Windows 10: What I've observed so far.

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  1. What I've observed so far.


    Yesterday I installed Windows 10 in a dual boot configuration with Windows 8.
    I turned off both Fast Boot and Secure Boot in the bios first and created a partition on my second hard drive.

    I installed from a DVD I created from the .ISO file.
    I had no issues with the install and it took a surprisingly short time to do it.

    Less the 15 minutes I'd guess, I didn't think to time it.

    Once done I had to mess around with it for quite a while before I got a menu at start up that let me select the OS I wanted to boot into. I have another post here where I got some help with that.

    I finally got it to work using EasyBCD to set it up, in Windows 10.

    Doing it in 8 had no effect, so the booting is controlled by the Windows 10 install which is on a separate hard drive.

    I got it to display the black screen with the boot options accessible with the arrow keys that I've had when dual booting in the past.

    I rebooted a number of time into both operating systems to be sure everything was working.

    I found that the boot times were about the same as for Windows 8, a little faster but I assumed that was because I don't have all my software installed.

    My computer was completely unplugged during the night because of a violent thunderstorm, I've been hit by lightning twice, the second time taking out my computer, router, and one of my external drives, so I'm very careful now.

    This morning I plugged everything back in and pushed the button.

    This time a different boot screen came up, it was a Windows 8 style screen listing the 2 operating systems by name and had a working mouse, so I didn't have to use the arrow keys to select the Windows 10 installation.

    When I clicked on the Windows Technical Preview button the screen with the time on it came up (whatever this screen is called I got rid of it in Windows 8 but I don't remember how) instantly.

    When I closed it my login screen came up and when I typed in my password the desktop loaded with no delay at all which really surprised me.

    After thinking about it, I had left the computer for a couple of minutes while the login screen was up so I assume that it loaded the desktop before I logged in. I will check that next time.

    So far I have CCleaneer, Rocket Dock, Defraggler, Google Chrome, Thunderbird and Open Office installed.

    I have been able to run Guild Wars 2, and Tomb Raider Underworld from the Windows 8 installs and they run really well, I tested both in 3D Stereo and they ran great.

    I'm really impressed, this is such an improvement over Windows 8 that I haven't even been tempted to install Classic Shell and I'm not going to as long as we're doing the beta testing.

    I'm going to use it the way it's designed to be.

    When I installed Windows 8.1 I had sound issues that I couldn't fix, and had to go back to 8.
    I haven't had any issues with the sound so far.

    The only thing I've run into is a lack of codecs in Windows Media player to play some types of Mpg videos. I'll have to find a codec pack to install for that.

    Otherwise everything is working great, even Internet Explorer which I could never get to work in Windows 8.

    I'll install more of my software today, like The Elder Scrolls Online which wouldn't run from my existing install because of missing .dll files.

    Since my partition for Windows 10 is only 100 gigabytes I created a folder on another drive names Windows 10 software installs and have created a Programs files folder there that I will install all large software in.

    I'll report back on how things are going when I've got more done.


    MikeHawthorne, Oct 2, 2014

  2. Updates for the keyboard-language (assist)

    Hi Manuel,

    From what I've observed so far, yes it does. You can even assigned multiple languages to the keyboard.


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    Linley Meslier, Oct 2, 2014
  3. vdtdrak Win User
    Questions about N72 Software updating: 1.What's new? - 2.Windows Server 2003!!

    Hello I've updated an N72 moves a lot faster then the old firmware but there is a problem...when I connect the phone to the computer, or when I connect the headset...the little icon that informed me that I connected the phone's
    gone What I've observed so far. :( least that's what I've observed so far....but the phone is faster ...and that's what makes me happy What I've observed so far. :D
    vdtdrak, Oct 2, 2014
  4. werty Win User

    What I've observed so far.

    Hi Mike. As for the codecs for Media player I would suggest to install this codec pack: K-Lite Codec Pack - Beta versions. It is compatible with the Windows 10 Preview and also works well on Windows 8.1.
    werty, Oct 2, 2014
  5. Hi

    Thanks I'll do that.


    Ps. That worked, it seems to play everything now.
    MikeHawthorne, Oct 2, 2014
  6. CountMike New Member
    I went thru same way but had a problem or two while installing. MS verification code did not work few times. they sent me on my request on 3 different e-mail addresses, had to suffer with phone to get them and none were accepted. Finally had to go thru without them. First time I installed on VM within 8.1 without a hitch, no idea what happened when I tried to install on HDD directly.
    Installed FF, Revo and few other thingies as well as proper drivers for GPU and Realtec sound. AMD control panel for HD3850 GPU is not as complete as same one on 8.1 (something about .NET I presume).
    Did couple of benchmarks and for CPU and RAM got a bit better results (under 1%). Graphics score surprised me though. Same drivers, same resolution and 2D graphics mark was over 20% and 3D mark was almost 15% better on Win 10.
    One LOL here. haven't run this benchmark ( Passmark 8) for a while and now looked at Disk benchmark first time. My Win 10 is on a HDD and Win8.1 on SSD. When I compared results, line for HDD performance was just a dot comparing to line shoving the performance of SSD. Even with much better score for graphics on the system with HDD (Win 10) which was 1339 on win 8.1 (on SSD) total score went to 2359, that's how much SSD helps performance.
    I'll see to it to scare up some more benchmarks soon.
    Earlier (last year), I did same benchmark on Win 7 and results were about 5-10% lower than on Win 8.1 specially in RAM section with 2D graphics trailing Win 8.1 badly. Maybe that's why Win8/8.1 felt peppier than W7.
    CountMike, Oct 2, 2014
  7. Hi

    I haven't done the authentication thing, I've tried several times but never received a code in my mail.

    I wonder it anyone has been able to get it to work?

    It doesn't seem to be a problem not doing it.

    MikeHawthorne, Oct 2, 2014
  8. kd833 Win User

    What I've observed so far.

    Nice desktop but what are you running at the bottom right above the taskbar?
    kd833, Oct 2, 2014
  9. CountMike New Member
    I think it might be only for MS or Hotmail account. There are no other ramifications, it synced with Win 8 settings without it although some settings were not. Login name, password and picture, desktop themes, colors, network passwords, etc synced while permissions, other accounts, UAC settings, did not, had to do it all over again to match my 8.1 system. Only part of Power settings were in tune while other like disk and USB did not. Even without that authentication I'm able to work thru MS account, download Apps, leave comments etc. I don't think it's big problem at all but it's not apparent that during setup and installation is possible to go thru it without authenticating.
    Noticed one thing with windows updates. They are set to run automatically without being able to go manual but it didn't show those first two updates as available until I forced Check for Updates, only than it showed as Important, downloade them and installed with no problem. Didn't have time to check what they were for. As far as I remember, Win 8 was behaving like that in the beginning but I don't remember weather it was during Beta, test, RTM, phase or first full installation.
    CountMike, Oct 2, 2014
  10. strollin Win User
    I had no problem with the authenticate code. It was sent to my gmail account, I then copied and pasted it into the verification field.
    strollin, Oct 2, 2014
  11. CountMike New Member
    I didn't have problem while first time in VM, worked immediately but this time, 3 e-mails and 4 tries and it didn't, all were rejected.
    CountMike, Oct 2, 2014
  12. Thanks for your insights Mike. What is the desktop background and where did you get it from? It is very nice. I am going to upgrade install my 8.1 on my main PC this evening. I agree with you, this is what 8 should have been had they listened. We can make it better too with feedback. I have never known a first beta to be so stable......Has a few quirks but is not crashing and the lack of drivers for some will soon be updated I am sure of that.
    Indianatone, Oct 2, 2014
  13. derekimo Win User

    What I've observed so far.

    derekimo, Oct 2, 2014
  14. Hi

    The bar that you see just above the task bar is Rocketdock.
    I've used it for many years, you can put all your commonly used programs on it, and it opens them with one click.

    About RocketDock -

    As you can see I organised the bar from right to left, Games, Windows Tools, etc.

    I'll continue adding to it as I install my software so when I'm done I seldom need to got to the programs menu.

    I put applications like Skype, Snipping Tool, my mail client etc, on the task bar where I can access them with a program windows open.

    Things that I don't need to open when I'm in a program go on the Rocketdock bar.

    So far everything has worked perfectly in Windows 10.

    The Theme I'm using it called Milkyway I got it from the Get More Themes Online link on the Personalize page.

    MikeHawthorne, Oct 2, 2014
  15. Indianatone, Oct 3, 2014

What I've observed so far.

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