Windows 10: Win10 not seeing bootable USB

Discus and support Win10 not seeing bootable USB in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; Hi, I've added a Linux live disk (ISO) to a USB drive using Rufus & changed the UEFI so all the USB boot options are the preferred ones. My laptop... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by RyanH898, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. RyanH898 Win User

    Win10 not seeing bootable USB


    I've added a Linux live disk (ISO) to a USB drive using Rufus & changed the UEFI so all the USB boot options are the preferred ones. My laptop still does not see the USB during boot (also the light on the USB drive stays off as if it's receiving no power).

    Any ideas?


    RyanH898, Oct 8, 2015

  2. bootable usb drive windows 10

    No. Should the need arise to use the "USB bootable backup disk" to install Win10 again, all should be well after Windows Update installs the current cumulative update for Win10.

    [You know it's not a backup of your data, right?]
    PA Bear - MS MVP, Oct 8, 2015
  3. Tooslow Win User
    Create bootable USB for Win 10 install


    I downloaded the Win10 ISO and used the "Win 7 create DVD" program to create a bootable USB. I put the USB stick in my Win 8.0, UEFI laptop and it doesn't recognise the USB stick as being bootable. I have disabled secure boot in the BIOS (OK, UEFI). That
    makes no difference.

    I have done some research and it seems that the USB must be in FAT32 format but the create DVD program formats the stick as NTFS.

    So how do I create a bootable Win10 USB stick in FAT32 format?


    Tooslow, Oct 8, 2015
  4. Win10 not seeing bootable USB

    Hi and welcome!

    Your Laptop - which brand, model nr., etc.... Please fill out your System Specs!
    Cluster Head, Oct 8, 2015
  5. Welcome to the Ten Forums! RyanH898

    Cluster Head is quite correct there in that you should fill in your system information in order to have people offer help. They can then look up manufacturer's and other information when needed. As for the bios not seeing the usb drive you may have to boot from optical media rather then a flash drive as I found with one HP laptop lately when booting live from the latest "flavor of the month" release of Linux Mint in order to use the GParted option for cleaning up the OEM partitions.

    The problem was there wasn't any F4, F11, or F12 boot device menu to appear when pressing the designated F key. And trying to get into the bios set up program in order to change the boot order was a No Go! Yet when simply tossing in a dvd you then would see the "press any key to boot from cd rom" option indicating that was preset for optical first hard drive second in the order. Likewise seeing the distro burned to a live dvd may be the option for your model laptop there as well.
    Night Hawk, Oct 8, 2015
  6. RyanH898 Win User
    Thanks for the warm welcome guys!

    Sorry, it's a Samsung NP3530EC: Intel i5, 1Tb HDD version
    RyanH898, Oct 8, 2015
  7. spapakons Win User
    Click F2 or F10 to enter BIOS and see if you can change the boot order from there. You may also try to swap from UEFI to legacy, if applicable.
    spapakons, Oct 8, 2015
  8. Win10 not seeing bootable USB

    I was thinking the same about disabling the Secure boot option to see if that helps any. Typically seeing OS install on external hard drives by USB can run into problems at times That could be F11 or F12 as well as the F4 depending which bios program Award-Phoenix, SIS, AMI, etc. .

    That's if you can get into the Advanced section of the bios that is. On many laptops and Tablet models you only have so many options and simply don't have a boot device menu or access to change the boot order. I just went through that on an HP model where you couldn't even boot from anything USB but immediately with any bootable dvd disk! It was a little foresight that prompted me to download and burn four 10 dvds and soon found the need for two!

    Now I did find the model you have listed at a UK site you can look over to see what matches up with what you have there. Buy Samsung NP3530EC-A0CDX 15.6 Intel Core i3 Laptop 6Gb 500GB Windos 8 at Morgan Computers

    Now when mentioning "adding a Linux ISO" was that using the Distro's installer to see Linux installed directly to the external drive or did you use a program simply to write the ISO to the entire drive to make the entire drive a live disk? Years back I did that on a 32gb flash drive for Knoppix which is a live dvd only type flavor there to see a portable OS. You would unpack files to a flash drive already made bootable to see that work. Other distros require an install but come with live OS options as well when burned to dvd or written to a flash drive.

    I'm just to get the general picture of what you trying to see happen there. First thing however is reviewing the user manual or any guide as well as looking to see if there is an F key assigned to enter the bios set up. Otherwise you may be looking a model situated to run live optical media. If you have any Windows disk or other bootable cd or dvd you can easily find that out by putting in the optical and start the model you have up there and see if the "press any key now to boot from cd rom" message appears. Without direct access to the bios with a F key the model was set for recovery media only and not allowing you to pick and choose.
    Night Hawk, Apr 5, 2018

Win10 not seeing bootable USB

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