Windows 10: win10 issues settings

Discus and support win10 issues settings in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; hello i just upgraded to win 10 and funny things are happening, among those: mouse pointer changes by itself, i put it back and few hours later it... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by paascal, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. paascal Win User

    win10 issues settings

    hello i just upgraded to win 10 and funny things are happening, among those:

    • mouse pointer changes by itself, i put it back and few hours later it changes...
    • wall paper set to slide show, it flips back to picture and the fit goes from center to span

    quite annoying!

    anyone have an idea?


    paascal, Nov 4, 2019
  2. Johan45 Win User

    AMD FX OC'ers Club

    That's what the auto setting will do since you're over the 1333 mark it jumps to the next step which isn't listed or officially supported I assume by that ram.

    At this point though I would suggest dropping the multi one step or .5 so that we can get something stable and possibly take the heat issue out of the picture for now.
    Johan45, Nov 4, 2019
  3. angus Win User
    Settings can't be opened using the built-in administrator account

    Unfortunately I have the same issue as Dabz from upgrading win7 to win10.
    I've tried opening settings using all the suggested methods and it will not load using my account with Administrator access nor the built-in Administrator profile. I also tried other methods not listed such as using Run. Control panel is just a stepping stone to add users in Settings.
    I'm also having explorer.exe issues, which I believe is preventing Settings from loading.
    Using cmd (Admin) I successfully created a new user profile [and granted admin access also using cmd (Admin)], however win10 will not allow this account to log on. win10 does not list this new user within control panel but it does in the start menu. win10 will not allow to log in or switch to the new account via the start menu either.
    I can access settings in Safe Mode but this will not allow me to create a new account.
    Any help/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
    angus, Nov 4, 2019
  4. Gusgf Win User

    win10 issues settings

    Issues with Win10 Media Creation Tool

    Got it working in the end, not sure what happened but now have bootable usb with Win10 on it.
    Gusgf, Nov 4, 2019

win10 issues settings

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