Windows 10: Win10 Home removes/deletes programs??

Discus and support Win10 Home removes/deletes programs?? in Windows 10 Software and Apps to solve the problem; After building a new pc for myself, I decided to rejuvinate my perfectly usable old one and give it to a friend. Bought a copy of Win10 Home Retail and... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Software and Apps' started by Sikorski5689, May 4, 2021.

  1. Win10 Home removes/deletes programs??

    After building a new pc for myself, I decided to rejuvinate my perfectly usable old one and give it to a friend. Bought a copy of Win10 Home Retail and an SSD and installed. Did the Windows Updates, driver updates, installed needed programs, etc., etc. Everything worked fine for at least a week and a half. After not using the pc for a couple of days, I booted up ... to AirVPN generating an error. There seemed to be an issue with 'language pack' or something -- the error was partly in English and partly in Thai or something similar. Strange. So, I rebooted to see if the error reproduced -- and it did. Went to the AirVPN directory and there were obviously files/folders missing. So I dragged a copy of the app from a Macrium image and replaced the corrupted folder with the backup. A reboot and all is working as it should. Then I noticed the desktop shortcut for Google Chrome wasn't the familiar round icon, but a rectangular white default icon. Its installation directory was completely empty. Arrgh. Luckily I had zipped the folder up with WinRAR and restored it as well. I later found that Bleachbit had been removed as well. That got reinstalled. I have no idea what happened -- no recent system changes, no registry cleaners, no nada. The system ran without issue for many days. Then my friend (who is a teacher) said he needed Microsoft Word for work. Of course you can't have just Word, you have to install the whole darn 365 Suite. Got the frontend setup file from the school board & ran it. That was a 2Gb download ... and a long setup process. After it was done I discovered there were NO start menu shortcuts for any part of the suite. Google says its a thing, so I searched out Word and put a short- cut on the desktop. My friend checked it out and it was exactly what he needed. I kept the pc just to make sure everything was in working order before I handed it over. Good thing because after the computer had been shutdown for a couple of days, I booted it up to find that Microsoft Office 365 had been completely annhilated. There was an entry in 'Programs and Features' and two related folders in Program Files: Microsoft Office (178kb in size) and Microsoft Office 15 (0 bytes in size. Of course I hadn't run Macrium after Office was installed because I was waiting for my friend to get the activation code from the school board. Now I have to REinstall Office 365. That won't happen until I have the activation code in hand and will immediately image the drive! I know Windows is capable of removing programs it deems 'incompatible' -- but Office 365 shouldn't be one of them! Any ideas on what may be happening here??

    Sikorski5689, May 4, 2021
  2. Ghot Win User

    Win10 Home removes/deletes programs??


    No idea what's happening, but I would suggest wiping the SSD, unhooking any other drives and the internet, then do a clean install of Windows 10... again.

    Before you wipe the SSD, I would run CrystalDiskMark, to make sure the SSD is OK.
    Download – Crystal Dew World

    Scroll down and download the Zip version (portable).

    Win10 Home removes/deletes programs?? [​IMG]
    Ghot, May 4, 2021
  3. Strange Vista Ultimate Add/Remove Programs

    Yes, the install was corrupted the first time you tried to install it most likely. Now the system does believe it is installed and/or can't find the Uninstaller; however, the program scanner can still find the program folder.

    Does the software work and just listed repeated? If so, use CCleaner. Under tools and Uninstaller (I think) you can delete the install listing with uninstalling anything.

    If the software does not work, then you are going to have to start the uninstaller from something else like Ccleaner, directly from the program folder, or some other third party app. Then reinstall the software after a restart.

    If that fails. Delete the program folder and user folder (Optional). Then run the uninstaller. It will say software not installed...blah blah, remove this listing? Click Yes. Then restart, reinstall.
    TheLaughingMan, May 4, 2021
  4. Win10 Home removes/deletes programs??

    Strange Vista Ultimate Add/Remove Programs

    Yea, the programs work... everything is just listed over and over... I used CCleaner and it worked just fine... thanks!
    Morrison5891, May 4, 2021

Win10 Home removes/deletes programs??

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