Windows 10: Win 10 upgrade, now access denied to PST

Discus and support Win 10 upgrade, now access denied to PST in Windows 10 Software and Apps to solve the problem; I’ve upgraded over a hundred computers from 7 to 10 recently and last night I did one but I had an interesting problem after. When I went to open... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Software and Apps' started by pstoric, Jun 13, 2019 at 9:32 AM.

  1. pstoric Win User

    Win 10 upgrade, now access denied to PST

    I’ve upgraded over a hundred computers from 7 to 10 recently and last night I did one but I had an interesting problem after. When I went to open Microsoft Outlook, it said that the local user account didn’t have permission to access the PST file which was strange. It’s in the default location “c:\username\documents\outlook files\outlook2.pst” so I checked the permission on her documents folder, the outlook files folder and the PST itself and her user account has full access on all of them.

    I can, however, search for Outlook in the start menu, right click and run as admin and it will open fine. It’s just the shortcut pinned to the taskbar that gives the access denied error. I made sure the user has full permissions to outlook.exe but that didn’t seem to help either. Also ran a scanpst.exe and repair but no luck.

    Win 10 upgrade, now access denied to PST d1048ae4-eefe-4afc-8821-7e4c7ce3ac37?upload=true.png


  2. "Access denied" on folders after upgrade to Windows 10

    I recently upgraded to Win 10 from Win 8.1. I am the only user on the computer and I am an administrator. I am getting an "access denied" error when I try to view several folders. Although there are only a couple I wanted to view, I checked them all to determine
    how extensive the problem was. Access is denied to the following folders:















    When I check COMPUTER MANAGEMENT>LOCAL USERS AND GROUPS\USERS, I find that I'm listed as an administrator with permissions. When I right click on any of these folders, and go to Properties, I'm listed as having full control of the folder. Out of curiosity,
    I tried denying permission to view the folder, and I got the dreaded "access denied" message again. I've tried various suggestions found in this forum to no avail. (I'm an Administrator on windows 8 but still get Access Denied. How do I get full access?
    Windows 8: Take Ownership Of Files & Change Folder Permissions )

    I'm almost certain that the solution to this problem does not ln modifying anything via the context menu for each folder because every variation on making changes there has resulted in this error message:

    Error Applying Security

    An error occurred while applying security information to:


    Failed to enumerate objects in the container. Access is denied.

    I'm exasperated. Any good suggestions?
    Shirley Ujest, Jun 13, 2019 at 9:36 AM
  3. EsMj Win User
    Change Folder Destination access Denied


    After following the steps suggested, I get the message "Access denied" in command prompt.

    Please advise how to allow permission.
  4. Jose Est Win User

    Win 10 upgrade, now access denied to PST

    Destination Folder Access Denied


    There are times that you may run into the issue of being unable to open or access or work with files and folder. The common message that flashes on your computer screen when you try doing so reads: "Access Denied."

    This can occur for one or more of the following reasons:

    • The folder ownership may have changed.
    • You do not have the proper permissions.
    • The file may be encrypted.
    • The file may be in use.
    • The file may be corrupt.
    • The user profile may be corrupt.
    To resolve this issue, the first step is to run CHKDSK. It detects and fix disk corruption. To run CHKDSK, follow these steps:

    • Press Win+X.
    • Select Command Prompt (Admin).
    • In the window that opens enter your CHKDSK command.
    Get back to us to if you need further assistance.

Win 10 upgrade, now access denied to PST

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