Windows 10: wdf01000.sys system.service.exception

Discus and support wdf01000.sys system.service.exception in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Hello, I have a MSI GE70 pro apache with an operating system windows 10, after removing the malware with ZHPcleaner software and restart my computer... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by seiffa, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. seiffa Win User

    wdf01000.sys system.service.exception


    I have a MSI GE70 pro apache with an operating system windows 10, after removing the malware with ZHPcleaner software and restart my computer I found myself in front of a blue screen that after an analysise and restart The computer to have the blue Same screen with as messages wdf01000.sys and also indicating SYSTEM.SERVICE.EXCEPTION I have a USB flash drive startup bootable key that worked when it was created, but this time it does not work it is apparently recognized because it blinks but I fall back on the blue page. The F8 key gives nothing, the F3 key, offered me in system restored shooter difficulty which tells me that the OS_install has errors, another option is the boot repair that could not repair your PC and leave me Log file: D: \ windows \ system32 \ logfiles \ srttrail.txt but of course I can not access it,

    I tryed then the option command prompt but when I type a message, I only have question marks.

    I find myself in a dead end and do not know what to do, Could you guide me, then, to give me a solution, please?

    Thank you in advance

    seiffa, Mar 2, 2017

  2. Nokia E71 driver problem

    1. Uninstalled PC Suite, reinstalled PC Suite Still has "Nokie E71 USB Phone Parent" error.

    2. On PC Suite wdf01000.sys. Rebooted. Plugged in E71. No rebuilding of wdf01000.sys. Still has "Nokie E71 USB Phone Parent" error in device manager. After few minutes, went into windows/system32/drivers, no wdf01000.sys!

    I give up!
    palmy---01, Mar 2, 2017
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    it worked for me as well! just needed to rename wdf01000.sys to anything like wdf01000.sys.old and the phone installed correctly.
    huckster---01, Mar 2, 2017
  4. wdf01000.sys system.service.exception

    Hi seiffa

    F8 is no longer a valid way to enter Safe Mode. If you want to get to Trouble Shooting you hold down the shift key and click restart. Now as you can start windows that is not of much use to you but for future reference.

    So Windows will now detect trouble and take you there. Start the boot and when you see the circling dots power down by holding power button. Power back on and when the dots appear, power down. Do this one more time. After three times, the fourth should come up with a menu. System restore is there but I would not restore as your virus will likely be back.

    Now you say your USB key use to work but doesn't now. Not sure how it is formatted, NTFS or Fat32. If you boot UEFI it has to be FAT32. You may have to change bios settings. See the clean Install tutorial. It mentions Secure boot and fast boot being disabled.

    You mention you could get to command prompt but commands not recognized. Did you note where you are? Were you in x:\sources.

    Could I suggest you type D: enter, then Dir enter
    You should see folders that you recognize, like Windows, Users, Programs. If not you are not on right drive.
    Once on right drive you can go to that directory and copy file to usb key to examine on another machine.

    If you post txt file it is possible someone will know what to do.

    Myself, if a virus and removal process caused such damage I would be doing a clean install. First I would save my data and then invoke the nuclear option.

    Caledon Ken, Mar 3, 2017

wdf01000.sys system.service.exception

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