Windows 10: Video streaming quality and optimization on an older system

Discus and support Video streaming quality and optimization on an older system in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; Does DirectX (version etc.) effect video streaming quality? I have an older 2 core system (amd athlon x2 64-bit) that I'm using connected to my TV as... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by BradGravesen, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. Video streaming quality and optimization on an older system

    Does DirectX (version etc.) effect video streaming quality? I have an older 2 core system (amd athlon x2 64-bit) that I'm using connected to my TV as mostly a video streaming device. I have installed what I believe is the best display driver for this aged display adapter (ati radeon xpress series). Streaming was very poor until I installed K-lite codec pack, which helped significantly. I'm wondering if there are other improvements that might be found with any other software/driver inclusions or upgrades, such as DirectX, Silverlight, any particular .Net Framework, Adobe Flash Player, Java, etc. I have found Windows 10 to be great at detection of needed drivers etc. for newer systems, but have found that with older systems (those not explicitly rated for win10) inclusion of the best drivers/software is key to obtaining the best possible performance, and is not very likely attainable through windows 10 update alone.

    BradGravesen, Sep 9, 2019
  2. Hunaid786 Win User

    Changing Streaming Video Quality C3-01

    Hey Guys, I need help !

    How do I change the quality of video that is streamed, like streaming youtube videos to a 480p or atleast 360p !

    Using HIGH SPEED WiFi and using it upto its full extend i.e. upto 10 mbps, we can surely and easily stream even HD video, but as This Device supports only upto 480p I just want the Streamed Videos to be of much better QUALITY.

    The Quality of Streaming video/audio is Aweful, not even a 240p and fully Pixelated video.

    Please Help me out !

    Suggest me any Apps too if out there !
    Hunaid786, Sep 9, 2019
  3. Video streaming

    Hi Ray,

    The outdated or corrupted driver could cause this issue with your computer. We would like to know more about the issue by answering the following questions below:

    • Have you tried
      updating your drivers
    • Have you tried another video streaming link?
    • How many applications running on your computer while playing video or watching live streaming?

    We also suggest that you follow the steps provided on this link:

    We look forward to your response to our queries.
    Anthony Gal, Sep 9, 2019
  4. PhilFancy Win User

    Video streaming quality and optimization on an older system

    OneDrive: Video Stream in Internet Explorer (Windows 7) low quality issue

    We are using OneDrive as part of our Office 365 E3 subscriptions.

    The users are uploading lots of files to OneDrive. When they upload mp4 video files and try to open them in the browser some of them have massive quality issues. All people having quality issues do not have the gear icon on the bottom to change quality level.

    It turns out that all Windows 10 users with Internet Explorer have great quality.

    All Windows 7 users with Internet Explorer have quality issues and the gear icon is missing. In alternative browsers like Chrome quality is fine.

    According to this Windows 7 users seem to have lower quality in Microsoft Stream as well. Windows 10 users are fine is Stream as well.

    Is there any plugin or setting to rise the quality Windows 7 users get playing videos? Flash Player (really Microsoft?) is up to date on the machines.

    I know Windows 7 is old. Will be replaced step by step in 2019. But till then I need a solution for our users.

    EDIT: Seems that Windows 7 is using a Flash Player for streaming, Windows 10 is using HTML5 video player. How to force Win 7 to use HTML5?
    PhilFancy, Sep 9, 2019

Video streaming quality and optimization on an older system

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