W10 big problem

Discus and support W10 big problem in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Hello, i have a problem with my computer after installing w10 in games totaly random i get a 0.5s freeze or when i watch movies the video gets... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Rodog, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. Rodog Win User

    W10 big problem

    Hello, i have a problem with my computer after installing w10 in games totaly random i get a 0.5s freeze or when i watch movies the video gets blurry/grey for 1sec(still working and playing).

    Rodog, Aug 6, 2015
  2. Guy Dadillon Win User

    Problems with Audio, Skype, Groove, and Edge

    Just to pass big big Thanks to Lucas,

    I was getting pissed off by my sound problem and re-installing an old driver solved my problem. I will monitor any dribver change by w10 carefully, thanks to you.

    Take care

    Guy Dadillon, Aug 6, 2015
  3. Highside Win User
    Windows 10 AE, Microsoft Security Client Error code: 0x80070426

    Interestingly, since the last new big W10 update, the "Creative Edition", I have not seen this problem, so it may be fixed.
    Highside, Aug 6, 2015
  4. Bazz Win User

    W10 big problem

    Have you tried reinstalling your gfx drivers?.
    Bazz, Aug 6, 2015
  5. Rodog Win User
    The nvidia drivers? I didnt reinstall them ,i was thinking to install the 8.1 drivers instead of 10 drivers to see how will react. Or you advise to reinstall the w10 again?
    Rodog, Aug 6, 2015
  6. Bazz Win User
    I would download the windows 10 drivers from nvidia and install them see what happens, the upgrade to windows 10 broke my nvidia drivers, I downloaded the 10 drivers and it fixed it.
    Bazz, Aug 6, 2015
  7. Rodog Win User
    I have the 10 drivers curently installed on a fresh w10 install. I will try to reinstall them to see what happena. A thing i saw when the freeze/blurr happena is that i get wierd hdd activity like some spikes and i cat find anything on the foruma abou that
    Rodog, Aug 6, 2015
  8. dalchina New Member

    W10 big problem

    Hi, check exactly what driver you have. I found I had a basic MS graphics driver, and with high CPU use due to Windows Defender and one (new) process, everything was very sticky and slow. I dealt with the CPU use issue, and after about 4 hrs, got an automatic Nvidia driver update. (Laptop HP G60, 8200M).
    dalchina, Aug 6, 2015
  9. Rodog Win User
    I got the last one from NVidia form 29..07 just reinstalled it and I got the same problem...I think its a process too but I cant find it and I even disabled windows defender and I cant rlly think about anything else and I cant find anything on the forums. I rlly don't know what to do maybe its cpu or hdd that spikes and freezes for that sec but in games that freeze its much
    Rodog, Apr 4, 2018

W10 big problem

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