Windows 10: Watch this video Pt.1 and 2 before installing Windows 10

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  1. usmc362 Win User

    Watch this video Pt.1 and 2 before installing Windows 10



    usmc362, Aug 24, 2015
  2. gonçalo caldeira, Aug 24, 2015
  3. KPKoen Win User
    Windows 10 Mouse freezes while playing audio.

    Every time I change my audio and here the sound my mouse freezes for 1 or 2 seconds.

    When I watch a video I can not move my mouse untill I close the video with ALT+F4

    This happend after the Windows 10 install.

    Thanks for the help

    Koen Janssen
    KPKoen, Aug 24, 2015
  4. Kari Win User

    Watch this video Pt.1 and 2 before installing Windows 10


    This is a new low from the Tinfoil Hat Brigade *Smile

    If a user really believes this BS and thinks that the stuff you say in for instance a business meeting is automatically picked up by your laptop's microphone and sent to Microsoft, then my advice is to change the shrink because the current one has clearly not given you correct treatment and medicine. A new shrink might be able to fix that and get your paranoia if not totally cured but at least get it under control.

    You are right of course, people should listen this utterly nonsense paranoid monologue, I think that might help reasonable users to realize how far sick people are willing to go to convince others that "they are after us, on us, listening us, spying us!".

    You can be absolutely sure that Microsoft is not listening your business meetings or your conversations with your spouse or anyone else.

    Really, a new low has been reached.
  5. Gary Win User
    But she is a Doctor of what who knows.*sarc
  6. Kari Win User
  7. musky Win User
    your gov is spying on you everyday so whats the difference.
    musky, Aug 24, 2015
  8. musky Win User

    Watch this video Pt.1 and 2 before installing Windows 10

    i think ur a bit in the dark this is actully how the gov ect..gets peoples shit,i belive this 100% my only question is again whats the difference in the usa the gov does what they want anyhow so there already spying you,this is just another way for them to get info by making microsoft give up the info,so again **** em anyhow as long as ur not part of a isis group im sure you will be ok.
    musky, Aug 24, 2015
  9. Kari Win User
  10. Once again, every time someone makes the claim that MS is spying on us, instead of challenging what they say with evidence to the contrary, folks seek the new "low" of character assassination -- calling them "tinfoil hat brigade" or "paranoid" or other such slurs.

    Let's examine the first claim -- that everything said during a business meeting is sent to Microsoft. First of all, for Cortana to hear you say "Hey, Cortana", the microphone must be on and Cortana must be listening. So, presuming the mike is on and Cortana is listening, is the audio received sent to Microsoft. Well, YES -- it is! The Microsoft Privacy Statement says in Personal Data We Collect, "Microsoft collects data ...", "You provide some of this data directly ...speak a voice command to Cortana..."

    Now, one could argue that voice data collection only starts AFTER you say "Hey, Cortana" -- and that may be true. But the MS document does not say that. You could also argue that voice data collection is being done all the time the mic is on -- and this is what folks like this commentator are saying. And, this may be true. In fact, WE DO NOT KNOW which of these is the case. Some folks are being cautious -- that does not make them "tinfoil hat brigade" or "paranoid".

    As to other data collection, again in the same MS document, they say that they do not use "what you say in email, chat, video calls or voice mail, or your documents, photos, or other personal files to target ads to you. [bold added for emphasis] Notice, they do not say they do not collect this data; instead, they only say they do not target ads to you. Again, some folks could interpret this clause as an admission that MS collects this data.

    And finally, the "keylogging" debate -- which centers entirely around two things (1) definition of keylogging, and (2) purpose for collecting keystrokes. MS defenders define keylogging to exclude the keystroke capturing that MS is doing -- convenient! And, the same folks claim MS is not doing this for bad purposes. In fact, keylogging is capturing keystrokes -- and MS is doing that. As to the purpose, that is irrelevant -- another convenient excuse for defending what MS is doing.

    And finally, the claim that "everyone is doing it" (i.e., spying on us) does not make it OK for MS to do it -- it only makes it a popular thing to do.
    Mark Phelps, Aug 24, 2015
  11. zooburner Win User
    Hi Kari

    Does everything you say get sent to Microsoft servers ? If not is there a statement from Microsoft say exactly what is, and is not sent ?

    Do they actually log your keystrokes and store copies of files ?
    If so wouldn't this include all your passwords etc, and would they then be obliged to pass this on to any supervising authority ? Is there a statement anywhere from Microsoft to say this is definitely NOT happening ?

    Sure the lady in the video is probably exaggerating Microsoft's interest in anything we say, other than to make money, but surely if either or both of the above are true then it does invade privacy is a very malware like way.

    Paranoia is only paranoia if it's not true !

    zooburner, Aug 24, 2015
  12. Kari Win User
    I see that we approach this from different points of view. For me it's "innocent until proven guilty", it's the Tinfoil Hat Brigade who needs to present proof; Microsoft does not have to prove their innocence any more than they have already done. You seem to think that every paranoid theory is OK and does not have to be proven right, it's enough when someone voices it and then it's up to MS to prove it's not true.

    Microsoft has made it very clear why they collect the data: to make Windows and my Windows experience better by providing for instance more accurate and closer to my interests search results and so on. Yes, of course they use for instance my Bing or Cortana searches to target ads but they also specifically promise me they do not collect this data from any of my personal data, my documents, emails and such:

    (From Microsoft Privacy Statement, July 2015)

    What they collect, how they collect it and why it's collected, all is explained.

    I rephrase what I said earlier: It is paranoid, even borderline sick to believe that Microsoft records everything you say in range of your PC microphone, that they spy you and your activities. Your PC is not constantly "calling home", Microsoft does not have any interest in your personal documents, your mail messages, your Skype chats and so on.

    I think that if MS spying you is a big concern to you, your only option is not to use Windows. It's just that I cannot understand how an Android, iOS or MacOSX device would be better, Apple's and Google's take in privacy is much worse.
  13. zooburner Win User

    Watch this video Pt.1 and 2 before installing Windows 10


    Lets look at that again

    ''Microsoft uses the data we collect to provide you the services we offer, which includes using data to improve and personalize your experiences. We also may use the data to communicate with you, for example, informing you about your account, security updates and product information. And we use data to help make the ads we show you more relevant to you. However, we do not use what you say in email, chat, video calls or voice mail, or your documents, photos or other personal files to target ads to you.''

    They are not saying they do not collect and store (and maybe share) the data they are simply saying they wont use that particular data to target you with Ads, there is nothing to stop them passing on that information or using it in any other way.

    It is however an admission that they do collect Data from

    Video Calls
    Voice mail
    other PERSONAL files

    zooburner, Aug 25, 2015
  14. Kari Win User
    No. That is not an admission. Show me proof that they collect data from your personal documents.
  15. zooburner Win User

    It's a simple thing for then to state that they simply DO NOT collect this type of data for any use, in any form wouldn't it ?
    The fact that there is so much concern over this and they have not denied it seems very odd to me, does it not to you ? the wording of the statement above really skirts the issue it does not say they do not collect that information, but rather that they will not use it to target you with ads.

    lets look at it again.. and again

    we do not use what you say in email, chat, video calls or voice mail, or your documents, photos or other personal files to target ads to you.''

    See the emphasis change ''we do not use'' to use you first have to be in possession of.. why not ''we do not ever collect or store'' would be simpler don't you think ?

    Our local dentist has for example been warned by the local authority not to use windows 10 based systems for reasons of confidentiality is very telling. I think there are real concerns out there and not just from the odd nutjob it would be so very easy for Microsoft to put everyone's mind at rest over this issue.

    zooburner, Aug 25, 2015

Watch this video Pt.1 and 2 before installing Windows 10

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