Windows 10: Weather app in notification area

Discus and support Weather app in notification area in Windows 10 Software and Apps to solve the problem; A weather app (?) has mysteriously appeared in my notification area. Apart from it showing Sheffield 80 miles away I would just like to get rid of it.... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Software and Apps' started by woldsweather, Aug 16, 2015.

  1. Weather app in notification area

    A weather app (?) has mysteriously appeared in my notification area. Apart from it showing Sheffield 80 miles away I would just like to get rid of it. How?

    woldsweather, Aug 16, 2015

  2. Weather


    Upon checking, the icon that you want on the notification area is from a third party program. Microsoft has a Weather app, however, no icon will be displayed on the notification area.

    Patricia Yu, Aug 16, 2015
  3. Windows 10-PC Desktop-Notification Area-Weather

    Thank you, Eeshwar, for your reply and feedback. However, I was only looking to add a Weather App in the Notification Area. It would be nice if Microsoft would allow more apps to be added to this area.

    KelleySioux, Aug 16, 2015
  4. Weather app in notification area

    I have exactly the same but the icon, weather is showing location Rotherham, I live in Somerset!
    No settings except exit.
    Could be a handy icon if I knew where to change the location.
    Other than this post I cannot find any info on this.

    I have 2 Windows 10 machines and the other doesn't have this.
    Supernova99, Aug 17, 2015
  5. As I am a retired weather forecaster and study the charts when I need a forecast I didn't want this. I found malware BYTES GOT RID OF IT. there IS A SETTINGS MENU TO CHOOSE A DIFFERENT CXITY ( I DONT LIVE IN A CITY OR EVEN A TOWN) sorry bout caps another thing to work out how to switch off on 10 when I have a minute
    woldsweather, Aug 17, 2015
  6. UKMedia Win User

    I just typed Weather in search and then changed the default location in the app.

    UKMedia, Aug 17, 2015
  7. This icon is not the weather icon that appears as a tile in the start menu (which I can change the location of) It is a icon attached to the notification area next to the system clock.
    I think I would be useful if I was able to control the location otherwise I will just exit it and turn it off (which is the only control I seem to have)
    Supernova99, Aug 17, 2015
  8. UKMedia Win User

    Weather app in notification area

    Have you set your device location in Settings>Privacy>Location?
    UKMedia, Aug 17, 2015
  9. Location settings are on.
    I have now exited the icon, so no way to re enable it as I don't know where it is or what it is called.
    I will reboot and see if reappears.
    Supernova99, Aug 17, 2015
  10. Have a look in task manager and switch to the startup tab at the top
    check in that list to see if anything weather related
    paulsalter, Aug 17, 2015
  11. Just checked nothing weather related and certainly nothing I don't recognise
    Supernova99, Aug 17, 2015
  12. is it possible for you to do a screen image of the icon (snipping tool if it is a default install in windows and available)

    might jog someones memory if they have seen it before
    paulsalter, Aug 17, 2015
  13. Weather app in notification area

    Here you go

    Weather app in notification area [​IMG]
    Supernova99, Aug 17, 2015
  14. hattrik21 Win User
    Do you have any weather related apps listed under Notifications & Action settings | Show Notifications from these apps? How about if you click the Turn system icons on or off? How about under Select which icons appear on the taskbar?
    hattrik21, Aug 17, 2015
  15. Nothing like weather is enabled and I have checked all them as well
    Supernova99, Aug 17, 2015

Weather app in notification area

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