Discus and support WHATSAPP DESKTOP PROBLEM in Windows 10 Software and Apps to solve the problem; HI, I`m having a problem with my Whatsapp desktop app. whenever I try to open an api.whatsapp it won`t connect or open my Whatsapp app unless i close... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Software and Apps' started by Aris Toteles, Apr 23, 2020.



    I`m having a problem with my Whatsapp desktop app. whenever I try to open an api.whatsapp it won`t connect or open my Whatsapp app unless i close the app first.

    is there any solution for this? since it is frustrating me to have close the app every time i have to open link api whatsapp


    Aris Toteles, Apr 23, 2020

  2. Whatsapp desktop - making a chat / call with no contacts

    A friend uses Whatsapp from a phone. I'd like to use whatsapp from my desktop or phone to communicate with them.

    I have installed whatsapp on my android phone and have connected the desktop. And am leaving the phone turned on, as directed.

    I refused to permit Whatsapp to read my contacts, etc.. I'm not a big facebook fan and know that they share everything everywhere and sell it everywhere.

    However, I cannot figure a way to make or even receive a call using whatsapp without using my contacts list.
    Is this true or is there something I'm missing. On the desktop app I put in a phone number and it wants to search my contacts, which of course it does not have. After using "Create Group" same thing.

    No way to make a call at all with whatsapp if you don't share your contacts with it?

    if so, Whatsapp is completely broken for me.

    And if so that's fine since I can use Skype or Discord just fine.

    Thanks much,
    Windy Gamer, Apr 23, 2020
  3. imhsp Win User
    Whatsapp on Nokia X ???

    Please follow the steps properly your problem will be solved

    1.Download my app "Whatsapp Launcher for Nokia x" from Nokia store.

    • Download Latest version of Whatsapp from


    • Install Whatsapp you downloaded in step 1 , Complete your Whatsapp login as there will be no error until you login
    4. After login complete your Whatsapp will start to show error "DEVICE NOT SUPPORTED"

    5. Open app "Whatsapp Launcher for Nokia x" and there will be no error to open Whatsapp have fun.
    imhsp, Apr 23, 2020
  4. grunnvms Win User


    WhatsApp Desktop problem

    Same problem with me.

    Yesterday evening Whatsapp desktop said it needed an update, but couldn't do it itself. So I downloaded the latest version form the normal download page. I doubt that it axtually was a new version.

    Anyway it was not no avail. After installing it I got the same problem. I deinstallad whatsapp desktop, and reinstalled it. Same result.

    I tried it from the Windows app store. Same result.

    This afternoon I found a new Windows update, I installed it, and tried again. Doesn't help, whatever I try, Whatsapp desktop will ask for an update that does not exist.
    grunnvms, Apr 23, 2020



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