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Discus and support Wake on Wireless Lan in Windows 10 Ask Insider to solve the problem; Is there a way to set up my computer to wake u from wireless lan? I am running windows 10 but nowhere near an ethernet port, and would like to be able... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Ask Insider' started by /u/rubbyduckier, Jun 1, 2020.

  1. Wake on Wireless Lan

    Is there a way to set up my computer to wake u from wireless lan? I am running windows 10 but nowhere near an ethernet port, and would like to be able to do the regular WOL abilities.

    Another question I haven't been able to find anywhere, is it possible to turn on my computer completely from WOL? Or just turn it on from sleep mode?


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    /u/rubbyduckier, Jun 1, 2020
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    95Viper, Jun 1, 2020
  3. Wake On LAN is Not Working

    I have been unable to get Wake on LAN functionality to work in Windows 10:

    • I am attempting to do a Wakeup on LAN to my desktop computer which is running Windows 10 from my laptop which is also running Windows 10. The desktop computer is connected to my router through a wired Ethernet connection and the laptop is connected to the same router via a wireless connection
    • I'm doing this within my Local Area Network so I'm not going through a router from the external network
    • I've upgraded the driver on my network adapter to the latest version
    • I've enabled all the required functionality in the BIOS to enable Wake on LAN
    • I've turned on all the required settings in my network adapter to enable Wake on LAN
    • I've disabled "Fast Startup" in Windows 10
    • I'm using the "Wake on LAN" software application from Aquila Technology
    • The software is installed on both my desktop and laptop and I've tested it with the desktop in "listening" mode and verified that the desktop receives "magic" wake-up packets when it is up-and-running
    • When my desktop system is powered down and I send it a Magic Packet in exactly the same way as I did when it was powered up, nothing happens and it doesn't respond to the wake-up packet

    Any suggestions of what I can do to further troubleshoot this problem?

    chuckcobb3, Jun 1, 2020
  4. Wake on Wireless Lan

    Wake On Lan Question


    Thank you for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    Just to clarify, you are unable to wake the computer up using the Wake on LAN tool, is that right?

    You mentioned the "allow this device to wake the computer" option in device manager. Did you check that option and save the changes? If not, please do so and check again.

    Also, refer the help article below for steps to configure Wake on Wireless LAN.

    Click Here

    For more in depth information and support regarding this issue, I would suggest you to post your query in
    TechNet Forum. It will be
    better suited for the IT Pro audience on TechNet.

    If you have any Windows related queries in the future, let us know, we will be glad to help.
    Wungraileng Vashi, Jun 1, 2020

Wake on Wireless Lan

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