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Discus and support win10 very slow in Windows 10 Network and Sharing to solve the problem; hi anyone help with this problem please, my win10 acer laptop has suddenly become " very very slow " downloading anything.takes ages. i have done the... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Network and Sharing' started by donar, Oct 29, 2016.

  1. donar Win User

    win10 very slow

    hi anyone help with this problem please, my win10 acer laptop has suddenly become " very very slow " downloading anything.takes ages.
    i have done the following without any success,
    1.emptied the recycling bin.
    2.emptied cookies / cache ( using opera`, but have also tried chrome and firefox with the same result)
    3. my avira a/v says` my computer is secure.
    4. done a system restore , it took it back to 25/10 when it was ok
    5.. done disc clean up
    6. went to task manager and stopped programs that are heavy users
    7. memory left , unused is , 718 MB, 1226 MB used
    8. done defrag
    9. my old XP Home laptop connected to the same i/net connection , optus mobile broadband is fine , so it is not an internet connection problem ??

    any advice welcome, thanks

    win10 acer laptop, avira anti virus

    donar, Oct 29, 2016

  2. Win 10 upgrade analysis

    I found out that my processor is a celeron 2.4 ghz. It is very slow and not compatible with win10.
    MurrayD.Gordon, Oct 29, 2016
  3. What facilities are available to repair damaged Win10 op systems?

    What facilities are available to repair damaged Win10 op systems?

    My Win 10 opsys is running very slow and certain things seem to have stopped working, is there software to check the efficacy of win10 files?
    Printmeister, Oct 29, 2016
  4. win10 very slow


    Welcome to the forum!

    Have you considered using the Windows 10 option: Reset your PC

    You will get a fresh Windows system. This is similar to reinstalling Windows, and wipes your installed programs and system settings, but keeps your files.

    To reset your PC to its factory default settings on Windows 10, just go to:
    Start > Settings > Update & Security > Recovery
    Under Reset this PC, click: Get Started

    Also, your computer manufacturer also provides an outside of Windows option to Restore Factory Settings.
    Note that all data stored on your computer will be overwritten
    cottonball, Oct 30, 2016
  5. Captain Win User
    Welcome Donar:
    Do you have them pesky live tiles running in your start menu
    area? Also some windows 10's come with some useless apps,
    ya know kind of like bloatware on phones. Only difference thankfully is,
    in windows 10 if the user does not want them he/she can; disable live tiles or..
    uninstall the app, from the system. When I first upgraded to windows 10 it was
    slow and I went through and got rid of non essential stuff.
    Also just note that sometimes or in my case.. OFTEN seems that the store freezes and the apps malfunction this has taken place for a while and then the recent update... boom fixed so it's a good idea to check that stuff is to updated to the correct version.

    Idea One:
    Click the windows symbol from your lower left.
    Okay now to the right of the list of apps you'll see these
    square things they call "Tiles", now right click each specific tile,
    then look into *more* select "Turn Live Tile Off"
    That's one way to clean up stuff.
    Remove useless programs; that your not using.

    Idea Two:
    I agree with Cottonball's
    Try The Reset just as is mentioned in that post.

    These are asked; so people can assist you

    1- Did your PC come with windows 10 or was it, upgraded.
    (Mine was originally windows 8.2; when windows 10 came out I upgraded)
    This is actually an very important question, Microsoft for got to mention to people
    that some computers are okay with the switch and some are not able to handle it it's
    either too hard on their memory/CPU or for an unknown reason chooses to not play nice with windows 10. If it was an upgrade please check that your system matches up with the system requirements for running windows 10: see link: Windows 10 Specifications System Requirements | Microsoft

    2- Double check this --> "7. memory left, unused is, 718 MB, 1226 MB used"
    Okay so it could just be me being tired here but.. is that actually what you have left.
    If your sure it is then I may have found on key reason for it being very slow.

    3- What is your processor info?
    Problem could be just not enough to help take on Windows 10.

    Hope I helped ya, if not post again with answer to these questions and I wont stop until I find the answer.
    Captain, Oct 30, 2016
  6. donar Win User
    hi i did the reset thing , i called it restore point, maybe i better have another look maybe there was 2 options there , thanks for your reply , much appreciated , regarding your number3 , i have been running win10 just about since it came out , you see " bill " gave me , free , a copy , yes that is how much memory i have left , another 2mb might help , is there 2 slots in an acer laptop do you know? the thing is i have been using win10 maybe for 6 months i forget , but this " slow " problem is brand new ,
    donar, Oct 30, 2016
  7. Adalwar Win User
    First, I would try "Network Reset".
    Second, uninstall WLAN Drivers and re-install them.
    Third, I would do a Windows Repair, by means of a in-place upgrade , this will not delete any personal data or any programs you have installed.
    Adalwar, Apr 5, 2018

win10 very slow

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