Windows 10: Wifi dongle disconnects regularly

Discus and support Wifi dongle disconnects regularly in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; Previous posts here in the community have tried to address the problem of peoples wifi dongles dropping connection regularly. The previous instructions... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by WilsonandHowell, Jun 12, 2019 at 4:47 PM.

  1. Wifi dongle disconnects regularly

    Previous posts here in the community have tried to address the problem of peoples wifi dongles dropping connection regularly. The previous instructions from Microsoft given to correct the problem are not working because they are not addressing the real problem. The problem is a conflict between the microsoft wifi drivers and the proprietary software/driver bundles. I have repeatedly verified that the correct solution is to remove the dongle, uninstall the software that came with it, restart, put the dongle back into the usb drive and allow Windows to manage the device. This has been tested repeatedly and has worked every single time. Wifi connection will now stay connected.

    WilsonandHowell, Jun 12, 2019 at 4:47 PM
  2. Ian Ser Win User

    Dongle is working properly but showing no internet

    Hi Monica,

    Just to clarify, are you using a WiFi dongle to connect to the internet instead of the built in WiFi adapter of your device? Or are you using a desktop PC and is the WiFi dongle to connect to the internet? For now, what we can suggest is to follow all of
    the recommended troubleshooting steps on this article to resolve the issue. Be sure to click
    Show all to see all of the instructions. Please follow all of the recommended so we could troubleshoot further.

    If the issue would still persist after doing all of the steps, please answer these questions:

    • What is the make and model of your device?
    • Were there any updates/changes to your device prior to the issue happening?

    We'll be waiting for your updates.
  3. Connecting my 4G dongle as a wifi- it doesnt list it as a wifi device but when I use a cable, it connects it under ethernet

    Im using a 4G dongle and it gets listed under the list of wifi devices in my phone and my old laptop. But, with my other laptop with Windows 10, it doesn't list this network at all. However, when I use a cable to connect to the dongle in my USB port, it
    lists the network as Ethernet. I need to use it without connecting using a cable as it keeps disconnecting even if I move an inch.
    aparna rajkumar, Jun 12, 2019 at 4:49 PM
  4. Wifi dongle disconnects regularly

    Wifi continuously disconnects

    This just started happening only a few days ago, I'm not sure what might have caused it, but my laptop will suddenly disconnect from my wifi network. sometimes it won't disconnect, but just stop receiving/sending packets. I can tell this because suddenly my pages are stuck loading and skype is trying to reconnect, but nothing happens until I manually disconnect.

    I have tried
    • Troubleshooting
      Wifi dongle disconnects regularly [​IMG]
      But I usually get "Your proxy setting could not be recognized" or something, even though I don't have any proxy settings.
    • Uninstalling and then reinstalling the latest driver for my wifi card
    • disabling power saving for the wifi card as talked about here
    • Everything mentioned on the Microsoft page here

    This has been driving me crazy, ethernet works fine. I can connect my phone to wifi and tether it to my laptop, so this shouldn't be a problem with the router.

Wifi dongle disconnects regularly

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