Windows 10: VNC with laptop lid closed

Discus and support VNC with laptop lid closed in Windows 10 Customization to solve the problem; I use a VNC service to remotely manage hundreds laptops that are stored in a HP laptop cart so they will charge and be connected to ethernet. They are... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Customization' started by PatrickMoody1, Nov 21, 2019.

  1. VNC with laptop lid closed

    I use a VNC service to remotely manage hundreds laptops that are stored in a HP laptop cart so they will charge and be connected to ethernet. They are used in a classroom environment and perform required support functions between classes and at night.

    We recently upgraded to windows 10 enterprise and now VNC doesn’t work properly when lids are closed.

    The VNC server fix doesn’t completely fix the issue. The screen goes blank when lid is closed and fix brings back some of it but there are

    malfunctions. I have many remote classroom locations across the country to support and this renders my support role a living hell. I am about to leave a 20 year career over this.

    1. You cannot get the start menu to work right

    2. Some applications launch with blank UI and you cannot see these applications properly to support them. You can see on RDP but RDP has limitations because we cannot alter many aspects of windows display setting.

    3. Logout and shutdown hangs up. When you open lid the actions the loo out and shutdown them completes. Really odd behavior.

    4. We are going to use webex to allow remote screen access to these laptops and this affects this as well. We will have to remove every laptop and setup on AC adapters and ethernet because we wont be able to store in cabinets with this issue.

    Microsoft please revert this to previous W10 distribution so I can do my job. Why did yiu change this? It is obvious you guys changed video card handling with laptop lid function. Was this on purpose? Can you supply a patch to fox this???

    There 2 models we use 640 G2 with intel graphics and new 645 G4 with AMD graphics. Each displays a sightly different issue.

    - G2’s dont blank but start menu issue and app UI issue occurs with lid closed.

    - G4 blank completely with lids closed. If I disable the AMD graphics card in hardware setting and windows then loads the generic driver its acts like the Intel based G2’s. But this presents an issue when hooking up an external monitor or projector because it isn’t recognized and no signal comes out of the external video ports.

    No doubt this is a Microsoft Windows issue and I desperately need a fix ASAP because we have to roll out with Windows 10.

    Microsoft please explain why you changed this behavior???

    PatrickMoody1, Nov 21, 2019
  2. Ruz San Win User

    Laptop restarts after closing the lid


    It appears that your laptop hibernates when you close its lid. This feature terminates running processes on your machine since it allows the system to use very little power. If
    Do nothing is already selected for Choose what closing the lid does
    in Power Options, let's try to make hibernation unavailable. Follow these steps:

    • Right-click on the Windows icon on your home screen.
    • Select Command Prompt (Admin).
    • Click Yes if you get a prompt window.
    • Type powercfg.exe /hibernate off then press Enter.
    See if this will prevent the laptop from hibernating when you close the lid.

    Let us know how it turns out.
    Ruz San, Nov 21, 2019
  3. rmoreau Win User
    How to force shutdown on laptop lid close ?

    I want to force a shutdown when the user close the laptop lid even if MSWord is open and the document was not saved.
    Any suggestion ?

    rmoreau, Nov 21, 2019
  4. VNC with laptop lid closed

    Laptop does not shutdown when i click shutdown and close the lid, it sleeps instead.

    Hi Gan,

    This scenario happens when your Power Options is misconfigured. For us to have this isolated, we suggest that you follow these steps:

    • Click on Start.
    • Select Settings.
    • Click on System.
    • Select Power & sleep tab.
    • On the right side, click on Additional power settings.
    • On the left pane, select Choose what closing the lid does.
    • Under Power button and lid settings, click the drop down next to
      When I close the lid.
    • Select Shut down.
    • Click on Save changes button.
    • When you’re ready to make your PC shut down, close your laptop's lid.

    Note: Every time that you will close the lid, your laptop will automatically shut down.

    Let us know if you have other concerns.
    Janeane Cru, Nov 21, 2019

VNC with laptop lid closed

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