Windows 10: win 1o magnifier lens tracking mode

Discus and support win 1o magnifier lens tracking mode in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; ctrl-alt-L or ctrl-alt-l does not turn on tracking of cursor 44764 Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by jalea148, Mar 20, 2016.

  1. jalea148 Win User

    win 1o magnifier lens tracking mode

    ctrl-alt-L or ctrl-alt-l does not turn on tracking of cursor

    jalea148, Mar 20, 2016

  2. Reset Magnifier: Major Bug / Crash (Magnifier Is Not a Cymbal, Sorry. win 1o magnifier lens tracking mode :D)

    I think that I have found a major bug within Magnifier. Upon using lens mode at a zoom level of 1,600% (to attempt a specific feat), Magnifier became unresponsive. Now, each time that I open it, it is opened in lens mode with a zoom level of 1,600%. To reproduce

    1. Open Magnifier.

    2. Set the mode to lens mode.

    3. Set the zoom level to 1,600%.

    The application should soon become unresponsive. If it doesn't continue to step 4.

    4. Close Magnifier.

    5. Open Magnifier again.

    It should open in lens mode with a zoom level of 1,600%. The lens should appear and, shortly afterward, the application should become unresponsive. How can I reset the application to its defaults and either avoid doing that in the future or try again (in
    case it was a fluke)? Magnifier isn't quite a
    , so it isn't supposed to crash. win 1o magnifier lens tracking mode :D

    I got the issue resolved. Note to self: If using lens mode, perhaps increase the zoom level after switching to the mode. I definitely hope that Microsoft gets that issue resolved. Although I don't need to use the magnifier, some people do. If someone needs
    to use the 1,600% zoom level and prefers lens mode, he or she would be disappointed to discover that bug. Upon testing lens mode again, I found the same behavior to occur, even with a zoom level of only 200%. That leads me to believing that the issue is with
    lens mode itself and the zoom level is irrelevant. That is a bummer. Fortunately, I found out how to revert Magnifier back to using full screen mode, which seems to work with no problems. I prefer that mode anyway. I was simply doing an experiment (which did
    not work as I thought that it would) with lens mode.
    Weird Odd Wodd, Mar 20, 2016
  3. Magnifier problem

    Why my magnifier always black on mouse cursor.

    My laptop is ASUS UX501VW with win 10 system.

    Due to 4K display, I have to use magnifier to see my desktop. But it always show black window with nothing in lens mode.

    Please help.
    Jerrychx39, Mar 20, 2016

win 1o magnifier lens tracking mode

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