Windows 10: Wifi keeps disconnecting

Discus and support Wifi keeps disconnecting in Windows 10 Ask Insider to solve the problem; I have had my pc built for a good while now, basic and relevant (i think) specs are ryzen 5600x, archer tx50e wifi6 intel adapter, 32 gb of ram. I have... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Ask Insider' started by /u/rtsiatn, Mar 2, 2021.

  1. Wifi keeps disconnecting

    I have had my pc built for a good while now, basic and relevant (i think) specs are ryzen 5600x, archer tx50e wifi6 intel adapter, 32 gb of ram. I have had the same driver from the archer website downloaded, and it hasn't been updated or revised as of May 2020. I also use a Eeros 6 fiber optic router. Again, no issues for when getting that wireless system back in december. However, recently I have been having problems staying connected to the internet and having dropoffs in connection. When playing games, especially Apex Legends, my computer entirely disconnects from the internet; upon startup my computer doesn't immediately connect to the internet like it used to; when watching training videos on a server from my college and sitting idle between videos, my computer freezes up and I have to physically hold down the power button to reboot it. I dont know if that last issue is related, but it is there. I have tried reinstalling the archer driver, i have done the "uncheck allow computer to turn off this adapter" trick that is oft mentioned online, yet I still have issues.

    I am super paranoid because last month, I was trying to install a texture for a game and accidentally clicked on an ad disguised as the install button (stupid, I know). I made sure it didn't install anything in downloads, I ran windows defender multiple times and across multiple updates to defender and my computer says 0 issues. Mind you that this ad click incident happened a month prior to the internet issues I have been having recently, so I don't think there really is a link, just my paranoia, but I am pointing it out to not completely rule it out for you guys. Please help, I really don't want malware to screw up my pc, as I worked hard to build it. And also it's really annoying lol.

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    /u/rtsiatn, Mar 2, 2021
  2. Anak Win User

    my son laptiop wifi disconnect after 5 minutes

    • If you have an identical laptop try comparing the wifi and security settings of the one that does not disconnect with the one that does. If you find any differences change the settings of the one that does not work to the one that does.
    @Samuria : If you have any suggestions please reply.
    Anak, Mar 2, 2021
  3. vaxevanos Win User
    WiFi keeps getting disconnected

    Man do this steps one of that works for 99%

    1)can your machine connects to another wifi network
    if yes restart or reset your router after that go to your settings and click forget your wifi network as you can see in the picture and try to conect from start
    Wifi keeps disconnecting [​IMG]

    2)if you cant conect anywhere then burn an ubuntu live cd,boot form ther and check if you are be able to concet in your wifi from here .if yes,then you have a software problem with windows,your settings or whatever it is and you need to unistall your drivers and make all windows updates for your machine .
    if no then probably your wlan card is dead unscrew your laptop and check if the wifi_card is hot if yes try to find another wifi card or buy a usb wlan card as i did when i have this problem for me this works fine
    vaxevanos, Mar 2, 2021
  4. sandila Win User

    Wifi keeps disconnecting

    wifi keeps disconnecting from the wifi network

    My laptop on wifi network keeps disconnecting frequently.
    I am not able to understand what is the problem. While my mobile phone is
    always connected on the same Wifi network.

    Wifi keeps disconnecting [​IMG]

    Wifi keeps disconnecting [​IMG]

    Wifi keeps disconnecting [​IMG]

    Here are a couple of screenshots how I have to restore the connectivity each time.

    Wifi keeps disconnecting [​IMG]

    Wifi keeps disconnecting [​IMG]

    Wifi keeps disconnecting [​IMG]

    Wifi keeps disconnecting [​IMG]

    Wifi keeps disconnecting [​IMG]

    Wifi keeps disconnecting [​IMG]

    Now the problem is each time I go and disable the connection manually and then enable it does restore the connectivity. Why should I do this ? What is the problem as what is happening.

    I thought power management to be a problem so I checked
    How to Check if Connected or Disconnected Modern Standby in Windows 10
    Here is a screenshot of powercg /a on my system

    Wifi keeps disconnecting [​IMG]

    30 days before reading this tutorial Add Networking connectivity in Standby to Power Options in Windows 10 I had added the option to add network connectivity in standby mode. By using the following command powercfg -attributes F15576E8-98B7-4186-B944-EAFA664402D9 -ATTRIB_HIDE
    as mentioned in option one of tutorial.
    However if you see the powercfg /a output
    my system does not have support by firmware
    so I hope that did not work. Later on after all this my system performance was not good due to other reasons.
    So I used media creation tool and on that there was an option to upgrade I choose that, the laptop seem to be formatted for system files (that is my understanding if something else happened then I do not know).
    All the settings and apps and device drivers were present as it is.
    I again after a couple of days used media creation tool

    Wifi keeps disconnecting [​IMG]

    So all settings I think got erased.
    However this is not the cause of my problem I am just mentioning to understand what I did.
    2 things I want to know
    1) What is the cause of my network connectivity problems while mobile phones are connected and they don't disconnect in this Wifi network but Laptop does.

    2) How to backup my existing device drivers if I format the system.

    I am on
    Windows version 1909 (OS Build 18363.592)
    sandila, Mar 2, 2021

Wifi keeps disconnecting

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