Windows 10: WIN10 Computer to computer CMD pop up

Discus and support WIN10 Computer to computer CMD pop up in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; My brother had a command prompt pop-up window appear on his screen then disappear, few seconds later, a command prompt window pop-up appeared on my... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Equation, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. Equation Win User

    WIN10 Computer to computer CMD pop up

    My brother had a command prompt pop-up window appear on his screen then disappear, few seconds later, a command prompt window pop-up appeared on my screen. I looked at the CMD window that showed for like 20 secs but nothing was in there, I was able to click the X button.

    Why did this happen? how can I track it? Any information?

    Equation, Mar 9, 2018

  2. cmd.exe - Application Error


    When I start up my computer this Message pop up " cmd.exe - Application Error "

    And when I tried to open cmd the message pop up again so I can not use cmd

    please help me
    Ali Alhosani, Mar 9, 2018
  3. John Ado Win User
    pop up of cmd


    Let's work on this together. Would you be able to uninstall your VPN software to verify if it's causing the issue? Otherwise,
    perform a clean boot to eliminate any software conflicts that might have caused this. Follow the steps in this article.

    Note: After troubleshooting, make sure to start your computer normally by referring to How to reset the computer to start normally after clean boot
    section of the article.

    Let us know how it goes.
    John Ado, Mar 9, 2018
  4. WIN10 Computer to computer CMD pop up

    Has it happened since? Do you share installed programs or games? It sounds like it may have been a scheduled task.
    Masterchiefxx17, Mar 9, 2018
  5. Equation Win User
    Has only happened once, and we do not share installed programs/games. Shared files option is off.
    Equation, Mar 9, 2018
  6. EdTittel Win User
    As MasterChief pointed out in thread #2 the most common cause for this kind of thing is a scheduled task that launches a batch file of some kind (and thus, causes a command prompt window to appear on screen). Tracking these things down can be a real PITA, as I can attest from personal experience. Normally, if you get to inspect the window it will give you some clue as to what kind of process or program it's running. Back in December 2016, I wrote a blog post entitled "Take control of Windows tasks with TaskSchedulerView" where I explained my adventures in finding the cause of a similar pop-up command window. You might want to look this over, and see if it gives you any ideas on how to proceed. I'm not sure how one goes about determining which scheduled tasks have run on a Windows system recently, but I suspect there's a log somewhere that might provide some insight to help find answers to that question. I will observe, however, that your issue is much easier to handle if you can figure out which task is causing the window to appear.
    EdTittel, Mar 9, 2018
  7. Equation Win User
    Alright, thank you, sir.
    Equation, Apr 4, 2018

WIN10 Computer to computer CMD pop up

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