Windows 10: Why search in Windows 10 is not smart ?

Discus and support Why search in Windows 10 is not smart ? in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; For example I have two text files (This File Is Empty.txt and ThisFileIsEmpty.txt) Whenever I search a word -> Empty . It will result only this file... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by akkha, Jun 1, 2018.

  1. akkha Win User

    Why search in Windows 10 is not smart ?

    For example I have two text files (This File Is Empty.txt and ThisFileIsEmpty.txt)

    Whenever I search a word -> Empty .

    It will result only this file -> This File Is Empty.txt

    Can I change setting to result two of them ?

    Thank You

    akkha, Jun 1, 2018
  2. DRDNA Win User

    ASUS Smart Doctor for Windows 10 x64 (a favor for a friend)

    Most will agree though that After Burner works better. Maybe try that if no love for Smart Doctor.

    EDIT: Or maybe you could try GPUTweakII Ver1.1.4.0 from Asus, which list windows 10 64 compatible.
    DRDNA, Jun 25, 2018
  3. Ahhzz Win User
    Windows 10 Tweaks

    Pressing “Windows+Pause Break” (it’s up there next to scroll lock) opens the “System” Window.

    Windows 10: In the new version of Windows, Explorer has a section called Quick Access. This includes your frequent folders and recent files. Explorer defaults to opening this page when you open a new window. If you’d rather open the usual This PC, with links to your drives and library folders, follow these steps:

    • Open a new Explorer window.
    • Click View in the ribbon.
    • Click Options.
    • Under General, next to “Open File Explorer to:” choose “This PC.”
    • Click OK

    credit to Lifehacker.
    Ahhzz, Jun 25, 2018
  4. Why search in Windows 10 is not smart ?

    Edge Search Does Not Permit Change of Region

    I got these suggestions from the Microsoft Community forum.No. 1 worked for me:

    Thank you for posting the query on Microsoft Community. I am glad to assist you on this.
    We have reproduce the issue here and we are able to access non-regional search for google using Microsoft Edge.
    I would suggest you to try the below steps and check if it helps.
    Step 1:
    Clear browsing data option of Microsoft Edge and check if you face the issue. To do so perform the steps below.

    • Click on the More actions icon next to the feedback icon present on top right corner of the Project Spartan homepage.
    • Select Settings and click on Choose what to clear.
    • Check the boxes Browsing history, Cookies and saved website data and Cached data and files and click on Clear.
    Step 2:
    I suggest you to create a new user account and check if the issue occurs.

    • Go to Settings.
    • Choose Accounts and then select Family and other users.
    • Select add someone else on this PC.
    • Enter a user name and hit next.
    • Click on Finish.
    • Sign out from the current Account and Log into the new account.
    Step 3:
    It could also happen because of network issue. I suggest you to try with different network connection and check if it helps.
    hurricane51, Jun 25, 2018

Why search in Windows 10 is not smart ?

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