Windows 10: Wifi connection issues after windows 10 anniversary update

Discus and support Wifi connection issues after windows 10 anniversary update in Windows 10 Network and Sharing to solve the problem; Hello Everyone. I am new here and have never really posted on a help forum before. But I am having crippling connection issues and have not found... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Network and Sharing' started by tws666, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. tws666 Win User

    Wifi connection issues after windows 10 anniversary update

    Hello Everyone.

    I am new here and have never really posted on a help forum before. But I am having crippling connection issues and have not found any threads that really represent my specific problem.

    I have an ASUS laptop and have been running windows 10 pretty much since it was available without any sort of network problems. However since the large anniversary update my wifi connectivity seems to be somehow weakened. My typical networks I use at home and at work seem to be fine. It's now when trying to connect to hotel, airport, or coffee shop networks that seem to give me trouble. I travel a lot and this is a big deal for me.

    For example at the hotel I am currently staying at my iPhone (which I am posting this with) and Samsung tablet are able to detect the hotel wifi and connect without any problems. But my laptop at times cannot even find the network. If I walk around the room with the laptop sometimes I can pick it up briefly I can connect momentarily, only to be dropped immediately when trying to access a website. While my iPhone shows full bars the laptop will only ever show one or two. Indicating that it is somehow weakened.

    I have checked an have all the latest drivers. My settings are set to obtainable ip automatically and so forth.

    I am not sure if it's related but when I connect and open the network tray icon it shows one bar but the tray icon itself always shows full bars. Very weird.

    I have gone through this at every hotel I have stayed at since the update. Talking to the hotel network techs they cannot help me as it seems to be related to my computer somehow.

    Again this has only come up after the anniversary update.

    Any troubleshooting points or advise would be greatly appreaciated. I am here for the next week and will try anything.


    tws666, Oct 10, 2016

  2. wifi connection problem for laptop with anniversary update

    i have updated to anniversary update , after that my wifi is not working properly, it dnt display any network when i click on wifi symbol , it keeps loading but never show any network , later it oly show wifi and airplane icons but wifi is not connected
    and it wont allow me to on wifi.

    Then i go in stings to change adopter or try to connect to network but the setting window freezes , rest other settings work perfectly.

    then i force shut down system after switch on wifi may come or the problem may exist pls help me solve this issue

    i have ASUS K55V laptop and used windows 10 for year and recently updated to anniversary
    dhananjaynaik, Oct 10, 2016
  3. Windows 10 Anniversary Update

    I recently just upgraded to the Anniversary edition of Windows 10. After downloading this update, I am no longer able to connect to wifi. Is there a solution to this?
    JessiHayes, Oct 10, 2016
  4. Adalwar Win User

    Wifi connection issues after windows 10 anniversary update

    That is curious , at Home working fine, outside very poor signals, before AU was OK, not a easy thing.
    You may want to try this things:
    - Try put your other Devices in Flight Mode ,and try to connect Laptop and see if it works.
    - Disable Bluetooth in Laptop and other Devices
    -Disable WiFi , wait some 30s, enable it and see.
    -Try to reset your Network, but be aware you will lose all Password and need to enter them again. Launch Settings, go to Network & Internet, at bottom of Page there is an Option "Network Reset". Windows will make you wait for 5 long Minutes to Reboot, wait so long.
    - If that did not Help, try to Uninstall Drivers: Got Device Manager, Network Adapters, select your WiFi Driver , right click and Delete Driver. If there is a Check Box "Delete Driver Software...", Check it. Go To Programs and Features and Uninstall Drivers Software.
    Go to Device Manager and see if Windows installed a Driver Automatically.

    Seems that there many people arounfd with WiFI problems after AU update.
    If all that does not work for you, probably your best option is roll back to 1511.
    Adalwar, Oct 10, 2016
  5. Bob338 Win User
    I had the same problem with an ASUS laptop. Do you know which WiFi adapter is in yours? Mine was an Intel Centrino in which I tried multiple drivers and a series of other fixes suggested here. None worked. I posted to this thread:
    Wifi and browser problems with windows 10

    I contacted ASUS who claimed their technicians had tried multiple fixes and none worked. They suggested rolling back to an earlier version or to Windows 7. I tried a dongle. Same issue.

    I changed the WiFi adapter. $27. To an Intel 7260 (I think that's the number. It's W10 compatible they say.) Problem solved.
    Bob338, Oct 10, 2016
  6. Samaksh Win User
    This issue often caused by outdated or broken wireless network drivers. So, it is important to repair or update your Wi-Fi drivers. To do this, make sure to use professional driver download and update utility tool like Driver Talent.
    Samaksh, Apr 5, 2018

Wifi connection issues after windows 10 anniversary update

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