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Discus and support Wifi issue in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; After the July 2018 Win 10 update my Lenovo z570 is not working. The Function and the F% key does not turn on the Wifi. The signal strength is good. It... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Leon, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. Leon New Member

    Wifi issue

    After the July 2018 Win 10 update my Lenovo z570 is not working. The Function and the F% key does not turn on the Wifi. The signal strength is good. It states manual turn on Wifi. Qualcomm Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter is recognised with the new update.
    Leon, Sep 6, 2018
  2. Johan45 Win User

    AMD FX OC'ers Club

    That's what the auto setting will do since you're over the 1333 mark it jumps to the next step which isn't listed or officially supported I assume by that ram.

    At this point though I would suggest dropping the multi one step or .5 so that we can get something stable and possibly take the heat issue out of the picture for now.
    Johan45, Sep 6, 2018
  3. Arun B J Win User
    wifi issues


    Thank you for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    I understand your concern and will assist you to resolve this issue.

    I suggest you to follow the steps below and check if it helps.

    • Press Windows + X.

    • Select Device manager

    • Next select ‘Network Adapters’ and under it, you will find a Wi-Fi controller listed. Select it.

    • Double-click the controller to open the adapter’s Property window and switch to ‘Drivers’ tab

    • Next, click the ‘Disable’ button and hit ‘Ok’ to apply the changes. See if it helps

    Method 2 : Windows 10 has a built-in troubleshooter to check and fix issues with Internet connection. I would suggest you to run this troubleshooter to check if the issue
    is with your internet.

    Refer these steps:

    • Press Windows key +X, select Control panel
    • Change the view by option on the top right to Large icons
    • Click on troubleshooting and click on the view all option on the left panel
    • Run the Internet Connection troubleshooter
    Method 3.

    Try updating the Network Adapter drivers from the manufacturer's website and check if the issue persists.

    Follow the steps to update the Network Adapter drivers:

    a. Press Windows key + X key and click Device Manager.

    b. Expand Network Adapter.

    c. Right-click on the Ethernet and click on Update driver software.

    d. Restart the computer and check.

    Hope this helps. If the issue remains unresolved, please get back to us and we would be happy to help.
    Arun B J, Sep 6, 2018
  4. hurricane51 Win User

    Wifi issue

    Edge Search Does Not Permit Change of Region

    I got these suggestions from the Microsoft Community forum.No. 1 worked for me:

    Thank you for posting the query on Microsoft Community. I am glad to assist you on this.
    We have reproduce the issue here and we are able to access non-regional search for google using Microsoft Edge.
    I would suggest you to try the below steps and check if it helps.
    Step 1:
    Clear browsing data option of Microsoft Edge and check if you face the issue. To do so perform the steps below.

    1. Click on the More actions icon next to the feedback icon present on top right corner of the Project Spartan homepage.
    2. Select Settings and click on Choose what to clear.
    3. Check the boxes Browsing history, Cookies and saved website data and Cached data and files and click on Clear.
    Step 2:
    I suggest you to create a new user account and check if the issue occurs.

    1. Go to Settings.
    2. Choose Accounts and then select Family and other users.
    3. Select add someone else on this PC.
    4. Enter a user name and hit next.
    5. Click on Finish.
    6. Sign out from the current Account and Log into the new account.
    Step 3:
    It could also happen because of network issue. I suggest you to try with different network connection and check if it helps.
    hurricane51, Sep 6, 2018

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