Windows 10: Win 10 Reservation on small tablets

Discus and support Win 10 Reservation on small tablets in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Morning all, Has anyone with a small tablet (7 or 8") received the app to reserve win 10 yet So far I haven't so I am thinking tablet is not yet... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by paulsalter, Jun 7, 2015.

  1. Win 10 Reservation on small tablets

    Morning all,

    Has anyone with a small tablet (7 or 8") received the app to reserve win 10 yet

    So far I haven't so I am thinking tablet is not yet compatible, so wondering if anyone else has

    Mine is the 8" Linx with Win8.1 for Bing

    paulsalter, Jun 7, 2015

  2. Why can't I download Windows 10 for my Tablet?

    Why is it that my tablet can't download win 10, it only shows up that it's reserved
    Racer - SK, Jun 7, 2015
  3. CliveS Win User
    no windows 10 icon on my 8.1 tablet, only on my desktop

    I'd like to reserve windows 10 for my 8.1 tablet, but want to hold off on my desktop. My tablet is set to receive win updates automatically.
    CliveS, Jun 7, 2015
  4. DavidY Win User

    Win 10 Reservation on small tablets

    Hi Paul,

    You post prompted me to have a look at my tablet - a 32GB device which Tesco were selling cheap (and seem to have stopped now) a few months ago.

    You probably knew this, but just in case not (or in case some reads this thread who doesn't know it), the first thing I remembered is that these small WIMBoot tablets don't download any updates except Critical ones from Windows Update.
    So I went off to the Tutorial to get the links to manually download update KB3035583.

    But having just installed the update I'm still not seeing the icon. I'm not sure how quickly to expect it to appear, having just installed the update (and rebooted) though?
    DavidY, Jun 7, 2015
  5. Thanks for the info, I didn't realise only certain updates happened on the tablet, I have checked updates and everything it shows has been updated, looks like I need to manually do some more

    battery is nearly flat at the moment (forgot to charge last night), so will check the tutorial out once its charged
    paulsalter, Jun 7, 2015
  6. DavidY Win User
    Yours may be different to mine, but I suspect it's well worth a check through the installed updates list when it's charged up.
    DavidY, Jun 7, 2015
  7. Just had a check of updates, I already have the KB3035583

    I remember reading these devices weren't compatible with the earlier TP, not sure on recent
    looks like a waiting game to see when 10 is ready for them
    paulsalter, Jun 7, 2015
  8. Win 10 Reservation on small tablets

    WIMboot tablets may have to wait a while due to internal storage. Some tabs only have 16gb storage and loading a new OS on sparce storage has proven to be a problem. You will probably have to do a clean install which is why the upgrade icon is not showing up.
    dirtydee000thed, Jun 15, 2015
  9. Thanks for the info and welcome to the forums *Smile

    I am not in any rush on the tablet, waiting for changes that are happening to 10 after release anyway

    hopefully some new from MS about tablet upgrades/clean installs will come out soon
    paulsalter, Jun 15, 2015
  10. The reservation is now available on my tablet, no issues reported

    going to wait before updating it though, need to test tablet mode on another device

    EDIT : changed my mind, win 10 has been reserved
    paulsalter, Jul 13, 2015
  11. DavidY Win User
    That's good news. I'll try mine to see if that offers me a Reservation.
    DavidY, Jul 13, 2015
  12. DavidY Win User
    I've run all the updates I can on my tablet. No reservation icon yet though. *Sad
    DavidY, Apr 4, 2018

Win 10 Reservation on small tablets

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