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Discus and support WIN10 Restore Points in Windows 10 Software and Apps to solve the problem; For my own reasons* I have used third party software to stop Microsoft updates to my system. On my Current PC this will never change. Still somehow... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Software and Apps' started by Dean Pennington, Feb 4, 2021.

  1. WIN10 Restore Points

    For my own reasons* I have used third party software to stop Microsoft updates to my system. On my Current PC this will never change.

    Still somehow even though Microsoft is not upgrading perhaps when I run "SFC/ SCANOW" my system restore is turned off and restore points disappear, and it does this without a " may I' or even a " heads up."

    [COLOR=rgba215, 57, 0, 1]How do I stop this from happening? Is there a setting in GPEDIT.MSC or the registry I can edit?[/COLOR]

    *In case you are curious I use a 3rd party application WIN UPDATE STOP to shut off Microsoft changes, it has been doing that fine for eight months. If you wonder why I use it, it's because my machine a DELL Inspirion 8600 says my PC is no longer is compatible with Win10.

    Microsoft's offer to upgrade to Win10 went to a lengthy analysis to say I was compatible with WIN10 to entice me to make that change on this very same PC, but that was the last time Microsoft ever made any compatibility analysis! Last June when an update came through and it shut down my PC and forever disabled it's built-in hardware and software RAID system. That's when I called Dell and received the bad news. I was able to restore that PC, with outside help, to an earlier WIN10 version. This PC suits me fine as is and any Microsoft changes will render it useless. I'm satisfied with it's performance and it's heavily invested with upgraded Video, USB 3, 16 Gig of RAM and 20 Terra-bytes of hard drive some of that flash.

    MY QUESTION: I would like to stop whatever it is that Microsoft does that shuts off the RESTRUI function and deletes all restore point files it has. The fact I am not allowing Microsoft changes eliminates that reason for shutting off my restore capability and I have allotted an abundance of disk space for restore points so that's not the problem., and I could give it more, so it's never been a space issue that is deleting old restore points and turning system protection off. It's a continuation of Microsoft's presumptive changes they make, and apparently they are turning a deaf ear to all the people that dislike that. As a user and as a Microsoft shareholder I resent this uninvited and presumptive big brother hand on my computer use.

    Dean Pennington, Feb 4, 2021

  2. win10 restore point failure

    My win10 system won't boot after a restore point failure. What steps other than booting into safe mode? If I do a reset, will win10 be restored and my apps and data be ok?
    lendapilot, Feb 4, 2021
  3. JamesNW Win User
    Windows 10 restore points how do I make and use restore points properly?

    To create a restore-point in Win10:

    • In the task-bar search box ("I'm Cortana...)
    • type in "Restore"
    • Popup menu shows "Create a restore point", click to select this
    • The System Properties dialog box show up - System Protection tab displaying
    • Make sure the C drive protection setting is ON.
    • Click on the "Create..." button to create a restore-point. Enter the name of the restore-point and select Create.
    • Done.

    To restore to a restore-point (AKA rollback your system)
    - Same steps as before.
    - Instead of "Create..", select "System Restore..." button
    - Select the restore-point you want and restore.

    Typically, you should create a restore point before installing any not well-known software, drivers, etc. Any suspicion of malware or ill behaviors (system crashed, slow, etc), you should use the restore-point to rollback the system.
    JamesNW, Feb 4, 2021
  4. jellyroll Win User

    WIN10 Restore Points

    How to delete inactive System Image Restore Points in System Restore

    Windows 10 64-bit.
    When I click "show more restore points" in System Restore I see a bunch of old "system image restore points" that were deleted in past and do not correspond to any currently active restore points. Clicking any of these old restore points, I simply get an error message saying they could not be found, and to select another restore point instead.I would like to delete these restore points listings but have been unable to do so.
    So far, I have tried steps mentioned below without any luck :

    Disk Cleanup through (CWIN10 Restore Points :) Properties
    Disable System Protection (OFF and ON) in System Protection for OS (CWIN10 Restore Points :)
    Disk Space Usage to minimum (slider button all the way to the left then 'Delete all restore points for this drive'),
    Delete all shown Restore points in CCleaner (the problem ones do not show here),
    Reset Windows Backup to Default in Windows 10 with 'Reset_Windows_Backup.bat' utility.

    Any suggestions highly welcome.
    jellyroll, Feb 4, 2021

WIN10 Restore Points

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