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Discus and support Wifi Connection Issues in Windows 10 Network and Sharing to solve the problem; I recently built a PC and got windows. Everything was fine for a couple of months and then the internet stopped working. It won't let me connect to any... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Network and Sharing' started by Awesomevich, Apr 7, 2021.

  1. Wifi Connection Issues

    I recently built a PC and got windows. Everything was fine for a couple of months and then the internet stopped working. It won't let me connect to any network connections even though I can use the wifi on all my other devices. When I try to troubleshoot all it asks for is an ethernet cable which I don't have and have never used. I have tried updating and uninstalling the drivers and nothing has worked. Not sure what else I can do.

    Awesomevich, Apr 7, 2021

  2. connection Issue with WiFi


    Thank you for writing to Microsoft Community Forums.

    We understand the difficulties as the Wi-Fi connection on your PC drops. In order to get clarity and to assist you accordingly, please reply with the answers to the questions below:

    • What is the Version and Build of Windows 10 currently installed? (Type
      in Windows search/Run command)
    • What is the make and model of the PC?
    • Are you aware of any changes on the PC prior to this issue?

    Meanwhile, we would suggest you to refer the steps as mentioned in this article and check:
    Fix network connection issues in Windows 10

    If the issue persists, then refer the steps as mentioned in these article:
    Fix Wi-Fi connection issues in Windows

    Also, we would suggest you to update the Wi-Fi driver from Device Manager. Please refer this article to update the driver:
    Update drivers in Windows 10

    Let us know the results. If the issue persists, we will certainly assist you further.

    Aditya Roy

    Microsoft Community – Moderator
    Aditya_Roy, Apr 7, 2021
  3. simrick Win User
    When will the wifi connectivity problems be solved?

    Hi Wabbles and welcome to Tenforums.

    I've got 4 systems connecting via wireless; all adapters are different makes; all have zero issues, and two of them are old (wireless-G only). Most every issue I have seen with wireless connections has been driver-related. (Or, impending router failure.) I would suggest identifying your adapter model/make, and searching for different drivers that you can try out. And, sometimes an older driver works better than a newer one (just had this issue on a system I was working on yesterday). Also, verify you have these same connection issues when connecting to different routers, just to rule that out.
    simrick, Apr 7, 2021
  4. Wifi Connection Issues

    Wifi No Connectivity Issues

    Hi Evan,

    We'll definitely help you with the issue you're experiencing with your WiFi connection in Windows 10.

    Please provide the answers to the following for us to be able to learn more about your concern:

    • Have you tried refreshing your WiFi modem and still got the same result?
    • Are all your drivers up-to-date? If not yet, you can follow the steps found on this
      link on how to update your drivers in Windows 10.

    Meanwhile, you can check this link for guidelines on how to repair network connection issues in Windows

    Also, can you try uninstalling the WiFi adapter, then restart the computer? This will automatically reinstall the driver.

    Let us know what happens after the above mentioned troubleshooting steps.

    Michelle Her, Apr 7, 2021

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