Windows 10: View Poll Results: What backup / imaging software you use?

Discus and support View Poll Results: What backup / imaging software you use? in Windows 10 Backup and Restore to solve the problem; *Smile TF Live Chat will also include live presentations of Macrium Reflect & viBoot, see post #2 in chat thread for more information. OK geeks,... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Backup and Restore' started by Kari, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. Kari Win User

    View Poll Results: What backup / imaging software you use?


    TF Live Chat will also include live presentations of Macrium Reflect & viBoot, see post #2 in chat thread for more information.

    OK geeks, start posting about your backup software & strategy *Smile

    Entries deadline 12 noon UTC on Saturday 3rd of September, 2016. Countdown to deadline:
    Countdown to Sep 3, 2016 12:00 Noon in UTC

    To get started with system imaging, see these tutorials:

    List of participating members with their ticket numbers

    Please notice list is sorted alphabetically to make it easier to detect possible double entries. List will be updated a few times a day, stay calm if your entry is not shown immediately after posting *Smile


  2. Sign the petition?!

    so karim, will we see Nokia act on the results or was the poll just posted for a bit of fun to gauge everyones view on this subject?

    i mentioned earlier that Series 60 version 3, feature release 1 has the ability to have the F/W updated by the user so will we see this option included in future handsets? even if only a small number of people wanted to do this by themselves, it would still
    save nokia time and money?

    Hi Rich!

    This poll isnt just a bit of fun, I was hoping to stimulate a bit of discussion on the subject. The results from the poll are interesting, it is not the landslide that many people who visit here were expecting. With on %59 of people actively seeking firmware
    updates this still leaves a large group of owners who would require some assistance on updating their firmware, with two days to go the results could change either way. And again, this only gauges the opinion of people who visit these discussion boards - there
    will be many many Nokia owners who have not read this post.

    But, this poll isnt the official Nokia standpoint of firmware installation. The poll and this thread are what you, the users think and feel.

    Carry on and make posts here to discuss this, and feel free to make a vote. The poll will close on Friday afternoon. I will collate the results and put them in this thread for further discussion.



    karim---01, Aug 24, 2016
  3. DaveM121 Win User
    Windows 10 backup

    That would depend on what software you used to create the backup. Some backup software does allow you to view files inside a backup.

    If you simply copied them to the internal drive, then yes you can view them like any other files.

    Hope this helps!
    DaveM121, Aug 24, 2016
  4. View Poll Results: What backup / imaging software you use?

    I use Acronis because it is what I always used. It is easy to navigate and familiar. Would be hard for me to switch to something else.

    SnarkyTwit, Aug 24, 2016
  5. richc46 Win User
    I have always used Macrium (it has saved me several times). I use it because I am familiar with its use and it has helped me on several occasions.
    I understand that Mods are not eligible, but I did want to give my opinion
    richc46, Aug 24, 2016
  6. Mooly Win User
    I switched to Macrium only a couple of weeks ago having used Windows backup for the previous 18 months or so. Before that I was a confirmed Acronis fan for many years but not anymore (buggy software, unhelpful technical dept and user forum was in a shambles).

    Windows own utility is good but it has fatal flaw that I only discovered recently... it omits some files (or file type ?) that Microsoft have started using for some key Windows 10 features. This means that a restored image can have problems with user created features being lost. Omitting certain files is normal with most backup programs and done by design, the problem here is MS seem to be using excluded files that can never be restored. With no user configurable options to correct this its a lost cause.

    So I switched to Macrium... and guess what *chuckle well it has the identical flaw to Windows own set up, however this is where it gets interesting. Macrium were helpful, very helpful in fact, and suggested an option to select in the advanced menu that should overcome this problem. And indeed it does. So I'm a couple of weeks into using the free version of Macrium and I'm finding it very good indeed. The gory details of this are in Kari's excellent Macrium Tutorial

    My backup strategy for both my laptops is:

    1: I make daily system images, which in the case of Macrium is a differential image set lasting the week. Come week two in a month and a new set is started and so on. The images are stored on a separate partition on the same drive (shock horror) as the OS...

    2: I make a full month end image on the last day of the month and store this remotely on a separate drive.

    3: I store all user files (docs/music/pics) on both a separate USB flash drive and a separate HDD. So two copies there.

    4: I also run Windows own File History (which is just brilliant) and archive a complete copy of that as and when the mood takes me. So that's another copy of user files.

    So...... touch wood, no worries.
    Mooly, Aug 24, 2016
  7. Kari Win User
    I'm a Macrium user, a "three generations geek" (using Macrium's own terms): I create a full backup (grandfather) when Windows has been installed and setup, a daily incremental (son) and a differential (father) every two weeks.

    In addition I use Macrium full backup to deploy Windows. I do not install Windows 10 new builds except on one Hyper-V vm, which I boot to Audit Mode before any user profiles have been created. I will then customize Windows (Start, desktop, File Explorer), install software I want to be available on all computers, then sysprep the image and capture it with Macrium Reflect.

    Instead on installing Windows on other machines (physical and virtual) I will simply boot them with Macrium boot device and restore this master image:


    (Video explained in customization tutorial, post #473: Windows 10 Image - Customize in Audit Mode with Sysprep - Page 48 - Windows 10 Forums)

    When deployed I then start my "three generations" backup policy individually for each machine.
  8. Superfly Win User

    View Poll Results: What backup / imaging software you use?

    Macrium...'nuff gimme,gimme,gimme!

    Just joking *Wink Pro, so hoping to see worthy winners...preferably a non-Macrium user with a good me ole' bud @SIW2 - who is, AFAIK, a keen Aomei fan. (My 2nd choice BTW)
    Superfly, Aug 24, 2016
  9. Kari Win User
    If you win you are of course allowed to give it to any member you prefer *Smile
  10. A few years ago Acronis used to be my primary backup software but in the last couple of years has become bloated and less reliable as every time I use it now it also restores an empty folder of all previously deleted backups I ever made on the external drive(s) used for backup. About the only useful feature left in Acronis is the "Try & decide" feature which was removed in the 2015 version for some reason and returned in the 2016 version after many users asking for its return.

    After reading lots of posts recommending Macrium Free v 6.0 here on the forums I decided to give it a try and now it is the main Backup/Restore software I use. I usually create a Full backup only and the Free version will also let you create WinPE bootable media or add the Macrium Recovery boot option to Windows. As the Free version will suffice for my needs the Paid version has one feature that is of interest and that is the "Delta Restore" feature.

    Also I still use 3 different Backup software (Macrium, Aomie, Acronis) when I create a backup of any of my 4 main OS's for safety reasons as on one rare occasion I've had 2 out the 3 different backups fail with a VSS error and when all seemed lost the 3rd one worked.
    IownAmoneyPit, Aug 24, 2016
  11. topgundcp Win User
    I've been using Backup software since early 90 on a 3.5" floppy disk under DOS6.22 to backup Windows 3.11 WG and Win NT Server, forgot the name of the Company but was later taken over by Symantec and renamed it as GHOST, switched to GHOST, used it up to version 8.0 then it broke under Win98/Win2K. Again, switched to Acronis version 8->11, used it until Windows 7 and found out it modified the MBR and added 2 extra services which was the PITA to remove even after Acronis was completely uninstalled. Took a look at Free AOMEI Backupper amd Macrium. With free AOMEI, extra features such as folder backup, includes the WinRE.wim in its Rescue disk, however, I have no use for them since I always make a full backup with Win OS only, all data is in another internal disk which I use GoodSync to sync to another HD/PC. With Macrium, it is as fast as AOMEI Backupper but also can be used as a partition manager and prefer the GUI interface over the AOMEI backupper.
    Having said all that. I ended up selecting free Macrium as my choice, always make a full backup since it only takes under 2 minutes to create one (SSD to SSD) and also disable the Macrium Schedule service.

    Same as Superfly. If I win, I would give to any member that has a need for Home version.
    topgundcp, Aug 24, 2016
  12. zekeblue Win User
    I use SyncBack SE for regular selective backup. I like it since it is very configurable, more than anything else I've seen. That said, I do use Macrium Reflect Free to create images of initial system from the factory, after install and configurations of the basics, and after more complete configuration.
    zekeblue, Aug 25, 2016
  13. simrick Win User

    View Poll Results: What backup / imaging software you use?

    *Ditto Has saved my a data too many times to count!
    Macrium...'nuff gimme,gimme,gimme!
    Macrium...'nuff gimme,gimme,gimme! LOL

    Seriously, Macrium is some of the finest *free* software I have ever used. I would be lost without it. *Smile
    simrick, Aug 25, 2016
  14. kipper Win User
    Macrium is my first choice and go to program.........however, I also use EaseUS as my backup for my backup.......
    kipper, Aug 25, 2016
  15. Cliff S New Member
    Ok. I suppose everyone(almost at least) knows I use Macrium Reflect, as the one of the first things I did, when I joined Ten Forums, coming from Eight Forums, is start the Macrium Update thread.
    Solved New Macrium Reflect Update - Windows 10 Forums
    My join date: 28-Feb_2015
    Thread started: 10 Mar 2015

    I use the free version of Macrium and like others I prefer to just make a full back up.
    I have a monthly set for the 3rd Saturday in the month, just right between Patch Tuesday's, in case I need to roll back.
    but I also have the definition set as a desktop shortcut, to run if I have had a major or a lot of 3rd party software updates.

    I like to try and test stuff on my PC, usually having to do with theming or mucking around knee deep in the registry, and sometimes things get broken. the same with installing a new driver, you know SH's.
    So I think the Boot Menu Option is one of the most important things for me, about Macrium.
    It is much faster than running from a SSD, than from a thumbdrive, as I have a Samsung 850 Pro.
    Cliff S, Aug 25, 2016

View Poll Results: What backup / imaging software you use?

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