Windows 10: Virtual desktop help?

Discus and support Virtual desktop help? in Windows 10 Virtualization to solve the problem; So I just built a new triple monitor pc build and installed windows 10. When windows boots up I see three monitors which as associated with desktop 1.... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Virtualization' started by Glenn, Oct 4, 2015.

  1. Glenn Win User

    Virtual desktop help?

    So I just built a new triple monitor pc build and installed windows 10. When windows boots up I see three monitors which as associated with desktop 1. When I go to create a new virtual desktop I get a new set of three desktops. What I am trying to do is have each of the monitors acts as their own virtual desktop. (IE not share any applications with other desktops) is this possible with windows 10?

    SO if I open outlook on left monitor and than go to the right monitor and open outlook again it will open a second session unique to that desktop only.

    Glenn, Oct 4, 2015

  2. Undesired virtual desktop change

    If I have a Word document in (Virtual) Desktop 1, then I go to (Virtual) Desktop 2 and open another document, it automatically swithces to the (Virtual) Desktop 1! It does not make sense. If I clicked to open the document in (Virtual) Desktop 2, why does
    it open to (Virtual) Desktop 1? That is not the correct/expected behaviour.

    This is just an example, since it happens with many other applications.

    Best regards,
    Hugo Costelha, Oct 4, 2015
  3. OneNote "Dock to Desktop" Feature Uses Screenspace on all Virtual Desktops

    I'm using the virtual desktop feature on Windows 10 and noticed that if you trigger the OneNote "Dock to Desktop" feature, the screen space consumed on the side of the screen persists through all virtual desktops. How can I avoid that? For example, docking
    OneNote on virtual desktop 1 will make virtual desktop 2 consume limited screen space.
    stanimal21, Oct 4, 2015
  4. 10userNYC Win User

    Virtual desktop help?

    I have dual monitors. When I go to Settings > System > Display and click "Identify" I get a #1 on my left monitor and a #2 on my right monitor. You want two or three single-monitor, virtual desktops? So physical or virtual #1 would be on monitor #1 only, Virtual #2 would be on monitor #2 only and virtual #3 would be on monitor #3 only?

    I just tried to resize a virtual desktop by going into monitor settings in virtual desktop #2 and limiting that to only one monitor and it was a global change so no luck. The whole computer shut down monitor #2 on all desktops. I'm much more of a sysadmin guy and heavy into ESXi and Linux so I can't help much but I would suggest two options:

    First, (I think this violates TOS and I may not be able to suggest this but I'll risk getting yelled at...) I assume all editions of W10 allow only one RDP session at a time. Do the multiple RDP hack/mod. Create two new usernames and RDP back into your own machine. I just tried it and It works on Server 2012r2. I RDP'd in as Administrator and then through an RDP session as Administrator I was able to RDP into two other RDP sessions with different usernames. You already have your username so create username2 and username3 and then RDP into each of those and put them on your monitor #2 and #3.

    Second, more complicated and possibly expensive (licensing) and resource intensive, turn on Hyper-V and run two VMs inside your desktop. From there maximize their consoles on your Monitor #2 and #3.

    Are you specifically wondering about Outlook? No idea what version you are running but in 2013 OWA (outlook web access) your administrator can enable multiple concurrent web logins to the same account which accomplishes the same thing. I would caution you though because it creates a database disaster.
    10userNYC, Oct 6, 2015

Virtual desktop help?

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