Windows 10: What disk cleaner/registry cleaner are you using

Discus and support What disk cleaner/registry cleaner are you using in Windows 10 Performance & Maintenance to solve the problem; Win 10 til July I did way to much testing, trial and error on various tools, apps, utilities, etc. I'm afraid of most website reviews because of... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Performance & Maintenance' started by Swaglife81, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. What disk cleaner/registry cleaner are you using

    Win 10 til July I did way to much testing, trial and error on various tools, apps, utilities, etc. I'm afraid of most website reviews because of malware and false positive reviews because of affiliation. Is there something else great like CCleaner that has both disk cleaning and registry cleaning built in for free. The problem I saw was how off other apps were. They basically have the same options but the amount of space to be cleared was way off from one another. I figured some of these listings were fake.

    I'm not against ccleaner but I've been using it for years and years. If there is another safe option I want to try it. I did try Wise Cleaner about 2 weeks ago before I went to Anniversary but I read a bad review on their Wise 365 that basically put the company on blast with how fake everything it showed was. FYI I do use the built in disk cleanup.

    Swaglife81, Aug 2, 2016

  2. use of registry cleaners

    Hi Carol,

    Thank you for posting in Microsoft Community.

    Please answer the below questions for the better understanding of the issue.

    1. What is the make and model of the computer?

    2. What exactly do you mean by, "I used the registry cleaner ****, dumbly, probably a couple dozen times and have just
    deleted it" and how do you know that you deleted all the registries?

    Serious problems arise if the registries are deleted as they are associated with the critical functioning of your Windows 10 computer. As you say that the Windows 10 is not facing issues even after deleting the registries it is kind of contradictory as after
    deleting the registry your computer should not perform or could had crashed.

    Disclaimer: Microsoft does not promotes or advises its users to use any third party software for registry cleaning or any other use. Any use of any third party application is upon at your own risk. Microsoft is not liable for any damage caused.

    Please get back to us with the necessary details so that we can resolve your issue at the earliest.
    Amarjeet_Paul, Aug 2, 2016
  3. CarolFVM Win User
    use of registry cleaners

    My conclusion now is , since I'm not having any new problems, I will leave the system alone. Thank you for monitoring all this.
    CarolFVM, Aug 2, 2016
  4. What disk cleaner/registry cleaner are you using

    I use CCleaner with WiseCare as a combo for years, never had any problems. I run disc cleaner as well sometimes.
    I have tried literally every known free cleaner out there and I have never found anything better or more reliable.
    For example Baidu looks and feels great, but give bad suggestions, Kaspersky or Privazer are specific cleaners.
    TairikuOkami, Aug 2, 2016
  5. Beaupeep Win User
    CCleaner + System Mechanic Pro. Previously used JV16.
    Beaupeep, Aug 2, 2016
  6. galaxys Win User
    Been using CCleaner for years with out issues and does the job.
    galaxys, Aug 2, 2016
  7. swarfega Win User
    ccleaner and Wise Disk Cleaner.
    swarfega, Aug 2, 2016
  8. What disk cleaner/registry cleaner are you using

    I also do trial & error testing on my computers and have been doing so since the days of XP and each one of my computers have run as good as new through their entire MSFT life cycles.
    I have a monthly maintenance plan that I use before the 2nd Tuesday of each month based on when WU were happening during the week of Patch Tuesday. In addition I do these after a trial and error time.
    --- It only takes 2 minutes to complete them once you have the system down pat.
    I use CCleaner including the Registry even though I've read many comments that registry cleaners aren't worth doing.
    I run AdwCleaner Download AdwCleaner
    I run Disk Cleanup. I also have a Disk Cleanup-Extended batch file I created when I had Win7 and it works on my Win10 Pro upgrade
    --- Refer to
    --- Maybe they have one here in the Win10 forum
    Then I create a manual SR point and dub it MM Aug 3 if it were done today.
    If you don't mind. my opinion is continue doing what works for you unless you have a specific reason to change.

    I also am a system image backup up person. I use MRF and my recent system image backup took less than 9 minutes.
    --- I was doing them monthly but when my system was running so well I did them quarterly
    --- But now that Win10 is here but being somewhat apprehensive of what Win10 has in store for us, I'm thinking of going back to doing so on a monthly basis.

    Then there's my data.
    --- I save my data on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis using a batch file onto a USB flash drive which is then saved onto a Win7 laptop with a batch file.
    --- Altogether it takes about 10 minutes
    --- That way I have full control of how my data is saved

    I included information here which is more than what you asked for but when you mentioned that you do trial and error testing that got me going since I do so myself. Plus Win10 technically isn't a mature OS yet.
    MeAndMyComputer, Aug 2, 2016
  9. CountMike New Member
    UnCleaner - Josh Cell Softwares

    Another great but small and reliable file cleaner to run after all others. It may remove surprisingly lot of leftovers.
    CountMike, Aug 3, 2016
  10. milford Win User
    I tried Wise Care 365. Works too good. I have Windows 10 on a Dell tablet. Very limited on disk space. I disabled Auto-Updates to save space. Wise Care repaired my dis-able and I got stuck with an auto update. And I lost more free space.
    milford, Aug 3, 2016
  11. fdegrove Win User

    Been using disk cleaners and registry cleaners for several decades.
    Currently Ccleaner, Wise Disk Cleaner, Wise Registry cleaner.

    I'd only recommend using a registry cleaner to people knowing what they're doing. Wise is good in that you can configure it to auto backup the registry before you start cleaning.

    I've had versions of it that were not so good, removing keys that W10 complained about later but nothing catastrophic.

    UnCleaner by Josh Cell is also good to have around.

    Cheers, *Wink
    fdegrove, Apr 4, 2018

What disk cleaner/registry cleaner are you using

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