Windows 10: VOIP calls cut out every three words or so

Discus and support VOIP calls cut out every three words or so in Windows 10 Network and Sharing to solve the problem; So this problem is not affecting any other computer or phone. Whenever I make or receive a VOIP call, whether on Skype or Google Voice the call... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Network and Sharing' started by PlatypusKnight, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. VOIP calls cut out every three words or so

    So this problem is not affecting any other computer or phone.

    Whenever I make or receive a VOIP call, whether on Skype or Google Voice the call breaks up every couple of words.

    The call doesn't fail, there's just an interruption, or a break in the middle.

    At first I thought it was a poor connection from my router, but since all the other devices are working properly it can't be the router or the connection.

    There's some setting on this machine that's now working properly.

    I tried to use TCP Optimizer to change my settings to optimum. That did not fix the issue.

    I notice even downloads are in fits and starts. No longer consistent. The firewall will report that I'm downloading 2 MB/s and then that will drop to 67 Kb/s and then back to 2 MB/s for the duration of the download.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

    PlatypusKnight, Jan 26, 2016
  2. Ziggy2012 Win User

    Nokia Lumia 900 bluetooth issues

    At least you get it to work for three weeks VOIP calls cut out every three words or so :) My issues started the day we purchased it from AT&T. I am hard of hearing. Have bluetooth hearing aids. Took me a long time to figure it out. People would call and they could hear me but I could not hear
    them. Some calls seemed to cut out about every third or fourth word.

    I finally found a post on-line and what was happening was the the bluetooth would randomly throw thngs out the external speaker. That is why I couldn't hear anyone on the other end and why every third or forth word was cut out. It didn't drop. It just
    randomly throws things out the speaker phone. I just had AT&T replace it. Same problem!

    Three weeks ago I went to an ATT store. After an hour on the phone with their tech support the rep said "yep. There is a problem with the phones sold before April 15, 2012" and said I needed to take the issue up with ATT support. ATT says they called
    Nokia directly and "there is no problem". My son has the exact same issues using his with his 2012 Honda Civic.

    Before I got this Lumina 900 three months ago I was using a cheap little PanTech. Never had one single problem with the Bluetooth on it in three years! yet "there is no problem" with the Bluetooth on these Limina 900S?. I got news Nokia. The Bluetooth
    on these Lumina 900s is a piece of junk! $400 phones that I am stuck with and would be better off using them as boat anchors!
    Ziggy2012, Jan 26, 2016

    tim guessing they crippled it so that u cant make voip call(not realizing that they are so many 3rd party apps)or maybe they figured they had it all completely crippled

    but to me its just the networks trying to take and squeeze every living ounce of cents out of us......

    now voda has a voip package lol
    roberth---01, Jan 26, 2016
  4. bro67 Win User

    VOIP calls cut out every three words or so

    Google voice is supposed to be phased out, since it did not go off like Google thought. Hangouts is really poor for making and receiving video chats, same thing with Facebook's video call feature.

    TCP Optimizer does nothing for the newer OS's, since Microsoft has made the current Windows versions since Vista, to self optimize, depending on the load on the OS & Computer.

    It does not surprise anyone that both Skype and Google voice are having issues, since pretty much every other software VoIP program is dealing with the same thing. All because of congested nodes and routes that they have to go through.

    You can check Skype issues at It appears that there have been quite a few issues in the past week with it.
    Call quality guide (Windows desktop)

    Check your computer.
    Make sure both you and your friend have the minimum system requirements to run Skype.
    If you're using Skype on a laptop and you're in power-saving mode, try plugging the laptop into AC power or switching it to maximum performance mode.
    Check the Computer tab of the Call Quality Indicator to see if your computer is causing any issues.

    Are you having a group call?
    The computer or device that’s hosting the group call needs to have enough processing power and network bandwidth for the call. Having a large number of people on the call can sometimes put too much strain on the host device and cause call quality problems. To improve group call quality, make sure the host has a strong network and powerful processor, or reduce the number of people on the call.

    Call quality guide (Windows desktop)

    Try this for showing the technical details on the call. Hack #47. Display the Technical Details of a Call - Skype Hacks [Book]
    bro67, Jan 27, 2016
  5. Thanks for your response.

    I was able to isolate the issue to my firewall.

    Also TCP Optimizer has a new version optimized for Win 10.
    PlatypusKnight, Feb 7, 2016
  6. Samaksh Win User
    Make sure the firewall is properly configured and has prioritized VoIP traffic. Also, if the office computer is using the same LAN then make sure computers are not using enough bandwidth. Check your download & upload speed as well and compare it with the speed that ISP is providing. If required, increase the bandwidth from the ISP or try to switch to SIP trunk provider.
    Samaksh, Apr 5, 2018

VOIP calls cut out every three words or so

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