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Discus and support View Poll Results: Getting a copy of Win10?? in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Now that we have had a chance to actually test out and play with Win10TP it might be a good time to see how many of use are going to actually get a... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by BunnyJ, Dec 18, 2014.

  1. BunnyJ New Member

    View Poll Results: Getting a copy of Win10??

    Now that we have had a chance to actually test out and play with Win10TP it might be a good time to see how many of use are going to actually get a copy of Win10 or not.

    In the early days we had a survey and that was before we had time to really test out the TP so now I think we can now determine if we are going to commit to getting a copy of Win10 or not.

    So, here's my view and thoughts.. YMMV as usual.

    • I really like what I see in Win10 ATM. Being a big user of the desktop it fits my needs perfectly and it allows me to pin the apps that I do use to the new version of the start menu.
    • All of the programs/apps that I use on a daily basis work just fine in Win10.
    • Overall, I'm just pleased with the way Win10 works and even with the bugs it's headed on the right path, of course IMO.
    1 The only thing that I don't like so far is that Win10 will not let me easily go to a start screen. I don't need that but that feature would be nice.

    Right not I'm at 80/20.
    80% I will get the copy and 20% undecided.
    10% I need to see the consumer preview before I can make a final decision on my total like of the product.
    10% Price and total cost of Win10. If that's not over the top it's a go for me.

    Just my 2c.
    Have fun and play nice.
    Jeff *Smile

    BunnyJ, Dec 18, 2014

  2. Sign the petition?!

    so karim, will we see Nokia act on the results or was the poll just posted for a bit of fun to gauge everyones view on this subject?

    i mentioned earlier that Series 60 version 3, feature release 1 has the ability to have the F/W updated by the user so will we see this option included in future handsets? even if only a small number of people wanted to do this by themselves, it would still
    save nokia time and money?

    Hi Rich!

    This poll isnt just a bit of fun, I was hoping to stimulate a bit of discussion on the subject. The results from the poll are interesting, it is not the landslide that many people who visit here were expecting. With on %59 of people actively seeking firmware
    updates this still leaves a large group of owners who would require some assistance on updating their firmware, with two days to go the results could change either way. And again, this only gauges the opinion of people who visit these discussion boards - there
    will be many many Nokia owners who have not read this post.

    But, this poll isnt the official Nokia standpoint of firmware installation. The poll and this thread are what you, the users think and feel.

    Carry on and make posts here to discuss this, and feel free to make a vote. The poll will close on Friday afternoon. I will collate the results and put them in this thread for further discussion.



    karim---01, Dec 18, 2014
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  4. View Poll Results: Getting a copy of Win10??

    I'll get a cheap upgrade copy to replace 8.1 but that's where it stops *Wink
    Like or dislike well that's still too early to tell
    I can say I don't like 10 more than 7 because 7 does everything I want it to do and 10 does not out of the box,
    ThrashZone, Dec 19, 2014
  5. Winuser Win User
    Right now I'm about 75/25. 75% Yes and 25% No. I like the changes MS is making with Win 10 compared to Win 8.1.1. Win 10 has a few bugs that I'm sure will be fixed in time. Some of the bugs I'm having probably won't be fixed until 10 is released to the OEMs. I won't make my final decision until the consumer release and we find out the actual cost. I voted for the "Waiting to see January Build" but I guess I could have also gone with "Undecided".
    Winuser, Dec 19, 2014
  6. I believe the upgrades costs will be about what it costs for a cup of coffee and lunch for one day if history repeat like 8 upgrades were sold for *Smile
    ThrashZone, Dec 19, 2014
  7. Winuser Win User
    I hope they do offer a discount price. If I decide to upgrade to Win 10, I'll need 3 copies. 4 copies if my wife will let me update her laptop.
    Winuser, Dec 19, 2014
  8. View Poll Results: Getting a copy of Win10??

    Yep I predict 14.99 or 19.99 for the early upgraders just as 8 did,
    I didn't take them up on that offer for 8 but a very nice lady on SevenForums had many 8 upgrade key giveaway's and got lucky on one of them I'm re-downloading it again now to prepare for a in-place upgrade to win-10 when it's released instead of a clean install of 10,
    Just getting the 8 iso ready to go *Smile
    ThrashZone, Dec 19, 2014
  9. LittleJay Win User
    I voted "Yes", but that could change if MS doesn't offer a cheap promotion like they did with Windows 8. I say that because, I would happily stay with my current installations of XP, 7 & 8.1 Pro on separate disks on this PC, but if I had to pay full price for a W10 upgrade I would probably wait until I needed a new computer.
    LittleJay, Dec 19, 2014
  10. WHS
    whs Win User
    I am not sure yet. It still looks too much like 8.1 which I have and like. I would be looking for additional sexy functions. This ridiculous start is not going to swing me. I immediately toggled the 8.1 start. Price would also be a consideration.
  11. IMO the current trajectory is pointed in the wrong direction.

    Based on b9841, I would've have estimated that there was a 90%+ chance of me installing W10.

    The last two "upgrades":
    • Have introduced a stack of horrible bugs
    • Broke the new Window Snapping (introduced in b9841)
    • Have added yet another Control Panel
    The only new thing that still works is the Command Prompt upgrade.

    Based on the last two "upgrades", there is almost no chance of me going out of my way to install W10.
    I'm not confident that the next "upgrade" is going to be an improvement. *Sad

    Once MS starts randomly ramming the Metro/touch stuff in, I'm anticipating that there will be a stack of wonderful new bugs.
    I also doubt that they will have fixed the stuff they've already broken.

    At this rate, MS will probably break the surviving desktop improvements and we'll be back to W8 again. *Sad
    lehnerus2000, Dec 19, 2014
  12. Edwin New Member
    Heck yeah! Then later I'll get a Windows 10 Phone and my cyber life will be perfect!!! *Wink
    Edwin, Dec 19, 2014
  13. View Poll Results: Getting a copy of Win10??

    I've had just so many problems since the latest build, that unless the January update fixes these, I may simply leave Win10 behind until the RTM comes out. The daily CHKDSKs, which I first thought were tied to my doing an "update install", are still there with a new disk and clean install. It's not worth the hassle of doing diagnostics on a daily basis, just to get it to boot.

    So, basically, I'm waiting for the January update build to see how it goes.
    Mark Phelps, Dec 19, 2014
  14. WHS
    whs Win User
    I stayed on 9841 - looks like that was a smart choice. *Thumbs
  15. It seems so.

    Since I had no issues with b9841 (IMO) it was almost perfect for standard desktop use (except for my standard W7 quibbles).
    lehnerus2000, Dec 19, 2014

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