
    As a photographer, I know how to use and install profiles, thus my question to bro67 and his rather unusual suggestion. Your devices (monitor, printers, scanners, cameras) supply color profiles, not the GPU or it's software. The GPU simply interprets those profiles trough it's LUT (Look Up Table), and pushes them out as color values (in keeping things simple).

    Regarding monitors, you can only use one profile at a time...

    Using Two ICC Colour Profiles With Two Displays [​IMG]

    Currently the "Set as Default Profile" is grey out, but If you add another profile under "Profiles associated with this device" Set as Default Profile will highlight asking you to set a default profile. Meaning you could have 10 items there, but only one will be default.
    sygnus21, Jun 11, 2017
  8. sygnus21 Win User

    Using Two ICC Colour Profiles With Two Displays

    First off be aware each screen panel has its own set of properties and thus need to be individually calibrated. That even if both panels are of the same make and model, the properties are different due material and other factors.

    With that in mind, even if you had two similar monitors, using a calibrated profile from one on the other can result in dissimilar colors for reasons explained above. Currently Windows does not allow multiple uses of monitor profiles at the same time so I'm not exactly sure what your solution would be at this moment other than to continue to manually choose the profile for said monitor.

    I myself don't run a dual monitor setup so I may be missing something where color management comes into play here. That said, might I suggest you post your question at DP Review (Digital Photography) here - Printers and Printing. I may chime in there if you post. user name is ADMint.
    sygnus21, Jun 11, 2017
  9. bro67 Win User
    Gee, multiple profiles have been capable since the software was made for the various GPU's.
    bro67, Jun 11, 2017
  10. sygnus21 Win User
    What does the mean? Show us how?

    Yes, Windows can have a multitude of profiles installed depending on devices installed - Printers, camera, monitors, scanners, but Windows only uses ONE monitor profile at a time. Which profile it uses it up to you, but it's still only one. As posted by Spunk Using ICC Profiles in Windows - PC Monitors

    Sorry but you seem to be providing more guesswork than fact.
    sygnus21, Jun 11, 2017
  11. Thanks for the help to all of you, and sygnus21 for the advice.

    Im not very sure how people with two displays work If this is case, because as you said, every display, even from the same brand and exact model tend to be different, so, in the end you just have to calibrate one and deal with it?

    Anyway, thanks fot the help, will try and post In DP Review and try luck!
    Heimdall2020, Jun 12, 2017
  12. bro67 Win User
    Did I mention using Windows to control each color profile for what you want them for, no I did not. AMD, Intel and NVIDIA all have their own software to allow you to create different profiles for what you want to use them for.

    The fact that third party software can even override Windows and the chipset software that can control the color profiles has been known about since the first color monitors came out.
    bro67, Jun 12, 2017
  13. bro67 Win User

    Using Two ICC Colour Profiles With Two Displays

    You use the GPU software that allows you to create and control color profiles, even if you have two monitors. The problem is that when you use two different manufactures display devices and the screens are not the same manufacturer or one is larger, it can cause you to have to make one monitor to not be within the guidelines that you want and your eyes trick you into seeing one display device as worse or better than the other.

    The idea is to use the same monitors that have the same screen and guts, so that you can have both use the same color profile.
    bro67, Jun 12, 2017
  14. Hi bro67, Im using crimson drivers for amd, and last night I checked to see If there was an option to enable color profiles for my displays, but I haven´t

    Can you explain how to do this, do I need some other tool that Amd provides for doing this?

    Heimdall2020, Jun 12, 2017
  15. sygnus21 Win User
    And I will continue to ask you to prove this false statement you insist on pushing. It's simple - All you have to do is show us how AMD, Intel, and NVidia allows you to create color profiles. Link? Your own demonstration?

    I'm a photographer who calibrates his own monitor so I know a little about color management. I've used X-Rite, ColorByte (Spyder), and now SpectraView for my NEC monitor. Been color calibrating for years, and I've yet to see a graphics card software or hardware allow user created profiles. Anyone who knows a thing or two about color management also knows this.

    Prove me wrong.
    sygnus21, Jun 12, 2017

Using Two ICC Colour Profiles With Two Displays

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