Windows 10: WIN 10 compatibility list of unlisted hardware - aka OLD.

Discus and support WIN 10 compatibility list of unlisted hardware - aka OLD. in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; MIRROR POST: WIN 10 compatibility list of unlisted hardware - aka OLD. Please SHARE YOUR CONFIGURATION. link your known list for compatible hardware... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by giux787, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. giux787 Win User

    WIN 10 compatibility list of unlisted hardware - aka OLD.

    MIRROR POST: WIN 10 compatibility list of unlisted hardware - aka OLD.

    Please SHARE YOUR CONFIGURATION. link your known list for compatible hardware here, I will update the thread as is grows with working parts successfully updated on a working WIN 10 HOME / PRO /TP also on VM properly configured.*Party
    No need for NEW WHQL hardware here... It's the unsupported who's important... MS is causing this...

    There is a lack of information all over the Internet regarding Win 10 compatibility hardware.
    I create this thread with the intention to form a user-conducted list of compatible hardware and uncompatible.
    It is yet for me to understand if Win 10 will work on old motherboard with BIOS and which's.
    And yet this involve Hardware parts on all levels.
    We know of users with Alienware with 8 beeps dead computers for a Samsung Display fail after WIN 10 upgrade.
    I have a SCSI Seagate Barracuda Cheetah 15.5k that is not even listed upon Win 10 installation on which my current WIN 7 PRO 64 bit runs. Users with burnt HD cause of auto-update.
    Geforce Drivers are causing FPS drops and DPC latecy all over the places, causing also WIN 7 to stut like a Sputnik implanted inside your CPU. Will this ever ends?

    We have a list from ASUS:
    ASUS Motherboards - Ready For Windows 10
    But nothing is said on older motherboards. It just says - unsupported - it may works at your risk... truly helpful...
    We need this list.

    We don't have a Microsoft official list that is barely reliable. Nor unofficial.
    We have a plethora of machines who are threatened for forever doom.

    I tried everything to install WIN 10 on my Workstation.
    Asus says my P5KPL/1600 is not supported. Yes I knew that, thanks... but I had windows 8 64 bit on it, and no BIOS problems, nor installation. So I can say it is compatible up to win 8 PRO with no issue concerning BIOS or SCSI.
    WIth drivers OLDER than december 2014! It eventually broked in January.
    I rolled back to WIN 7 PRO as it performed faster. Before recent updates from GEFORCE and WUA. Never a problem with games and Audio/Video applications.
    Now I'm experiencing DPC spikes of 1sec! (You have read well.. it's 100k microsec...) right after Geforce Drivers installation. Those ready for WIN 10... /Audio /Video /Games completely unusable. Take off Geforce Drivers, DPC go back to normal. Use old Geforce Drivers do not solve the problem. WIN WUA changed something and there is no rollback to that.

    More of it: does WIN 10 require a UEFI motherboard and GPT Hd in order to properly work?
    Does anyone has experience of working systems with WIN 10 on older motherboard with LGA 755 socket?
    (like the EVGA nforce750i?) It is impossible to find how this outdated ( from a robot point of view - not a gamer ) mobo does react with WIN 10. Anyone with fast SCSI hdd?
    Windows list 7200rpm hd to work, not Seagate Cheetah's and such...

    So. I find of real importance, to know, which kind of hardware works and which not. configuration. etc.


    GA-F2A68HM-H - compatible

    Asus P5KPL/1600
    Intel Quad core 2 duo @2.66
    nvidia FERMI GTX 460
    ESI julia 64 bit / ANALOG OUT
    DDR2 1600 x 4GHz
    BIOS firmware updated up to 2009 last.
    NTFS Seagate Barracuda Cheetah SCSI 15.5k
    Running triple Boot WIN XP PRO 64 Bit- AUDIOPERFORMER / WIN 7 PRO 64bit - GAMING-VIDEO / Ubuntu 15.04 64 Bit - NETDEV.

    giux787, Sep 8, 2015
  2. Juzar_Ali Win User

    hardware compatibility list


    To get better clarity on the issue please answer the questions below:

    • Are you currently on Windows 10?
    • Were you able to upgrade to the Windows 10?
    • What do you mean when you say 'already blew away hard drive so I'll to reinstall win7 from dvd'?

    Meanwhile, I suggest you to refer to the Microsoft help article below and check if it helps.

    Please get back to us with the above information so that we can assist you further.

    Thank you.
    Juzar_Ali, Sep 8, 2015
  3. hardware compatibility list

    Howdy folks

    I upgraded to win10 from win7 and later found out my toshiba satellite a660 series is not supported, after dealing with problems is it better to go back to win7? any tips? already blew away hard drive so I'll to reinstall win7 from dvd.

    thanks for past help

    Mugsy Locuss, Sep 8, 2015
  4. BunnyJ New Member

    WIN 10 compatibility list of unlisted hardware - aka OLD.

    For what it's worth.. It's not MS's job to come up with any list of parts that are compatible with WIn10. Never has been and it never will be. It's up to each part vendor to do that and keep the parts current with drivers/BIOS and not MS.

    My 2c

    Jeff Aka Citizen Z!!
    BunnyJ, Sep 8, 2015
  5. f14tomcat Win User
    f14tomcat, Sep 8, 2015
  6. giux787 Win User
    Yay. It is us that need to do it. we need to start filing user's error codes - which MS do not logs in datail to undercover the issue whether is a driver or hardware or whatever issue. The error code alone means nothing that way it is implemented for ours purposes.
    For extrapolate the true requisite for the WIN 10 to work. It is just unbearing not to know if your PC is going to burn in flames while you are asleep with full WUA privileges.
    It's been one month now of constant failure, before understand I might need a new motherboard. Which I can't recall to be any on the market available for LGA 775 socket. I contected both ASUS, EVGA, MSI, to get a response. Waiting. In the meantime. I would like to share my experience and possibly raise people concerns about what is happening and how to get back on road with all four wheels.
    giux787, Sep 8, 2015
  7. giux787 Win User
    Header updated.
    giux787, Apr 5, 2018

WIN 10 compatibility list of unlisted hardware - aka OLD.

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